This was posted 2 years 11 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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65% Off Netflix Via VPN (Mobile/Standard/Ultra $3.70/$5.12/$7.01 Mth W/No Fee Card)


You can get Netflix up to 65% cheaper for new sign-up (bonus: 30 days free) or renewing via easy & free VPN trial (once off). Personally, I kept the VPN to get foreign Netflix/BBC/YouTube/Prime etc content

I've used feedback from previous deals. And will update as we get newer/better info here.

Pricing & exchange rates change, and Netflix have admitted to raising some user's pricing, to see if they'll stay - So be sure to check-back occasionally.

Pricing @20/08/20

Basic: 179 ARS ($3.41)
Standard: 269 ARS ($5.12)
Ultra: 369 ARS ($7.01)

Basic: 17.99 TRY ($3.43)
Standard: 29.99 TRY ($5.72)
Ultra: 41.99 TRY ($8.01)

Mobile: 199 INR ($3.70)

STEP 1: VPN Trial

SaferVPN (no Turkish IP)
Express VPN
PureVPN (bad reports)

Not Working: NordVPN

Decent VPN Guide @Reddit

STEP 2: Confirm Turkish/Argentinian IP

IP Check
IP Check

STEP 3: Sign Up

Open a new incognito/private-browsing tab in your browser. Might not be enough

Visit Netflix

STEP 4: Enter Card Details

Working: Citibank Debit, 28 Degrees, Macquarie, ANZ Rewards

Mixed reports: ING, CBA

Note: Some banks block 1st attempt & send you a txt to confirm it's you. Once you reply, 2nd attempt will work.

Once complete, it may ask for a mobile phone number. Ignore it, open netflix site in a fresh tab & confirm account is running.

Existing Subscribers:

Visit Netflix website and cancel your subscription ASAP. It will expire at the end of the billing period. Then follow instructions above.

I've gone a different style here. Full credit & details with those before me:
Doweyy, Neil, Hits etc.

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  • +2

    Obviously, this deal is currently more attractive.

    • How?

      • +2

        How is it more attractive? half price netflix without needing to vpn and you also get free $30 starter kits

        • -2

          This is half price as well

          • +3

            @asa79: with no free Vodafone sim so the other deal wins clearly.

            • -2

              @xmchen: It's a starter sim tho not a plan.

              • +1


                It's a starter sim tho not a plan.


                2 simple workarounds for that.

                1: Lots of people have dual sim phones. Active and use the starter kit for the 35GB data that comes with it.

                2: buy a few $2 telstra sim cards. Port to telstra, port back and get another 35GB.

                • @Duff5000: Where is the 35gb it'd only 10gb

                  • @asa79: Did you look?

                    10+25gb. I am using this already.

                    • -1

                      @Duff5000: It's only 10gb

                      • @asa79: omg. Seriously? I linked to vodafone where it clearlyt says 10+25GB, i told you i have already set this up myself yet you think you still know better?

                        Thats…. astounding….

                        Lets try that one more time.


                        How many gig does it say? I made it easier with some arrows.

                        • -2

                          @Duff5000: I got one of the sims just for the hell of it and can confirm its only 10gb

                          There is a 35gb one but that's not associated

  • +7

    You have until Wednesday to get 50% off Netflix via Woolworths. You can actually buy 5 at a time (catalogue says 3). While overseas is a good option, we've had enough credit via Liveup and that old $15 prepaid phone with 6 months Netflix deal.

  • +4

    Basic: 149 ARS ($5.10)
    Standard: 219 ARS ($7.50)
    Ultra: 299 ARS ($10.25)

    Those prices are out of date as they're increasing from the 16th of July.

    Standard: 269 ARS ($9.21)
    Ultra: 369 ARS ($12.63)

    I just cancelled my Argentina Netflix as it wasn't worth it for me any more, especially not with the price rises.

    • +1

      Do you know URL to official announcement on the price increase? I want to know whether or not Turkey's price will go up too and to what. Thanks.

      • Turkey’s price is 41.99 TL just got an email from Netflix about it last week.

        • That's the Ultra?

          • +1

            @peuwayaqdq: Yep mate thats the ultra

          • @peuwayaqdq: Yes i've been paying in Turkish for over a year, last one came to $7.85AUD for ultra

        • My Ultra is still 39.99 TL. Will this price increase?

