This was posted 2 years 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung 860 Evo 1TB $160.65 + Delivery (+ $16 Cashback), TP-Link Tapo C200 (Twin) $99 + $5 Donation @ Wireless1


Another great option to buy this one at slightly cheaper price with 15% Off code 2020W1
Also, Do not forget 1% Cashback via Cashrewards.

Note : FREE Shipping option is available for minimum $250 spend sitewide

PS: A huge shout out to them for the awesome gesture to donate $5 from every sale until January 31 to the NSW Rural Fire Service. Well done.

Few more items at very good price.

Original Coupon Deal - Thanks to TA

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  • How's the tapo?

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      They're good for the price. Local recording only but the app works well and the camera quality is decent for the money. Picked these up in the last 2 for $89 sale

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        Do the cameras have a web interface you can view from a browser?

        Wanting to use them with a NAS that accesses the web stream.

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    $10.14 delivery to Springvale south, for Samsung 860 Evo 1TB, so total $170.80; slightly dearer than Centrecom one!

    • Hmm..It may vary.
      Standard Delivery $6.86 for NSW :)

      • It would have been $10.14 delivery to me in NSW, I guess I must be outside the metro area or whatever for the cheaper postage.
        This makes me feel a bit better about buying the centrecom one as the price is about the same. Shame I miss out on the $5 donation though.

      • this deal only slightly cheaper than the centrecom deal
        by $1.49 if choosing standard delivery

        BTW you should put the different delivery costs in the original post

    • I had ordered a QVO variant from centrecom. They sent me EVO.

      I did report it. Was a happy day for me. lol

  • So 970EVO is always m2 and 860EVO is always SSD?

    • There’s m.2 variants of the 860 evo

    • They are both SSDs but yeah, the 860 Evo is SATA-based.

    • 860 comes in 1tb and 2tb m.2 models.

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      The 860 EVO uses a SATA interface but comes in an M.2 or standard 2.5inch option.
      The 870 EVO uses a PCIe interface and only comes in an M.2 option.

  • Anyone has experience on the Tapo? Hows the video quality? Can you live stream the video (are they any timeouts, issues?)

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    Good job on the $5 per sale +1

  • Bought the 860 Evo from CentreCom just yesterday. CentreCom had free delivery and Wireless1's delivery fee is only slightly cheaper (less than a dollar difference) than the SSD + Paypal fee of CentreCom. Very nice that they're donating $5 to the RFS however.

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      Yeah. I'm not really sure how this deal is better than the 860 Evo 1TB's that have been posted before. They've frequently been on sale since June last year for around $169 (incl shipping)

      • The $16 cashback that's going on now makes it a little over $150.

    • Hi, can’t find this information so asking is connection by USB or wireless?

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        The connection is via SATA. Its an Internal Solid State Drive. the gold pins in this image is the SATA port on the drive. To connect it to the computer, you need to open the computer and put it in OR you can use a SATA to USB adaptor and plug it into a regular USB port.

        DO NOTE that if you do use this like an external harddrive, any non-tech savvy person will think its not working BUT with every new harddrive, you NEED TO partition it first using Disk Management for Windows or Disk Utility for Mac.

        If you don't know how to do this. Youtube is your best friend.

        • Great explanation, but too technical for me. I just need a basic 1Tb.

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    Long time thinking about getting the 860 1TB, finally pulled the trigger. Thanks OP

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    The deal posted above makes it $154 with Shipping ($5 more expensive )

    $149 & Free Shipping Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB - $16 CASHBACK (No Paypal fees) @

    The deal posted above is $1 dollar cheaper

    $154.95 (No Paypal fees) - Free Shipping - Samsung 860 QVO 1TB @
    The deal posted above is $1 dollar cheaper

    • 860 QVO is NOT 860 Evo.

      the difference between QVO and EVO is significant.

      • What's the difference? Also would this evo be good ssd for games?


    $99 twin pack at MSY for the TP-Link camera.

  • My NUC running windows media centre running bit noisy (fan I guess).. will this help reduce this noise if I replace my current spinning HDD?

    • It will remove disk noise but probably won't do much about case or CPU cooling.

      If you haven't already set your HDD to turn off in 1 minute to see what noise levels are like without disk noise.

  • Just bought the 1tb Evo 860 from centrecom on the weekend! fortunately for me I didn't miss out as with postage works out about the same price, but this is typical, as soon as I bite the bullet, offer codes!

    Glad I went with the evo over the qvo though as I usually keep too much data and large file transfers are what do for the qvo's sustained throughput once the cache tranfer is full (about 42gb).

  • Any special on 2TB Samsung EVO SSD?

  • Should I purchase now if I'm not building for a few months? Not sure…

    • +1

      Of course buy only when you need them.

  • I am in that site trying to buy the SSD. When do you add the discount coupon. when I added the item to cart, it want me to check out, but where is the place to apply the coupon code ? Someone please advise.

    • I think it's expired anyway

  • I think its expired? which is unfortunate as i was wanting to buy it. :/

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