This was posted 2 years 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Coles Rewards Mastercard: Bonus 100,000 flybuys Pts (after $3000 Spend), 50,000 Pts after First Year ($99 Annual Fee)


Increased flybuys points from Coles credit card until 31st Jan.

Earlier it used to be 120k

100k first year and 50k after first anniversary payment

  • New customers who apply for a Coles Rewards Mastercard by 31 January 2020, enter their flybuys number in the application form and make purchases (excluding Cash Advances, Balance Transfers, Special Promotions, BPAY payments, purchases of foreign currency and travellers cheques, transactions made in operating a business, bank fees and charges such as interest and ATM charges) to the value of $3,000 or more on the new Coles Mastercard in the first 90 days of the Account approval date will, within 3 weeks of meeting the required $3,000 spend, be credited 100,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS to the flybuys account linked to the Coles Mastercard.

  • Plus, receive an additional 50,000 flybuys BONUS POINTS within 3 weeks of the first anniversary of Account approval date. Points will be forfeited if you close your Account before they appear in your flybuys account.

  • The Account needs to be in good standing for the flybuys BONUS POINTS to be awarded. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply, see This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • +1

    It still says 20,000 Bonus Points for me?!

    • +7

      Try incognito or another browser. Showed 150,000 for me

      • Tried this but I can still only see 120k…. anyone else got suggestions to get the full 150k? Maybe they had an app cap or similar?

        • +2

          I am able to see 150K in Chrome, IE & Safari without incognito mode. Try anyother browser if you have

          • +1

            @desparito: cheers - works in chrome, but not in IE and safari - weird eh!? Even without cookies enabled

          • @desparito: Thanks mate. It didn't work for me on Firefox but Chrome yes. +1

  • +3

    Good deal, basicly we get $500 coles gift card and $250 gift card for $99 / year

    • +4

      Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like you have to pay two $99 annual fees. I don't see any mention of first year beIN "fee free".
      Aside from that, this is a good deal. I already have this card as by base card as it is one of the best earn rate cards around. I might have to cancel mine and get the wife to reapply to get the 100k points.

      • yes we need to pay $99/year for this

  • How long after cancelling an earlier card do they count 'new' applications?

    • I spoke to a rep about this in December last year, and they stated that there is no need to cancel existing card if you have one. All new applications were eligible … worth double checking though!

      • +1

        The T&C's state new customers only but not any other details.

        Edit : I just called them myself to ask and they also said it doesn't matter if you are already a customer. WTF…this means since I've already got my 100k points that I can reapply for another new card and set myself up for another 100k.

        I still think this is risky.

        • what do you mean - reapply for another new card? Does that mean you have two of these cards then?

        • Let us know if you tried to apply

          Pretty risky as tnc clearly says otherwise, their customer service tend to say stuff and not follow up with it

        • Will you apply?

      • Customer serrice told me you will get what you applied for. So 20,000 :(

  • Apart from converting to Velocity points, what do people do with so many Flybuys points?

    • Convert to cash 2000 = $10

    • +1

      “Free” grocery shopping for a couple of months.

      • +1

        couple of months? $500 would pay for my groceries for 3 weeks if i'm lucky xD

        • Don't understand how this converts to $500. If 2k points equals $10, then 100k ÷ 2k = $50. Am i doing something wrong? Thats not including 50k bonus points in 2nd year.

    • +1

      Used to redeem Flybuys for JB HiFi gift cards, but they got rid of those around 18 months ago unfortunately.

      • also they could convert to ebay vouchers but they have gone too

        • I just used them to book a flight. Was same price booking direct.

    • +1

      Convert to gift card and use it towards a ps5 ;)

  • Anyone still waiting for their bonus points? I hit minimum spend over 3 weeks ago and iirc, they're supposed to give the points "within 3 weeks"

    • +2

      My points came through pretty quickly. Best to give them a call.

      • +1

        same here

    • mine took about a month, but came through eventually

    • Mine came through after the first statement.

    • I got 100000 points after spending enough

    • I had to contact them several times after the 3 week timeframe to finally get my points. Worth it though as they messed up and gave me 200,000.

  • +1

    My read of this is you need to pay annual fee twice.

