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Hahn Super Dry 330ml 6pk for $10 (Was $20.99), or Less with Groupon Voucher ($60 Min Spend) @ BoozeBud


Hahn 6 Pack is down from $20.99 to $10. Combine this with the BoozeBud Groupon you can get these down to $1 per beer, plus cash back etc.

Just ordered 60 for $56.00 delivered. Don't even need to travel to the state of Bali for cheap beers!

Drink responsibly adultchilds.

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  • +2

    $10 Per 6 Pack or $1 Each

    Hmmmm… Hard decision…

  • Bali beers aren't even cheap anymore.
    The only thing cheap in bali is the quality

  • Your math is wrong.

    10 x 6 packs $100 + Groupon Voucher $10 + Shipping $6, Total = $116

    Minus $50 from the Groupon, total is $66.

    PPB (price per beer) = $1.10

  • Just ordered 60 for $56.00 delivered.

    I can't figure out how to get that price. Even with the Groupon the lowest I can get to is $66.89

    • Same. Cheapest I could get to was $66.89. I did round down on my shipping breakdown above.

    • OP is including his $10 sign up voucher from groupon in his calculation.

      • -1

        $6.89 delivery + $10 Groupon voucher + (10 x $10 6-packs) - $50 voucher value = $66.89

        • No he got a $10 sign up voucher for groupon so his $50 boozebud voucher doesn't cost anything.

          • @highdealer: So unless you happen to have $10 credit on Groupon the "60 for $56.00 delivered" description is actually an unobtainable deal?

            • @HomeAlone: How hard is it to signup for a new account? You’d need one if you already bought this deal anyway it goes hand in hand.

              Complain about the smallest thing Jesus Christ

              • @WilliamPowerfish: I just signed up for a new Groupon account and there is no $10 credit there. Nor can I find anything mentioning a $10 credit for new Groupon accounts.

                The only mention of $10 I see is:

                Refer a friend to earn your first A$10.00 in Groupon Bucks and also maybe a Best Buddy Ever trophy.

  • +6

    lol the $20.99 per per pack bullsh*t if a slab costs only $44.90

    • +2

      do you also think $2 60g candy bars are a rip off because you can buy a family share pack for $4?

      • +6

        yes it's rip off I never bought it and will never.

      • +1


  • +1

    Just bought 9 x 6 packs for $60.89 delivered. Thanks op this is my beer of choice at the club.

  • going to bali on saturday. Is Bitang the only decent beer there ?

    • Bali Hai is good

    • +2

      Watch out for the bitang singlets, they're probably fakes.

    • Heineken is available basically everywhere if you don’t like Bintang

  • Combine this with the BoozeBud Groupon you can get these down to $1 per beer, plus cash back etc.

    You are not gonna get cashback if you use groupon voucher.

    • +1

      I have used Groupon vouchers twice going through ShopBack and both times the cashback was approved.

  • Expiry date?

    • +1

      I’ll let you know once they’re delivered. I love a good old game of Russian roulette, 60 beers with a short expiration date. Hold my beer.

    • +2


    • 10/2/20 for mine.

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