          • @Joe888: Price increases from Sunday 4th August according to the email I received from Netflix

            • @Chippy47: I didn’t gwt an email hut my card shows it’s $8ish now :(

      • Nah sorry mate, only got the email the other week and it prompted me about the changes when I logged into my account a few days after, should have taken a screenshot of it.

        It showed each plan as well as the new prices but didn't make a note of the Basic plan as doubtful really any one is on that!

      • +1

        Just go to your account page on and it will tell you there about any price hikes.

    • Basic plan will now be ARS179 (just logged in and got the popup).

    • Correct, 4 days ago it was:
      Monthly price (pre-tax)

      17.99 TL
      29.99 TL
      41.99 TL

      29.99 Turkish lira equals 7.58 Australian Dollar
      41.99 Turkish lira equals 10.61 Australian Dollar

      269 Argentine Peso equals 9.12 Australian Dollar
      299 Argentine Peso equals 10.14 Australian Dollar
      369 Argentine Peso equals 12.52 Australian Dollar

      • Yep, so only Turkey is worth it really nowadays. Sadly it seems to be the most difficult to have your card accepted compared to Argentina!

        • My free city debit card worked from the first time. It did convert 29.99 TL to $7.59.

          • @johnmelb: My Bankwest Zero Platinum didn’t work with Turkey but worked without issue in Argentina. From the original deal post Turkey was much harder to get working comparatively.

            • @Porthos: BankWest Zero Plat Card working flawlessly from day 1 with Turkish Netflix sub

              • @Maxdax: Just shows how hit and miss it is. Seen plenty of people using the same VPN and same card and one it worked for, one it didn’t.

        • +1

          It works on 28 degree MasterCard.

        • +1

          Macquarie Debit Card works also

      • How can you see this pricing? Netflix currently charges me 43.99 TL per month.

        • +1

          I see this on via Turkey vpn:
          This screenshot is from 5 minutes ago.

        • Please see the article mentioned in the post. Netflix might just be seeing how bad you want it.

          Maybe try cancelling, and signing-up again (new email, another 30 days free) with Netflix Argentina.

      • I checked both on Sat evening, the pricing shown in the post, and flipped a coin… Picked turkey.

    • +2

      $12.52 Argentina still sounds better than $17.99 Australia.

    • I read a couple of people mention it, but when I went to sign-up, there was no new pricing. And when I did some research, I found out Netflix are "trying it on". So I'm looking for concrete future pricing. More than happy to add it to the listing.

      • I went to sign-up, there was no new pricing.

        Because it’s not live yet and Netflix have no lock in contract, so why would they advertise the new price yet?

        The only reason people who are currently signed up through Argentina were told is because they need to be informed as Netflix can’t just charge a higher amount without notification.

        I’m sure you’ll be informed of it soon enough, has nothing to do with the link you posted (which was from 4 months ago and applicable to the UK). This is just a simple price rise as has happened before with both Argentina and Turkey (as per the original deal).

        • Netflix world policies aren't exclusive to one market & simply expire a few months after an article is posted.

          Either way, they're rising prices around the world. So month to month, the benefit will vary. This will always be the best value for direct-netflix deals (ie: no Vodafone type deals)

          They're also giving with one hand, taking with another… offering new cheaper plan styles

      • -1
  • +7

    Why was the old deal post about using a vpn expired?
    There's nothing 'new' here.

    • -3

      Agreed. And a lot of effort went into it.

      • -3

        And… Staff have done it again.


  • I thought Prime Video was not located based but account based? i.e. unlike Netflix using an foreign IP does not change the library?

    • Info I've read online says otherwise. But I haven't compared both.

      • Can I Watch Prime Video If I Travel Abroad?
        Amazon Prime members can stream selected Prime Originals titles while outside of their home country.

        Outside of your home country, a reduced selection of Prime Video titles is available to stream. A selection marked "Watch While Abroad" shows the available titles.

        If you have a compatible device, you are able to download titles before you travel in order to watch offline anywhere in the world.

  • +1

    Anyone knows if we can use the woolies credit with vodafone if we are on one of those ‘’savy’’ account?

    • ^^ This!

    • +1

      I don't think so. There is someone selling Netflix credit in the classifieds because they said it doesn't work with their foreign Netflix account (via VPN).

