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30% Off All Turtle Waxes & Car Polishes (Dry Spray Wax 769mL $10.99, Hyb Black Polish 473mL $15.99) @ Supercheap Auto


I think all turtle products are on sales from supercheap. 30% off.


I use this https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/turtle-wax-turtle-wax-hy...

From Turtle Wax Hyb;
-Produces incredible water beading & slickness for easy maintenance
-Provides months of durability and protection
-Premium carnauba wax adds a deep, glossy shine

Used this today for the first time. Goes on easy and definitely ands a slickness to the paint and a good boost in gloss. A little goes a long way. Plenty of reviews out there rating this product on par or better then much more expensive competitors.

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    How do you apply the Wax Hyb? Is it just after washing (car still wet) and using a chamois?

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      Wash and dry your car throughly.

      Using two good quality microfiber cloths. Put one to two sprays on per panel and spread with one cloth. Give it 30sec to flash off and then buff out with the other cloth to level out.
      For even better results give it min 12 hours to cure on the panels and then apply a 2nd coat.

      The hybrid seal and shine is a seriously underrated product, for the $ it is exceptional. You can use it to top off existing protection or on bare prepped paint. Its is also great on plastics and side and rear glass (dont apply it to the windscreen)

      Just a note, if you use too much it will be a right pain to level off and you will end up with stringy almost cob web like bits stuck everywhere.


    Hybrid seal n shine does wonders. With the water restrictions i have just used wolfgang rinseless wash and dirt just glides off thanks to hybrid seal n shine coating. Though i think it does attract a bit of dust, not sure how i fix that. But then i have faced this with every other wax product as well.


    Bought it after seeing this post. Must say I am impressed. Thanks.