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Laser 4GB MP4 Player - $4.45 at Officeworks


Was in Officeworks tonight and was speaking to a lovely lady who showed me a Laser 4GB MP4 player for only $4.45. Have uploaded receipt and photo of the unit.

Specs off the box:
Q13-MP4 Player
4GB Multimedia Player
Video/Music/Photo playback
FM Radio
Built-in Speaker

1.8" TFT Display
File Playback: MP3, WMA, JPEG, AMV, AVI
EQ: Bass, Classic, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Normal
Function: Music, Video, Game, FM Radio, Voice Recording, E-book
ID3 tag and lyric display

Perfect for a cheap Christmas present or the likes. I dare say it's a clearance item at the price, but it may pay to ring your local store or just pop in and grab one. This is in-store only, not online. Enjoy!

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  • definite bargain if you can find one!

  • OMG this is great. rather than drain my mobile phone batt. 4 GB is good enough + radio
    But I wont give it for Chrissie present bro hahahaha I still got reputation to hold hahahaha

  • I suspect the fact it's orange might have something to do with the fact there is still stock on the shelves…

    • The funny thing is though that I didn't even go in there looking for one - was just speaking to the lady at the counter about cheap items and she mentioned it and got it out from a cupboard behind her! It's not that often these days that the staff actually tell you about the bargain! :)

    • If it was orange my impulse to buy one would even be greater. So it can stand out. =)

  • It's posts like these that remind me of why OzBargain started in the first place.

    10% off and free delivery are NOT bargains and reps need to pull their crap together and stop using OzBargain as free advertising.

    Just my little rant for the evening.

    • Agree, 40% off and counting on good products is when I start salivating :)

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      I'm with ya.
      I get tempted to vote down 5% "discounts".
      I'm a bit more harder to please than bendertiger, 50% onwards for me!

      • How do you get Ozbargainers to visit a strip joint?

        (sunglasses on)

        Tell them everything inside is 90% off…


      • Haha, i wonder where Horatio has gone off to. I think his display pic helped add to the comical relief.

  • Memory Capacity (MB): 4GB
    USB connection direct to PC/notebook: YES
    Playback Music & formats: WMA, MP3
    Display screen type and size: 1.8” TFT Display
    Memory card slot: NO
    FM Radio: Y
    Record function: Y
    Battery type: Internal Rechargable lithium
    Playing time (on full charge): 3 - 5 hours
    Sound equalizer (in menu): Y Bass, Classic, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Normal N
    built in clip (belt/handbag): N
    Playback video content: AMV, AVI
    Playback of pictures / images: JPEG
    e-book playback: YES
    Volume control: Y
    Built in speaker: N
    Vibration alert (on key press): N
    screen auto rotate (by gyro sensor): N
    Touch screen interface: N
    earphones included: Y
    other accessories: Earphones, USB Cable, Manual
    Available Colours: Silver, Black, Blue, Pink
    Current date & time: N/A
    General specification:
    Main Product Name: Media Player Q13 4GB 1.8INCH TFT LCD Blk
    Secondary Name: 4GB on board
    Product Code: MP4-Q13-4GBK
    Weight(kg): 0.15 KG
    Dimensions(mm): w: 40 h: 90 d: 10
    Warranty(month): 12
    Qty per package: 1
    Qty per box: 20
    EAN barcode: 9335432010442
    3 key feature benefits: 1: USB 2.0 interface 2: 1.8

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      Built in speaker: N

      OP said it has a built in speaker & after viewing a few sites online that sell this MP4 player, the majority mention it having a built in speaker.

      Where did you source these specs from?

  • Unable to find it at

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    lol, the op even paid with exact shrapnel $4.45!

  • someone should just buy them up and donate to charity

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      Shopping centre Christmas giving tree thingie, brilliant idea!!
      Gonna put 6 of these in the cupboard for the end of the year.

  • So I got to ask the counter for it?

    Me : "Do you have a cheap mp3 in the cupboard behind you?"
    "Why the hell would we keep stock where people can't see? Get out moron."

  • I bought this about 4 or 5 years ago when it was 99 at JB and only a gb of space i think. Had it for a week and it wouldn't charge properly. They are pretty crappy. Well they were back then, might be better now.

  • Would Officeworks pricematch this receipt?

  • nice find; good for kids or backup.

