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[eBay Plus] Panasonic DP-UB820 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player $436.50 + $14.85 Postage @ Videopro eBay


Was waiting for a good deal on stand alone blu-ray players on Videopro and I believe this is the cheapest price for Panasonic DP-UB820 to date, $451.35 including delivery for those with eBay Plus, by using POLKA code.

For those without eBay Plus membership, you can use PARRY code, which comes to $475.6 delivered.

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  • +2

    Excellent price. Excellent player.

    Have both the 820 and 420. Would have gotten this instead of the cheaper second.

    • Are you watching on a 4K projector?

      I have the 420 connected to a 4K projector but recently found out the 820 has more projector settings in the HDR TV Type. Wondering if the 820 produces better PQ for projector?

      • Both connected to Sony 75 X95Gs.

        The HDR settings are the biggest feature difference that's for sure.

        I think from watching reviews prior to purchasing both, it suggested the 820 would get a better hdr image outta a not as hdr compliant TV…. I got it just after I upgraded my TV's so didn't get to test (2015 Android TV's with a hdr software update).

        I personally wouldn't have paid the difference (over double the price)…. But at $450ish that's getting much easier to justify the difference.

        • Are you using the hdr optimiser or have the hdr10+ enabled?
          Manual says only one can be on.

          • @BellaWii: Sorry I'll get back to you tomorrow evening, young kid sleeping, will be trying out Joker which I've heard good things about.

            I believe I've left settings on default atm. I'm still yet to drastically tweak my TVs image settings too, kinda just enjoying the extra brightness even if it's somewhat unnatural…

            I'll test on both players.

  • It's a high end blu-ray player for train spotters.

  • +2

    Why are 4k players still so expensive? I've been wanting to get one for my parents so they stop watching SD DVDs/FHD streaming on a 75" 4k TV and actually use the TV to its potential. Do dedicated 4k players actually have any advantage over an Xbox One S/X other than simpler/dedicated controls for the average person? I just can't see why they're so expensive given the cost of the components and the assumption that these companies want to continue the physical media industry.

    • +1

      Can get cheaper ones. This is Panasonic's mid range player which is why the price is this much. Their top of the range player is $1,600.

      This dedicated player definitely has an advantage over an Xbox due to its HDR Optimizer feature and Dolby Vision/HDR10+ support.

    • For the majority of people an Xbox one S is fine you're really going to struggle to see the difference unless you had two tv's side by side and were comparing color by pausing it scene by scene.

    • Xbox One S has performance issues playing 4k blu ray leading to audio sync issues. I was able to overcome this using lipsync feature on my Yamaha receiver but keep in mind this may be an issue with cheaper players including the cheap player in Xbox One S.

  • Will it upscale video played from an external USB drive please?

    • Why do you need it to when your TV will do it anyway?

      I have have this player, but can not tell you if the player or TV is up-scaling but the picture does get up-scaled.

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