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20% off iTunes and App Store Gift Cards @ Coles


20% Off $30, $50 & $100 App Store & iTunes Gift Cards at Coles.

Excludes $20 cards, maximum 5 cards per customer.

Starts 15/01/20

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  • Thanks OP. Just wiped 20% off my tax debt.

  • Disney+ subscription effectively $72 for the year then 👍🏼

  • Yes, I can pay my tax bill! (I kid, I kid)

      • The scam about the ATO calling about a debt? (Or am I getting whooshed?)

        • No, you're correct!

        • Nah that's it. It's not that clever, but that's the beauty of the joke; even the thickies can get one for a change (well some).

          To think this country has mandatory electoral voting and yet so many idiots is frightening.

          • @kiriakoz: The alternative is the US, where a minority of idiots can vote in a president…

            • @Jimmy Tseng: America isn't the only country that doesn't have mandatory voting. They have all sorts of other issues like essentially legalised bribery through corporate donations and a whole bunch of other issues.

              The majority of people that I speak with are unqualified to vote (I don't even think I'm the ideal candidate - although I know most of the major issues). In this country, I hear people say "oh, I don't trust such and such" (as though they're voting for an individual and not a party). Very few people understand the key issues that they should be voting on (I'm not even criticising who they vote for, just the reason).

              • @kiriakoz: Yes, that issue is voter apathy, though I would argue is not caused by mandatory voting. What mandatory voting does is to lessen the effect of a vocal fringe minority.

                • @Jimmy Tseng: Most people in Australia have no idea about politics. Most. More than probably 70 - 80% (that's conservative). So on what basis are politicians and parties getting elected?

                  I get your point, and I appreciate that in America, only the extremes vote. However if we're going to force people to vote, maybe we have an online module they complete beforehand or something, I don't know.

                  Both situations are bad IMO.

                  America has the electoral college, so even amongst those who actually did vote, a minority voted for Trump, which doesn't prove your theory. He'll probably get re-elected with a bigger majority than last time, which doesn't help your theory that it's a rogue minority, it just shows that people still don't care even after he got voted in. America also has a donor system. Larger organisations usually finance both parties, and probably more so the Republicans, which makes it even harder to get your message across if you actually are for the people, which is another issue with it.

                  To simplify it and say the main problem with America is voluntary voting is wrong (not saying you're necessarily doing that, but want to make it clear).

                  • @kiriakoz: I understand where you're coming from, especially the frustration where people vote without any knowledge of the policies. And it is actually quite hard to keep up to date with the policies and analysis, even when you Are following closely.

                    The system you are suggesting is actuly similar to what Hong Kong has. The criteria to be voted on would be business orientated, and loyal to the CCP. Sure, the criteria may not be what you want, but the same issue applies, where the politicians aren't representative of the population.

                    I don't have any solutions I can suggest, but my personal opinion is that I would prefer a system more in line with Australia than US or Hong Kong. I.e. mandatory voting and preferential voting and universal suffrage.

  • Go to OW for 5% price beat.

  • Can you pay for iTunes card with a coles e-gift card?

    • I have, the last few times… they were thrown in with the rest of the groceries. I’ve never tried it just iTunes Cards only

    • Could before…not now

      • As long as the giftcard has enough to cover the whole transaction and no split payment it will go through. In manned checkout the it's a different story whether the staff allow or not

    • The last time it was the 20% deal, I bought one other item and was able to use the eGift card.

    • Didn't work for me today at a self-checkout.

      Chose a 'split payment' option, as the total was more than the gift card, but the system raised an error.

  • Apologies but where else we can use these gift cards apart from.App Store

    • discounted streaming subscriptions

      • Like? I know of D+, any others?

        • Netflix for me. there have been rumours going around for years that they were gonna stop it but ive still got mine going strong.

        • Apple Music, iCloud (expansion up to 2TB for backup & photo storage), Apple Arcade.

          Note too that services like Apple Music are available as yearly subs, so if you get enough cards to pay for a year, you're getting both the 20% discount from the Coles/Officeworks deal, AND the yearly discount which for Apple Music is (144 - 119)/144 = 17.4%

        • If you like your footy; Kayo Sports.

        • PPV live events, like UFC.TV app.

          I believe. They're a frequent big chunk of cash. So it can make a huge difference.

    • Ato, see comments above. I heard the Nigerian prince also accept it on behalf of the logistics company

  • I dream of 20% Google Play cards :/

  • Can we buy them by an e gift card?

    • E gift card being straight through iTunes?
      You could perhaps buy the card from Coles, load it up as credit, then choose the Gift option through the App Store

  • wis i could buy wollie/coles gift card by these as payment

  • Supercell will be happy in 5 days….

  • I have Family Sharing, but not only can you not share In-App Purchases, my kid’s IAPs won’t use my iTunes Store credit either, being charged from my credit card direct for the full amount. Gonna grab some $30 cards for their occasional IAPs for this reason.

    • That sounds a bit weird. If your kids are on your Family sharing account then it should use any iTunes credit BEFORE hitting up your credit card. Thats the way its working on my account. As to not being able to share IAPs, that may be a Developer-specific thing rather than an iTunes thing. Think of it this way, the app running on your kids iDevice thinks its registered to them and so the IAP is registered to them as well. The app running on YOUR device thinks it registered to you, not your kids, it probably doesn't know that the IAP was purchased through the same BILLING account.

      You might want to head into an Apple store and check with them just to clear things up.

      • I don’t know. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201359

        “When a family member in a Family Sharing group makes a purchase, their personal Apple ID balance is charged. If there isn't enough balance to cover the purchase, the remainder is charged to the primary payment method on the family organizer's Apple ID.”

        ie not Family organiser’s Apple ID balance.

        As for sharing IAPs, it’s on the page of any app that has it where it spells it out…

  • Can you use these to buy hardware at the apple store?