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Singapore Airlines Return to Maldives from $705 PER / $730 MEL / $750 BNE / $756 SYD @ Flight Scout


We just scouted these Singapore Airlines sale fares to the Maldives from $705 return. All flights will have a stopover in Singapore.

Singapore Airlines is well regarded as one of the world's best airlines. They are a full-service airline so meals and luggage are included in the fare. All prices quoted are for return fares and include fees and taxes. Some payment types may incur an additional fee.

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  • Wow Perth is at a nice price, cheers OP

  • +5 votes

    Don’t forget to utilise your “privileges” during your stop over in Singapore.
    Including a free S$20. Very easy to collect.

    • Yup I got my free 20 bucks and was even able to buy a meal outside the customs area. Collection time just under 20 minutes. There is also a free city tour, booking time 4 hours, waiting time 6 hours but it is free and Singapore is an awesome city. Busy place. I mean the Singapore freebies.

  • Expensive once you're there right?

    • Would like to know this as well.

      • Yes, generally. Things on Male are not terrible but all the resorts are expensive because everything is imported. Drinking water from a tap? Needs a generator, desalination plant, diesel, pipes and a tap. All need to be imported and staff to run them. It's pretty crazy.
        But they are beautiful and you can find all inclusive resorts so you know what you are in for up front!

      • I have been there in Jan 2019 and it is expensive once you pull your wallet out. We had a resort that included very good brekky and dinner. It was sufficient. We hardly needed to buy anything apart from the occasional extra cocktail or beer. They also do not allow you to bring in alcohol at airport arrival.
        We brought our own water in our luggage to save $. Yes seemed a bit over the top but personally don't like paying over $5 for water. I rather buy a beer instead.

      • Went there as one leg of my honeymoon $1,500-$2,500 per night for overwater bungalows at the midrange - nice resort islands. I've had friends go on Groupon type deals with beachside accommodation which is cheaper, however the attraction of Maldives has always been the image of jumping into the ocean from your private infinity pool. It's a very different (nasty imo) experience if you are staying on Male..

    • You can backpack there at a fraction of the cost of resorts. But you'll stay at 'local islands', not resort islands. Still easy enough to do day trips to spectacular reefs for diving or snorkelling.

      Do some reading first if that's your style of travel, or some saving for a nice resort. Your choice.

      • Definitely agree with the above ^

        There is a public ferry service which can get you around to the main islands much cheaper than seaplanes/speedboats mostly used to get to the resorts. They're slow, but a long trip will cost approx <$6.

        Spending some time reading up definitely goes a long way to do the Maldives without the expensive resorts.

        Avoiding the big resorts is also a great way to help support the local economy in a more direct way.

        Another mid-point option is to stay on a boat rather than go to a resort. You eat+sleep on the boat whilst traveling around different areas and seeing much more of the country than you would at a resort. These can be chartered or there are a number of tour companies (Gadventures, etc) which charter a boat as part of a tour.

        Rough budget:
        'Backpacking': ~$50-100/night/person
        Boat Tour: ~$200-300/night/person

        • I agree, I stayed on a local island (Maasfushi) last March for a week and the speedboat there from the airport was USD$20 each way (fixed times but my hotel gave me the times). The hotels are OK, I stayed in one with a small pool (Kaani Village and Spa) which was AUD$150 per room per night. The best thing was that the tours and diving were far cheaper than the resorts, I went and visited a friend on a nearby island resort and he paid 4 times the price for the same thing. If you want to visit a island resort you can as they offer day passes to various 5 star places.

          On the down side the local islands are conservative, so there is no walking around in bikinis or shirtless and there is only one beach on Maafushi where you can sunbathe in a bikini (luckily it's the best beach).

          Another issue is that there is no alcohol allowed on the island, so wine with dinner is out. However on Maafushi there are a couple of large boats achored about 200m ofshore, if you need your fill you can get the free tender. Beer was about USD$5 for a 330ml can and it was a great spot to watch the sunset. Some of the locals enjoy it as well(sometimes a bit to much as one of them puked up in front of me).

          Also worth noting that you cannot take duty free alcohol into the Maldives, and yes they do xray your bags. Likewise you cannot take coral out, even dead coral. And suncream is very very expensive.

