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$10 for a Vodafone $30 Prepaid SIM + Bonus $20 Netflix Gift Card @ Woolworths


Purchase a Vodafone $30 Prepaid Starter Pack for $10 and receive a Bonus $20 Netflix Gift Card.

Available in-store only.
Both the Sim card and the Netflix Gift Card must be purchased in the same transaction.

From the upcoming Telco catalogue.

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  • Guess who has 2 thumbs and is buying another 6 Voda starter packs? <Uses thumbs to point at self>

  • But do they need to ID check and register each sim sold? (I genuinely have no idea)

    • +8 votes

      No they don't

    • Nope.

      1. Pick up the sim pack and Netflix card.
      2. Scan the big barcode at the bottom of sim pack. The POS will tell you to put it aside.
      3. Scan the big barcode at the bottom of Netflix card. The POS will tell you to put it aside.
      4. Pay for it, the POS will alert the attendent to check that the cards have been activated properly, but most of the time they have no idea either way.
      5. You should get three receipts, one for the activation of the sim pack, one for Netflix, and the general sales receipt. Make sure the activation receipts matches the cards you got, and it all went through.

      No ID, no nothing.

  • Technically $10 profit :) 👍🏻

  • what?? the (profanity) is this

  • Seems like an efficient way to only pay 50% for Netflix
    Can you just load up your Netflix account with the multiple $20 gift cards? and if so, how much credit can be stored on the Netflix account?

    • yep. don’t think there’s a limit

      • I think the pic says limit of 3…

        • how much credit can be stored on the Netflix account?

          • @Zazer: Oops, my bad. According to https://help.netflix.com/en/node/32950 all they say is "Yes, you can buy more than one gift card to use on your account. You can enter the gift cards at netflix.com/redeem and your balance will increase with each gift card you add. Check your Billing Details page to see your available balance."

            I think I've added multiple (3+) Netflix cards on my account in the past. I don't think they're going to mind you putting extra credit on your account :-)

            • @z z: No worries mate. I've currently got 3 gift cards on the one account, but when I tried to add the third it wouldn't let me, had to gift it to myself from another account. So YMMV.

              • @Zazer: the same happen to me. Cant even get to the redeem site on the third time, it just shows Netflix site error, please click button below to go to home.

    • yes, not that i'm aware of - i'm still using netflix giftcards from the last vode+netflix deal

    • Deal title should really be 50% off Netflix $20 gift cards. Free Vodafone SIM with every purchase. :)

      From the newest member of the "I now have 6 x $30 Vodafone SIM cards, what do?" camp.

      • New user for Uber eats since its a new number ? $20 usually ?
        Any purchase at JB get digital receipt sent to new Number and get $15 JB voucher
        Deliveroo would have a new user bonus etc

  • Anyone know if you can load up your netflix account with Aud Gift Cards if you've signed up under a different country's subscription?

    • Account billing currency and gift card currency have to match.

      • Damn I'm set to Argentina. Would have been good to get Netflix for $3.50 a month.

      • Not in my experience
        I had a pre Oz Netflix account
        When they launched Optus gave me a ‘gift code’ and it worked just converted to USD on my account
        My Account is now AUD but is still view USA via VPN but I’m sure the Qantas codes I obtained were pre my transfer
        Not exactly the same but a codes a code

  • wow. thats excellent.

    Any easy way to use the $30 voda credit? $2 telstra sim or somehting to port to and back from each month?

    (i just ported to voda today with a $30 prepaid that bigw had for $10 but this is even better)

    • +1 vote

      I wonder if this is possible as well. I might well as try by myself tomorrow on my way to work.

      Edit : I have been switching network providers each month, but never tried to port in the same company that I just ported out within 24 hours.

    • Easiest way? Lots of Ozbargainers including myself buy cheap SIMs like these when various deals pop up, then use either a secondary phone, dual sim phone or portable wifi modem to tether off, rather than constantly fiddling with porting in and out again and again.

      • Wouldn't that mean using another number if you're using a pocket wi-fi modem?

        • Not sure what you mean… why would it mean that?

          • @Zazer: Honestly, I've never used one of these before.

            If I were to activate the $30 sim from this deal for a Pocket Modem, would I have to enter my drivers details (and whatnot) and get a new number?

      • My redmi note 4 pro has dual sim. I have a sd card in that slot at the moment that i probably dont really need in there. I guess i could just activate a new sim pack each month and use that sim for data.

  • Bugger I bought the 2x 40 dollar @ 20 bucks each………..

  • How long do the sims last before you need to activate? Could be good for my portable 4g router?

