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QCY T1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds TWS Bluetooth 5.0 $32.34, T1C $24.98, T2C $33.20 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ QCY Amazon AU


QCY T1 Pro

  • Coupon: E5NVI6PG
  • Original Price: $58.80
  • Deal Price: $32.34


  • Coupon: AFX2TGO4
  • Original Price: $39.99
  • Deal Price: $33.20 UPDATE: Cheaper here, thanks to zeomega.


  • Coupon: AFIT4YJW
  • Original Price: $33.30
  • Deal Price: $24.98

Magnetic Data Cable

  • Coupon: FVF2XVD2
  • Original Price: $12.15
  • Deal Price: $6.07

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  • +1

    Do you have the QCY T5?

    • Sorry not at this time.

      • I would also like the T5. Could you endeavour to stock these please?

        • Ok I have passed on this request to the Rep. :)

        • I have asked the Rep to see if we can introduce QCY T5 on Amazon or alternatively sell via AliExpress.

          In the meantime, here is a deal I came across from Gearbest for ~US$25:


          • @batrarobin: Thanks! That gives you 12 days to pricematch or beat! Small premium if you can source Australian delivery, of course :)

            • @Lukian: Haha… will try my best. :)

              What I understood from the Rep is that generally to list a new model on Amazon there is a bit of a process (and money) involved. Once it is accepted then they ship items from China to Amazon warehouse before it gets listed. So no promises on the ETA :)

        • thanks for your support.
          We are planning to sell T5 on Amazon, we will contact you as soon as we launch.

    • T5 in China is ¥139 ≈$30, had been ok no sale for ¥110 recently.

    • thanks for your support.
      We are planning to sell T5 on Amazon, we will contact you as soon as we launch.

    • thanks for your support.
      We are planning to sell T5 on Amazon, we will contact you as soon as we launch.

  • +3

    What's the difference among the three?

    • +1

      Please see Rep's response on previous deal describing the difference between T1C vs T2C : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8109515/redir

      T1-Pro is slightly different than these 2 as it has touch feature so you can control the earbuds by touching the outer side, rather than the push buttons.

  • 10 bucks cheaper here for the Q2C


    • +4

      Basically it's local Australian stock vs Chinese stock but in any case I have updated the description accordingly.

  • What about the Q2S?

  • +1

    Hi OP, are any of these IPX7? I'm looking for earbuds to wear in the spa/sauna at the gym.

    • Hey newdad, Sorry none of our range offers IPx7 rating. I'd be curious to see if there is any out there that provide it.

  • can all these paired on the left or right side only and not stereo?

  • Only if it has USB-C. I know for the money you can't complain but personally I wish one of these come with USB-C. Anyone know of similar type of earbuds with USB-C?

  • Hey batarobin,

    Are they coupons still valid?

    • Hey mate, I have to check shortly and let you know but which model were you specifically looked at getting?

      • I was looking for T2C as well. Let me know valid codes. Cheers !

  • Tried to buy the t1 but d idnt owrk

  • I think the code has expired. I might look into buying the T1 pro if they're on sale again at some point. I was just wondering, what are the differences between the T1 pro and the T2S? Is the T2S a newer model?

    The T1 varieties don't seem to have very good reviews on Amazon, unlike the T2. Basically, I have the T2S and am happy with them, my only issue is I find the buttons unusable and would like ones with touch instead. Are there any other models that have this?

    • Hi Miss B,

      The main difference between the two is that T1 Pro has the touch functionality while the T2C doesn't. A lot of reviews on T1 Pro seem to be from the older versions that had Bluetooth v4.2 and had drop-out issues however the latest version now available through Amazon featuring Bluetooth v5.0 seem to have resolved any such issues. The touch functionality although is great but it does need a bit getting used to initially. Hope this helps.

      • Great, thank you. I might get the T1 pros when they're on sale again.

  • Any sound comparisons against the qs1? Lost and looking for a replacement.

  • Hi, I am looking to get 2 x T2C and the code is not working?

  • also trying to buy and code won't work.. can you extend the offer?

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