    • i just came back from there and it wasent too expensive, once youre at your resort its all inclusive. Id highly recommend staying where i did at https://www.riu.com/en/hotel/maldivas/dhaalu-atoll/hotel-riu...

      was a pretty good price and the hotel is less than a year old

      The hardest part is its around 24 hours of travel 1 way getting there

  • -3 votes

    Singapore Airlines Return to Maldives from $705 PER

    I assume this deal is Male only ?

  • The picture in the thumbnails is Mercure Kooddoo. Was there in September.

    Definitely go an overwater bungalow, and definitely get the all-inclusive package for food and drinks. The fish tacos were amazing.

    • -2 votes

      The fish tacos were amazing.


    • How much did it cost you? Trying to get an idea of how expensive the trip will be

      • I was there last year, accommodation in a 5 star resort, overwater spa bure, all-inclusive - $9600 for 7 nights plus flights.

      • +1 vote

        Last year we went to movenpick, all inclusive (only way to do it), over water bungalow for 5 nights including sea plane transfer for $6000 (for 2ppl). More than I would normally pay for a holiday but worth it.

  • I did my honeymoon in a 3 star resort and it was amazing. Food and surroundings was fabulous. So you still can get some good prices on low price resorts. Don’t need to spend heaps on the hot shot ones.

  • Singapore is fantastic for luxury goods, especially watches. Bought a Rolex there, it’s 23.5K AU but they have a much lower tax rate so it was $15,300 and you get the tax back when leaving the country came to $1300 SGD.

    Can still sell the watch after a years use for $21,000 in Australia.

  • can you stop over at Singapore for a few days and get the same price flights?

    • Coming back from Europe last year we found flights with a 17 hour stopover which was great. Overnight Europe to Singapore, day in Singers, overnight Singapore to Australia. It saved us two nights accom as well.

    • not sure about this deal, but that is exactly what we did last year, stayed in Marina bay for 3 nights - from memory the flight price was the same

  • Op I put in other dates in June like 2nd week instead of first week per your post…the website tells me no deals…I'm guessing these dates are restricted?

  • Any good deal for Singapore return only?

  • place to visit from my bucket list.
    I have not seen cheaper flight than this.

  • The monsoon season is from mid-May to November.

  • Interesting to see that the cost of a return seaplane transfer to some of the better resorts is as much as or even more expensive than the actual international flight to get there (USD500+ pp).

    • Kind of like how a taxi is more expensive than a bus?

      • Not sure how that comparison works …

        • A seaplane is a specialist point to point service that carries few people - like a taxi.

          International planes travel fixed routes and carry lots of people - like a bus.

          Not really a valid comparison.

          • @LoftyAu: I guess I was thinking more along the lines of the trip duration and distance - 30 minute seaplane ride vs 30+ hours of international flight time etc.
            In your example wouldn't taxis vs buses be more akin to chartered private jet vs economy flights?

          • @LoftyAu: And I wasn't really complaining about the price as much as found it funny. Everyone already knows the Maldives isn't exactly a budget holiday destination and I suppose if you're already heading there to spend 1k+ a night for an overwater bungalow then an additional 500 bucks for a picturesque seaplane ride would hardly be the dealbreaker.

    • Yeah seaplane is very expensive. But some islands are just too far away from Male to make a speedboat viable. The further away from Male the better!

  • Question. If you book this, I assume that it lands in Male from my research. How do you get from Male to the Maldives resorts such as the Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort. Is it by an additional flight or a speed boat connection? Hard to link up the two bookings (flights plus accommodation) in order to make sure it works out. Keen to book for our 20th Wedding anniversary in late April, but take advantage of the early May fligths?? thanks

    • +1 vote

      You will need to check with the resort - all international flights land at Male, and then depending on distance speed boat or seaplane. From our (one) experience we were met by the resort representative at male and taken to the seaplane area. Our resort pricing included seaplane. Seaplanes do not have set schedule but depends on demand.
      You will need to consider if you land at male after 4pm ish, you will not get to the resort that night (if need seaplane).

  • what happens if you just stay at singapore for the period (apart from loosing your baggage)?