      So it's a good assumption to make that Netflix gift cards bought in AU only work on AU accounts.

      Would be sweet if there is a workaround however.

      • -1


        It's AU currency. I see zero reason how/why they'd allow it.

    • +2

      Believe others said no on that post already

  • turkey works with 28 degrees debit card (as of 6 months ago anyway).

  • I couldn't get Bendigo, Commonwealth or ING to work

    • +5

      If new customer. Signup free Australian trial. Use your Australian card for billing. Cancel free trial before the 30 day period. You can cancel immediately. After you free trial expires connect to VPN, restart membership, select overseas plan you want, you Australia card will be billed.

  • +1

    Good work making it clearer. But I'm not sure if the VPN list is up to do - I don't believe Proton or VPNHub have Turkish or Argentinian locations. Not sure about others in the list (like does Torguard have Argentina?).

    • Thanks for the info.
      I searched for highly-reviewed providers - Particularly those with huge IP options.

      I use Torguard, and can confirm both are an option.

    • have you notice VPNHub somuch like our one of all time favorite website

  • +1

    Hide My IP extension works much better than those VPN. I used 10 minute to register for a free trial instead of my personal email address.

    • Would you mind sharing the exact link of the extension?

  • VPN Unlimited also works for Turkey, that’s what I used initially.

  • hide my ass 7 day free trial worked for turkey and my Bankwest zero card did as well.

    I had to talk to chat and get a link to an old version of the client though for the trial as the latest didnt like my login.

  • Looks like it now requires phone number validation and adding 61 or +61 and your mobile without 0 doesn't work.

    • Just leave it blank?

      • Unable to do that either, I'll try from a PC rather than phone

        • +2

          Sign up with an Aussie trial. Verify mobile. Cancel immediately or before renewal. Once plan expires renew on ARG/TR plan

  • +2

    It is still working. I moved from Argentina to Turkey billing account yesterday on 23 July. I used the Fastest VPN Turkey server and my existing linked ING card.

    • -4


      I went to trouble to prove a netflix price rise it's not always the case, including personal experience & news article. SOME people saw raised prices.

      The deal in title is still valid, so if staff confirmed without doubt one is over, why not just edit the deal, like every other multiple-example deal.

      How about some neutrality!

  • +1

    For those who are having the Netflix transaction declined, irrespective of the selected country. I found the best way to avoid a blocked charge or additional security confirmation was to actually inform your bank that you will be in that country for a short stay.

    Just make sure you do not use your credit card over the time period you have specified in Australia.

    • You can definitely still shop in Aus. Some block first, ask questions later. Some block even tiny amounts, as they say scammers test small amounts first. Some will text you, some call… some leave it for you to chase them.

      I worked in a European-banking call centre 18 years ago. And I've had a lot of varied experience as a customer, since.
      Some are quite spartan, with their options. Even back in 2001, they proudly showed how smart their software algorithms were. In 2019, in a time were internet shopping is rampant, there should be no excuse.

      • By notifying the bank you eliminate concern the bank might have in relations to unusual transaction activity.
        I'm sure most people have more than one form of card (including bank cards) which they could temporarily organise not to use for a few days while you do this "VPN transaction".

        The reason not to use the same card is to ensure that the system doesn't pick up that you are in two different geographical locations at once.
        Anyway, its advice you can take or leave it — and I know I'd rather not bother with security verification codes, or having to unlock your card to explain the unusual transaction by calling your bank.

        As much as you might disagree with the banking algorithms they are there to ensure the BANK doesn't have to deal with fraud issues since they are the ones who cover the cost (for proven fraud cases).

  • I keep getting prices in USD(16 for premium etc) with VPN to Turkey.

    Anyone knows a workaround?

    • Did you confirm what IP you're showing?

  • What browser & VPN are you using? Connect to the Turkey VPN first. Clear the cookies and the cache of the browser, restart the browser and then go to

    • I am using nordVPN with chrome in incognito.

      I have cleared cookies and cache.

  • Keep getting this error when trying to login

    "Netflix Site Error
    We were unable to process your request."

    Free-trial button gives me US prices

    Tried ProtonVPN, Hidemyass and NordVPN with various browsers in incognito mode, all gave me the same error. Very frustrating!

    • Did you manage to login at the end? I'm getting the same error and also see us prices. Thanks

  • Confirmed working with BankWest MasterCard.