    Collect up to 150,000 BONUS POINTS*
    When you apply for a Coles Rewards Mastercard® by 31 Jan 2020. Receive 100,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $3,000 in the first 90 days from approval, plus get 50,000 BONUS POINTS after your first year.

    I'm not sure if this is better (2 points per $1; or 4 points per $2) and worth signing up for the annual fee vs. just keeping it simple with the No Annual Fee Mastercard (1 point per $2). Maybe I need to do a spreadsheet to work out estimated spend!

  • +1

    It's managed by citibank and they don't support Google pay. Instead they decide to go with Samsung pay.

  • My ofer is for 150,000 points

  • to the value of $3,000 or more on the new Coles Mastercard in the first 90 days of the Account approval date

    I don't spend 3K in 3 months, would a 3k PayPal transaction to a 2nd account work?

    Is there any other way to spend 3k that's not actually losing money throughout like buying $3000 worth of visa gift cards or something?

    • +1

      Spread it across your utility providers or pay one of them 3k then request cheque for the 3k credit once you close your card.

    • You can pay extras into stuff like your utilities, prepay your insurance cover, private school fees accounts, buy gift cards and then there are more creative ways too

  • Anyone who wants to apply should read the tnc's first.

  • 55 day interest free period iirc

  • -3

    Nopes.tnc's dont say that

  • +3

    I currently have this card as my base card for when I'm not spending for a sign on bonus with another card.

    1. It definitely has a 55 day interest free period. Never paid a cent in interest in the 3 years I've had it.

    2. 2 Flybuy point per $1 spend is an effective 1c per $ earn rate which is as good as non-Amex credit cards get these days.

    • -1

      Please note you are not entitled to the Interest Free Period on Retail Purchases, fees and charges whilst you have a Balance Transfer. This means that all spend will be charged interest at the applicable Annual Percentage Rate from the date of the transaction.

      • Most credit cards are like this, particularly those with no honeymoon bt period. Also, and why assume everyone will be doing a balance transfer?

    • Better than some banks'savings accounts too!

  • +2

    Seems gone are the good ol days when Coles No Annual Fee for life credit card came with $100 Flybuys credit.

    • Not sure I follow when this current offer is miles better than that. 5.5x better in fact.

      • Previous offer had no annual fee. So it was better for those who intended to keep the card long term.

      • How is it miles better when you're getting $150 in Flybuys after paying $99 in annual fee over more than 12 months and $3K spend when previously you got $100 without paying anything, $100.01 spend (basically make a purchase to activate offer and get $100 off your grocery bill of $100)?

        • +1

          What? I just closed this card, after having it open for a grand total of 5 weeks. A quick $400 net profit.

          The bonus here covers the next SIX years annual fee, for those wanting to keep long term (remembering that another 50k flybuys lands in year 2).

          A paltry $100 bonus is below my threshold for bothering to apply for a new card.

          • @endolphin: $400 … i think I might be missing something. 2000 FlyBuys = $10. How do you get to $400?
            P.S. even a single dollar isn't paltry for a true OzB.. ;)

            • @bigbadboogieman: I can't actually believe I have to spell this out. It is literally in the title of this deal. 100k flybuys points = $500 in Coles voucher (technically this is only worth $475 but I digress).

              Another 50k in year 2 = $250 which obviously more than offsets the second annual fee (although I didn't see any value in waiting another year for that, so I swiftly closed).

              • @endolphin: Whoops my bad - wrong calc. This is a better deal if you don't care about credit checks and don't intend to keep the card in the long term.

              • @endolphin: Why 475?

                • @3zzy: Because you can but Coles gift cards at 5% discount.
                  Therefore $500 - 5% = $475

  • Anyone know what income is needed for eligibility?

    • +4

      25,000. Shows up when you press apply now.

      • Thanks!

  • +3

    Awesome card for overseas spend - no foreign transaction fees.

    • AND earns points on overseas spend!
      Great for holidays. I used to only use 28Deg for holidays, good for no transaction fees, but no points.

  • I only see 120k points, however it is still a good deal.

  • +1

    Apply if you want a ding on credit file and a rejected application

    • Rejected application? Does it happen much with Coles?

