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Coles Rewards Mastercard: Bonus 100,000 flybuys Pts (after $3000 Spend), 50,000 Pts after First Year ($99 Annual Fee)


Increased flybuys points from Coles credit card until 31st Jan.

Earlier it used to be 120k

100k first year and 50k after first anniversary payment

  • New customers who apply for a Coles Rewards Mastercard by 31 January 2020, enter their flybuys number in the application form and make purchases (excluding Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, BPAY payments, purchases of foreign currency and travellers cheques, transactions made in operating a business, bank fees and charges such as interest and ATM charges) to the value of $3,000 or more on the new Coles Mastercard in the first 90 days of the Account approval date will, within 3 weeks of meeting the required $3,000 spend, be credited 100,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS to the flybuys account linked to the Coles Mastercard.

  • Plus, receive an additional 50,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS within 3 weeks of the first anniversary of Account approval date. Points will be forfeited if you close your Account before they appear in your flybuys account.

  • The Account needs to be in good standing for the flybuys BONUS POINTS to be awarded. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply, see This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • No complementary overseas medical insurance? mmm bad deal.

    • complementary overseas medical insurance

      These are often not sufficient cover on their own anyway.

      • I disagree, since I have claimed twice on hospital stay and received 95 pct money back using a WBC CC.

        • Every policy is different and some are rubbish.

  • Hi people, i would like to ask regarding the ACCOUNT COVER PLUS. It seems they no longer have with this new creditcard application. Coles mastercard now belong with citigroup, and they said their insurer is now belong with allianz. Anyone can help me with this? i would like to get my new coles MC have Account cover plus.

    • It says it does on the page on the very bottom right of the benefits of the card:
      Complimentary Insurance - Protects the items you buy with your card in case they’re permanently lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

  • How long does it take to get approved?
    In my mid 20s and its my first time for a credit card application.
    Applied on new year and got a call last Jan 7 to send more payslips. I was told that's the only thing missing but if I submitted the paperwork I'm due for approval in "24 hours". Annual income is 45k.
    Is it wise to call back or will that have a negative effect on my application?

    • Definitely call.

  • Bit the bullet and applied.
    x 2 flybuys points is great (assuming its actually 3 with the scan of flybuys card), plus the no international fees is great.
    Lets see if it delivers what it states.

  • I already have this card. Others here have said that existing customers can apply. Can anyone confirm?

    • +1

      I'm going to assume not.. in the small print it says:

      *New customers who apply for a Coles Rewards Mastercard by 31 January 2020,

  • How hard/easy has it been for people to apply for this card? Will be my first time applying for a credit card

  • Can anyone comment on how long it took to get approved? a few days? a week?

    • +1

      for me about a week.

      • ahh right… applied on friday would have thought by now i would have gotten a response

        will hang tight a bit longer!

        • I waited for 3 days and called them up. Got approval mail after 30 mins. I would recommend to call them.

        • I applied for the citibank signature two days after I applied for this one. I was approved for the citibank first ;)

          • @bohn: Got approved today… (Wednesday), applied Friday afternoon.

            Looks like its around 3 working days (ish)

  • the link only shows 120k points now

  • I did some math on this card & flybuys points long term….

    So its 2 flybuys points (non-flybuys partners) which is basically $25 spend on this card = 50 points which is $1 of cash in your flybuys account.

    Technically it's almost like saying 4% cashback (cashback being transferred to your flybuys account).

    Ie if you can rack up $1000 of spending a month on this card you are rewarded with $40 of flybuys money, $2000 spending = $80 flybuys money and so on.

    Even better when spending at flybuys partners obviously being an extra point making it 3 points per $

    I'm normally a Qantas bonus credit card chaser…. but I'm glad I applied and got approved.. this is a great way to rack up heaps of flybuys money… I don't convert them to $10 spend rather bank them up to use on flybuys travel which is great!

    With Qantas and Velocity points technically 1,000 points is around around $11 in terms of value when spending $1k on the card a month (when calculated at a rate of 1.1c per point). Amex cards are really the only ones that give you 1 points per $ if not a tad more, all other bank issued visa/mastercards cards are 0.5 or 0.75 points per $1 (if that). This card is more than 4 times in value on points earning.