    Detail :
    VPN : PureVPN - Turkey
    Browser : incognito mode Chrome

    I started with free trial and cancelled it before the end date, once it's officially day 1 since my cancellation date then I relogin to netflix to renew contract.

    There's a mobile phone check but it shown as Australian number and it does not actually need to send confirmation pin or things like that.

    I signed up to the standard plan (Standard: 29.99 TRY )and it's billed at $7.79 AUD on the card

  • +3

    Wored with Citibank debit card, declined first, got a SMS from Citibank. Replied Yes and then transaction went through. I used hide my IP chrome extension incognito mode. Make sure you have the valid card payment details in your account, had a old credit card when trying to change it using the Turkey IP address it will ask for a turkey number to confirm changes to payment. Had to go back to Australia mode, change payment method and back again.

    But yeah, thanks OP, great deal.

    • Thanks for sharing landroverz7, when you say it asked for a turkey number, do you mean it asked for a Turkish mobile number or credit card number?

  • +1

    It maybe just forex but premium Argentina is cheapest as of 14/08.

    Argentina: 369 ARS = 9.696 AUD
    Turkey: 41.99 TL = 11.072 AUD

  • +1

    It seems majority of the VPN providers have gone to a Money Back Guarantee setup instead of a Free Trial.

    I've just used PrivateVPN Free Trial and can confirm their Turkey and Argentinian servers work with Netflix:

    • Thanks mate, You just got me by putting the link of VPN.
      Subscribe for ARS rather than Turkey.

  • +1

    Tip is to subscribe to whatever online stuff you can through Argentina as their currency is tanking (change of government)

    Also Turkey's currency looks to be in recovery and more likely go higher in future so I avoid them compared to ARS.

  • +1

    Thanks a lot OP…
    I am able to sign up Turkey Ultra Netflix (@ 41.99 TL) via PureVPN (7-day free trip) on my iPhone Devi e in matter of minute.

    I used visa cc issued by Bank of Mel without any issues.

    I have a 2question here, as I know I will be charged int’ fees (transaction / conversation, etc.):

    1. I wonder if I need to change different card (I.e., ING debit, 28 degree, etc.) can I change from my next billing cycle?

    2. Can change my plan from ultra to standard if I want, from next billing cycle?

    In terms of pricing… worst case for me $41.99 TL ~$11.25AUD + few fees may still works out better than $17.99 AUD.

    Let me know if anything I am missing here or should consider.

    • +1

      Personally, I'd use the first 30 days free, but cancel. Bugger paying CC fees. Use this time to get a Citibank Debit/28 Degrees etc. Then sign-up again, get another 30 days free & better pricing. Share it with friends/family, and pay peanuts.

      Checked 10+ foreign options. Interesting how many poor countries are getting screwed.

      Updated OP with latest pricing/currency updates.

  • +2

    If you are interested into which country you should go for signing up you can have a look here

    Spreadsheet will show current exchange rates (converted to AUD) for different country Netflix pricing.
    This is just a straight currency conversion and does not take into consideration (Bank Fees / Foreign Transaction Fee) which your bank may charge.
    Mastercard & Visa will also have different daily currency rates which are generally close to the current rates shown.

    For those interested in cards with No Transaction Fee more information is found here

    • +1

      I've seen a handful of those docs, and checked more than 10 Netflix localities, myself.

      It just comes down to Turkey & Argentina.

    • Can you update the country price lists..
      Exchange rates are correct, just there seems to have been increases from the likes of Brazil etc

      • Checked and updated now.
        Also added Singapore to the list

  • ProtonVPN doesn’t have turkey 🇹🇷 or Argentina 🇦🇷.! Any fix with that

    • You only tried one VPN provider?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, used Pure VPN to sign up on Netflix Turkey (Netflix Argentina didn't work for me)

  • Hi. Tried this last night. Speedify, ufo and express vpn.

    Just getting this every time
    Sorry, we are unable to complete that action now. Please try again later.

    On ufo

    There appears to be a problem with the payment method you are trying to use.
    Using Revolut and even tried normal bank card still no luck

    Using revolut card

  • Worked for me on the 19/09/19…
    Signed up to Argentina… using a vpn and Citibank debt card.

  • Did this last night no issue at all paying $9.60 for the "Premium" plan.

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