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Seiko SARB017 Alpinist $593.25 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


This is lowest price this has been at for a while at Amazon. Cheaper than those new Alpinists. Price seems to fluctuate a bit - they had good prices on SARB033 and SARB035 yesterday but these have gone up a bit today. Hope this is useful to someone looking for one of these 'discontinued' watches.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    its a pretty watch

    i don't know if anyone else remembers the old Seiko ad's it used to go Sei..KO

  • +1

    That is a terrific price, I wish I was in the market.

  • +1

    This also qualifies for 12% increased cash back today too I assume!

    • cashrewards or shopback?

  • +3

    my dream watch. used to be around 250-300 before going discontinued. but now it is at least around 700$.

    • +2

      That’s not too bad. My dream watch is a breitling premier worth $12000.
      And unrealistic dream watch is a $8m vacheron constantin. I couldn’t ever afford that watch so I named my dog Vash instead.

      • +2

        Breitling make beautiful watches, personally I'm an Omega Speedmaster guy, I'm a sucker for a tool watch and the history of that watch and space exploration makes it even cooler. Though lately I've been eyeing the Sinn 104.011 as an achievable watch, and IWC make some awesome pilot style watches (But the prices make me cry)

        • I love the IWC watches very classic. And I’m a classic kinda guy

  • back up to $659.34 for me

    • Seriously still considering it even at this price given Amazons 12% cash back. Would cost approx $580.

  • +1

    Price has jumped now to $659.34 + free delivery

  • As some who owns this watch and uses it regularly, I highly recommend it.
    Great bang for back!

    • +6

      Great bang for back!

      Rather not go there…

    • Checking the time is free, vanity is not

  • Dang it! Missed it

  • I'm after this one too. But the price jumped up!

  • Oh wow, I was following an auction for that exact same watch on ebay, ended yesterday at $657.
    I feel for the buyer ah ah

  • +3

    Great watch, but even at 593 I think it's been way overpriced since it has been discontinued…

    • Wtf?

      • these used to go for around $350 but after they got discontinued you were looking at 650-700+ for one. It was great value at 350, not so much at double that.

        Granted it's probably worth as a collectors item these days, the alpinist series from the 90's are going for 1200+ in good nic.

  • This is a great watch I bought before discontinued for similar price sourced from Japan.

    This can be part of collectors and lovers collection

  • Was thinking to pick one of these up. Was a nice price but back up now. So fast….

  • Damn that went up really quick, I was keen to pick one up

  • Not sure what everyone is complaining about-even at $66.09 cents more it’s still a good price…


  • The new one has a different movement and is under the ProspeX range, so a little bit different.

    • +1

      Seiko could sell millions in the original design with black blue white dial etc.

      • Original is still the best looking. The PS logo on the new one just kills it for me and the magnifier too.

        • I agree with you but technically the original 1992 iteration of the Alpinist design (as we currently know it) had a cyclops magnifier as well

  • Positive reinforcement for anyone who purchased this:


  • +1

    the leather strap it comes with is quite rigid and most people i believe end up replacing it with stainless steel strap. decent looking one will cost 100+ extra

    • I can vouch for that, took a few weeks to break my strap in.
      But now it's broken in it feels pretty good.

  • Is this eligible for TRS?

  • +2

    You can get the SARB017 and SARB035 currently on Amazon Japan for a better price. ~$500
    Just use a shipping forwarder.
    They have been consistently restocking the SARB017/SARB033/SARB035 since they were announced to be discontinued.

    I wonder if they will continue to restock for much longer, especially for the SARB017, since the updated model is in circulation now.

  • The white and black in the new Alpinist range look amazing but close to $1000. I paid $380 for my Alpinist from this great deal back in the day. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/359754

  • Lost mine 3 weeks ago. :(

    Buy used, save money as good deals come up. I will be buying another one definitely

  • Dial reminds of being in a casino

  • $600 - does it do anything other than tell the time?

    • Lol, if you're asking the question, then you probably should look for a Seiko 5. Or a quartz watch.

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