  • Not sure if it's the same model but back in 2008 I won this item on Ebay for 10 bucks.

    Laser GrooveMate V10 Video Player 4GB Pink GM-V10 NEW
    Sale price: AU $9.99
    Seller: thebluepoint [contact seller]
    Seller Information: The Blue Point

    • Should've held out. You knew it'd get cheaper:p

      Quit Stock - so likely very limited availability.

  • 100th vote ;)

  • did anyone actually get one? besides the OP lol

  • +3 votes

    One hundred positive votes?

    I've just called them up, they don't have any stock in VIC.

  • awesome .. can even use as a cheap memory stick!

  • Just called and no stock in Sydney.

  • I went to Glenwaverley OW on my way to work this morning.. no stocks :(

  • no stock in Bunbury WA

  • lol 113 positive votes and the only person who got it is OP XD

  • Anyone know where is there any stock anywhere now?

  • A one-hit wonder by the looks of it. None at our local store either. Good score though nonetheless.

  • I agree these one-hit wonders waste hundred's of hours of time, when only one or two are available.

  • none at clayton

  • This website is more fun than f**n facebook

  • Would have been a perfect present for my girlfriend, Just called Oxley, Browns Plains, Woollongabba and Milton QLD and they don't have any instock. Looks like these were on clearance for a while now :(

    Time to look else where for a cheap MP3/4 player :P

    • I hope the present wasn't for a major event like a birthday or anniversary, cause it would suck to be her if she got this as a present.

  • none at carnegie OW :( why do people plus the deal before they check if it actually available ?

  • Apparently none at Jandakot WA, though the girl on the end of the phone wasn't exactly helpful

  • i just called around, asked in my local store (who said they had none), but they told me whre there are stock left.
    Apparently in the Elizabeth St store (Melb CBD) they have 2 left….

  • No stock in OfficeWorks at Wollongong (Fairy Meadow). The guy checked for stock elsewhere in NSW & said there were 4 at Orange branch but after calling confirmed none were available.

    • I personally took 2 of those 4 and left 2 for someone else. With a large family, and also as an eBay seller, I would gladly have taken all 4 but it didn't seem quite right to do so. Can't say it wasn't tempting :D

  • NONE at QLD oxley
    called up. talked to Chrissie i think

  • Anyone get it???

  • Have updated the bargain as being expired due to finding out that limited people managed to secure some.

    Sorry to those who were saying about being the one and only to purchase it - honestly I had no clue as to how many were at each and every store (and why would I?) and I didn't ask the lady to check them all anyway, as I was just happy purchasing one and didn't get greedy and do a broden and pick up the rest, nor was I prepared to ring up every store Australia-wide after 9pm last night - was far easier posting it up here for others to potentially grab one if they could. I just thought I'd pop it up here, as the OzBargain community to me is 'share and share alike' as otherwise hardly any of us would know where to snap up items such as free samples, movie vouchers, cheap shavers, cheap handheld radios, cheap HP Microservers or the likes.

    Overall, I have managed to have a chuckle with the comments such as the strip club, the shuttle and pulling the 'bargain hunter' on the ladies. This is also what makes the OzBargain community so great. Thanks for all the positive votes and support :)

  • +2 votes

    There were 5 left at Chatswood around lunchtime.

  • Nothing at Bundoora.

  • At 6 PM Perth time, there was 1 in Osborne Park, Fremantle, Joondalup and 1 other store.

  • 5346 Available here in Launceston, Tasmania… ;P
    Nah, I didn't find any here and didn't bother asking…

  • Got one from Sydney CBD, Clarence Street for $4.45. I've been told it is the last one. The girl at the till scanned it 3 times and double checked it in the system, she could not belive the price. Thanks for posting!

    • Did you get it today or yesterday? & What time? I went there yesterday and had someone searching out back and on the computer for 15mins but they couldn't find any.

      • 14:53 20/08/11 time on receipt. Perhaps it was another guy, mine was one from the tills on the RHS as you enter. He came with it in about 3min after I asked for it. So I was lucky time time, it does not happen often.

  • To all those angry at me:
    1) There have been other bargains that I have seen people commenting that they got multiple items. I am not the only one to have bought more than the one of a cheap item.

    2) I posted the info not to p!ss you off, but rather to try saving your time when looking around, as I was only suggesting that I had already called around to find out the stock levels.

  • only $4.45? lol

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