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[eBay Plus] VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dashcam $287.96 Delivered @ Apus Express eBay


Apus $20 off Promo Stacks with eBay code POLKA, Discount shows at Checkout.

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  • Good deal for now though I’m waiting for the price to fall further. Once it’s $150 for the front unit only (I know, we’re a way off) then I’m in for 2 to replace my 119 V3’s

    • are the 119v3's ok or might as well go for 129's?
      whats a good price for 119's?

      looking to upgrade

      • Pro tip, if you go for an A129 Pro or Pro Duo, you might not be able to reuse the power supply/cigarette lighter adaptor that came with your A119. I replaced my A119Sv2 with an A129 Pro Duo (haven't fitted the rear camera yet), and I tried to cheat by just reusing the cig adaptor that came with my A119Sv2 and I had problems with the A129 locking up, failing to start reliably, or repeatedly rebooting…

        …which is a pain, because my original cable was professionally run and concealed, but the cig adaptor end is attached to the cable and is not removable or swappable.

        I ran a temporary cable using a 3A cigarette lighter to USB adaptor last weekend and my camera has been stable and reliable ever since. I don't have a battery or park mode kit installed.

        • I have a yumcha camera off eBay bought years ago

          Realised last week it has not been recording for god knows how long because I have to keep reseating the microSD. So need something more reliable and capacitive

          Left it in the sun last week and pretty sure it would have exploded if the suction didn't give way first making it drop off and away from direct sun

          • @furythree: Most (good) dashcams these days raise a big audible stink if your SD card isn't writeable e.g. not in the socket, not formatted correctly, full etc. Valuable feature as you'd appreciate.

          • @furythree: In the Australian climate, a capacitor-equipped camera is a better option than a battery-equipped one. My original cheapo G1W-CB that I paid about $50 for delivered several years ago still works fine, but I was on my 2nd A119Sv2 when I replaced it with an A129 Pro Duo. It's probably a bit 'luck of the draw' like most electronics.

            I've gotten into the habit of glancing at the camera display after taking off to a) make sure the GPS indicator has gone green, and that the timer is ticking upwards, indicating recording. If recording is paused, Viofos will typically beep regularly. I found that the red LED indicators are not a reliable indicator of succcessful recording, as while I was having power issues, my A129 showed two solid red lights (what you expect under normal circumstances), but the camera had actually locked up.

            • @kleung: yeah pretty much why i want a capacitive one

              i dont want the hassle of installing a backwards facing camera. so i assume there is a A129 non duo model?

              • @furythree: Yes. Viofo sell all four possible permutations of the A129-series. A129, A129 Pro, A129 Duo and A129 Pro Duo. Not all resellers carry all variations though, Shopping Square doesn't carry the non-due variants on their eBay store.

                Incidentally, if you happen to have an older A119 fitted with a CPL filter, that can be transplanted onto an A129 no problems - the same part is compatible with both cameras.

    • Aren't 119V3 good quality ? I seafched alot and found tht they hav great quality specially night vision.

  • these have buffered parking mode?

    • Yip, bought one on last deal

      • How is it so far? Did you get the battery for it?

      • How did you install the front and back camera (are there 2 wires attached) and do they both still record when it is parked?

        • You run a cable from the cig lighter under the passenger glove box and into the lining near the door. Run it up and avoid the airbags, (if any) you need to make sure you dont impeed the airbag in anyway so i ran it in the rubber lining and went nowhere near the airbag. and right up to the roof. Then just tuck it onto the roof lining along the window seem.

          You run the 2nd wire that attaches to the front camera along the window top back to the passenger door side. Then ran it along the roof lining all the way along.

          It's actually so easy to do. Worked a charm on both of these i installed (ford ranger and holden colorado). If your worried just watch youtube videos. Life hackster has a great guide for installing.

          Im planning on hard wiring and bypassing the cig lighter that way i can use the parking mode.

  • how to get Apus $20 off Promo ?

  • For eBay Plus members, Viofo A119 V3 Quad HD $125.05 Delivered
    POLKA gives $13.90 off and stacks with $20 off at Apus Express.

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