      • I got rejected. Despite meeting the income requirement

        • +1

          There’s a bit more to it than that.

      • +1

        Citi manages the cards and is notorious for application rejection.

    • My application got approved today. Bit strange that i had to call them up to check on status. The call landed in India and the rep verified few details on my application and was told that the application was forwarded to another team for review. After 30 mins got approval mail for 15k limit. Called up CC to confirm the bonus approved was 100K (1st year) + 50K (after 1st year).

      Would suggest to call them up if you havent received any emails.

      BTW… i hold a Citi Signature Qantas card from the last offer. I dont think that made any difference to my Coles CC application

  • I feel the kogan deal was better / simplier for most people
    $500 credit
    no annual fees - $1 spent = 1 cent to spend at kogan ?

    although kogans customer service experience was… enlightening..

    • How long did it take for your application to go through?

  • 150k has been around for awhile, as per
    I just got the 100k,.. I had a few issues and got the annual fee reversed which is good. Be sure to contact them if you have any issues. Some have been given points as well to compensate.

  • Is it correct to assume you would end up receiving 3 points per dollar if you use this card, and your flybys card at Coles?

    My reading of their terms suggest you would. Point 1 - " flybuys points awarded for using a Coles Mastercard linked to your flybuys membership are in addition to flybuys points awarded by flybuys partners."

    • +1

      Yes you get 3 points per $ spent anywhere that gives you flybuys points. (Kmart, target, Coles)

  • Thinking of getting my dad on this but he retired recently, so what happens income-wise?

  • I applied in Oct and was approved.
    Also got the 100000 points recently. At that time the offer was 20000 points for the second year.
    Will I get 20000 or 50000????

    • 20000!!!!

      I also applied in Oct, but used the 150k link in the comments of the previous deal.
      Also saved a screenshot of it in case I need it.

  • When you apply by 31 January 2020. Receive
    100,000 BONUS POINTS when you spend $3,000
    in the first 90 days from approval plus
    20,000 BONUS POINTS after your first anniversary.*

    Seems like they have changed the anniversary bonus to 20000 already?

    • been discussed.
      try a different browser.
      right now I get 120k in FF and chrome, and 150k in Waterfox.

      • Thanks! No idea why I didn't read the first comment lol

  • How much Flybuys Dollars is this equivalent to? $750?

  • Can you use flybuy points to redeem for Opal credit?

  • I received an email offering 100k up front and then 40k after 1 year. Now discovered this. Should have come here before applying for the email offer.

  • +1

    Bad experience with Coles.

    1) Requested for additional credit card, confirmed with Coles Live Chat that it will be sent to the address of the additional card holder after it was confirmed within 7 days. 2 weeks later, haven't arrived yet to the addtional card holders address. So I checked my mail box after and it was sent there instead.

    2) Paid my CC debt of $3,7xx.xx on 20th Dec, due on 13th Jan. After I paid it, I was automatically asked to do a direct debit, so I did it (why not, less hassle). Good thing I checked my bank account today, which the direct debit is linked to. Another $3,7xx.xx (same exact amount) taken from my bank account.
    - Live chat is not 24/7
    - Phone call provided was only for self-service banking and lost/stolen credit card.
    - I just went to lost/stolen credit card option and clarified that it wasn't.
    - Been offered to pay back $3,7xx.xx WITHIN 15 DAYS.

    • I had a bad experience with them too.
      The Coles dept is worse than the regular Citi people.
      Did they refund your annual fee? You should ask for that at least.

      • I kept on saying I wasn't too happy of their offer of returning the first paid amount within 14 days ONLY. I further complained and they offered to refund the interest charged to the overdrawn account. I further complained and When I asked to speak with the manager, they offered to refund the annual fee. Such hassle dealing with them.

    • Same. Poor form. I figured that you need to bring it down to zero balance before the statement generates in order for this not to happen.

      • +1

        Definitely the same as I thought it would be. Even received a confirmation from CFS when I paid and clarified with customer service that when I paid the total amount needed within the statement month, it will clear out the debt I owe.

        • My card still has the payment protection on it so I'm hanging onto it for now.

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