    • also twice a year there's a 15% bonus when transferring to velocity.
      I really like that it earns on overseas spend too.

    • +2


      (Sorry, this reply is referring to ezza's comment)

      Thank you for the maths.

      I am excited to see the 4% rewards, but may I ask you how you work out 50pts = $1 (flybuys dollar) ?
      Or are you talking about a different "currency" ?

      If it's flybuys dollar,
      2000pts = $10. 1pt = 0.5cent
      50pts= 25cent.

      Am I missing something?


      • +1

        Nope maybe you are right.. i think i got my flybuys conversation wrong.
        Lols got too excited hehe

        • Yea, works out to 0.5% cashback in exchange for all your shopping history. Sneaky bastards.

  • Is it worth applying if I got rejected for the Kogan card - also under Citibank? (Currently in the process of disputing)

    I do hold a No Annual Fee card already, meet the income requirements etc.

    or take a hit and hope for the best… lol

    • I had this card and got rejected from kogan, cancelled the coles card and kogan accepted me the second time round. It really depends on your situation and existing credit card limit. I think i had something like $47,000 when i got rejected, reduced this to $17,000 when i cancelled the coles card.

      • I can't close off some cards due to various reasons (waiting on bonus points for 2 of them, in the middle of lodging an insurance claim on one of them) - but I have reduced my limits where I can. Some don't let me drop limits any further which is annoying.

        I think because I recently was overseas I've spent more money that usual - got stuck in Fiji and one way flights are expensive - so I've also tried to pay off the balances early where possible.

        I've sent everything to Kogan for re-assessment, they take a long time to respond, guess the $500 offer was very popular which is why I'm still chasing it - i want to replace another card I have but don't want to cancel until Kogan comes through!

  • Does anybody have any issues with Application halting (auto rejecting?) with message that "thank you for application, we will get back to you …"

    • Check if the message is clipped off. You might need to click the link at the bottom of your email that says see full message.

  • Applied on 30th. Got asked to submit documents for proof of income and proof of employment on 31st. Submitted payslip and got approved the same day.

    • thanks, maybe i gave too little expenses, auto rejected

      • Their financial policy to evaluate a payslip is totally absurb and the staffs are foreign call centres that got no idea.

  • Surprisingly approved. ta

  • I have submitted an application on the 24th and still awaiting approval. Submit all required documents for proof of income and tick all the boxes (very good credit rating) but application still pending. Apparently the financial team cannot find the required information on my payslip (which matches exactly to the amount getting deposit in my account every forth nightly) . After numerous phone calls and heaps of Bullshit excuses they have decided to email my employer to confirm my employment status. I refinanced my mortgage multiple times and never had a bank/credit contact my employer in writing to verify my employment!

  • After signup and approval: did anybody get confirmation about the bonus points? (I saw it during signup, but afterwards didn't see it mentioned anymore).
    There's no mention of it in the approval letter.
    I do have screenshots from during my application.

    They called my employer to ask several questions, but I got approved.

    • I'm in same boat as you. Nothing mentioned on the conformation emails about bonus points. Will wait and see what documentation comes with the card.

      • I don't see anything in the confirmation letter either (already have the card).

        • I confirmed on chat with them and screenshotted. Maybe you can try that?

          • @currentfad: Thanks currentfad - I just did the same (and took a screenshot/printed the chat).
            It was confirmed the promotion was active.

            Quoting from the chat:
            "I can confirm that the account is eligible for this offer. Kindly make sure you spend at least $3,000 to redeem this."
            "Once the $3,000 has been met, you will receive the first 100,000 bonus points within 3 weeks and will be reflected on the next statement after the 3 weeks."
            "Please be advised as well that cash advance transactions are not included with the spend requirement."

  • Does anyone know, after getting the 100,000 points, can we cancel our card… Then apply again and get another one to get another 100,000 points?

    Can we do this again and again? Any restriction?

  • +1

    Application indicated it was approved when I applied online, then got a reject email.

    Wouldn't let me add documents after the application and no contact before the rejection.

    Reckon they are referring to another card application I lodged before this one, as they are both handled by Citibank?

    Annoyed as I've taken 2 hits now without success :(

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