    • This, would love to keep when I need to Port out

    • +3 votes

      screenshot of deal says activate within six months of purchase

    • I just activated a Voda Sim bought 6 years ago. The SIM was not 3 in 1 SIM, I have to get a blank from the Voda store and do a SIM swap.

      • Depends on where/when you bought it. I have plenty of very old Voda sims that are e.g., $50 for 10 GB that activate using newer plans/rates, but also ones bought from Woolworths that expired after 12 months and would not activate (and Voda online chat rep tried activating for me as well without success).

    • The packaging on the $30 starter pack says expiry 365 days after purchase date.

      • The packaging on my $30 starter packs (got 15 so far, :-)) do not have any information on activation date or expiry date.
        So I'm thinking there is no obligation on my part to use the pack by a date related to the purchase date.

        I will try one this weekend to check what the go is.

  • Anyone know how much data is on these ?

  • Does any one know a good plan that used Vodafone or alike coverage ? Vodafone has good signal for my phone at work.

    • Kogan

    • Looks like it's 3gb

    • i usually go back and forth between voda and kogan, lebara as a backup - generally cheapest and quick issue free ports. optus and catch - so many issues with ports.

      • Kogan being a Vodafone reseller wouldn't this mean porting within the same network therefore should be problematic? Thought the golden rule is to be sure to port between different networks to get smooth porting.

        • i've not had an issue so far and i've been doing it for about a year. currently on the 3 month for ~$10 kogan deal. port generally happens within a few hours - i port the day after each plan expires. that being said i can't confirm 100% it will work with these $30 plans as only the $40+ voda plans (i was usin $40 voda sims from last netflix deal) do a 35 day expiry now, i.e. all my data is 30 days out of voda, 35 days out of kogan.

        • Vodafone->Kogan or Kogan->Vodafone was fast…

          Only issues were Optus->Optus…

    • Thank you for the responses, I order a Kogan pack

  • Can you use this vodafone sim for the long life 6 month plan?

  • So if you buy multiple of these how do you use them? Since they are starter packs then you gotta port out each month and then back in? How does it work, can a pro ozbargainer explain how to exploit these properly lol

    • I have a primary phone on boost (150/80gb for 365), then I use a secondary for more data.

      So dual sim or a secondary phone, I use a secondary.

    • +1 vote

      Switching a network provider each month. It works fine for me. I have heaps of $30 Telstra starter kit, $30 Optus starter kit and now I will have some more of $30 Vodafone starter pack. It usually takes a few minutes to port in my number as long as it is done between major companies (Telstra/Optus/Voda/Boost) and it is not much of hassles for me so I reckon it is worth doing it.

  • Will Netflix credit work for overseas account? A lot of ozbaragainers bought overseas Netflix account though VPN

  • For people who want to get more than 2, you can only redeem 2 netflix gift cards per 36 hours. After you redeem 2, if you click redeem again straight away, it will say error. May need to take a few days to redeem all your netflix cards stocks.

    • Nice, thanks for confirming this is a thing and it wasn't just me. Managed to get around this by logging in on my other account and gifting it to myself, so there you go!

    • 36 hours? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • I've accidentally put in the code from the receipt instead of the scratchy one from the card. I then put it the correct one and it loaded, but now getting error message after only successfully activating 1.. Pretty crappy that it can't detect an unsuccessful attempt in their 2/36h limit.

      • Log in with another account and gift it to yourself on the first account. Takes 2 mins and bypasses the 36 hour limit.

  • This makes it cheaper than VPN prices.
    Going to give the local economy another chance again

  • How much can you buy in 1 transaction?

    Ie. Will you get the second $20 gift card free if you put it through the same transaction?

  • Might exclude NT, since they don't have the Telco Catalogue showing.

    • I'm not seeing it in my SA one either.

      • Not shown in the weekly catalogue, but in the Telco Catalogue (which SA, 5000 has).

      • SA an NT have the same catalogue. I had a look on the WW website and lasoo.com.au. the deal is not in the NT catalogue :(

    • TAS also no Telco cattledog so I asked the girl at the front counter. She had never heard of it so she asked an older worker who had never heard of it either.

      So I just tried and they scanned at the discount price. :)

    • I paid $10 for both $30 Vodafone starter pack and $20 Netflix gift card at Darwin Woolworths last night. So it works even though it's not advertised on the local catalogues.

  • Does anyone know if you can add Netflix credit if your Netflix is billed through iTunes?

    • Can't unfortunately, have to cancel your iTunes billing and let the subscription lapse, then you can re-join with the gift card as payment method. You won't lose any account preferences.

      • But you won’t be able to rejoin via iTunes I believe since I read that Netflix doesn’t accept new iTunes enrolments?

        • Correct. Also, if you could sign up again via iTunes, you wouldn't be able to apply the gift card.