HP Envy 34" Curved LED Gaming Monitor W3T65AA $699.00 + $9.90 Delivery @ ITVSN (P/M $799.00 @ Officeworks)


Was in office works today and notice they had about 5 units of the 34" LED Gaming Monitor W3T65AA on clearance was only on the website so would be Aus wide… at home and posting and noticed ITVSN also had it on clearance for only $699 so seemed like a good deal considering the next lowest price on staticice after officeworks is $1250 and cheapest on VIC for me was $1549!

Providing Officeworks info as still seems like a decent deal even if they don't price match and I don't know if ITVSN is worth buying from as only know them for their snake oil fitness machine s:)
As above they had about 5 in Bayswater VIC

Officeworks Description

This HP Envy Monitor provides an immersive experience thanks to its large size, curved construction and micro-edged design. It supports a WQHD resolution and a high contrast ratio so you can enjoy clear, rich imagery whether you're playing games, watching videos or working.
This monitor has a 34" display with a resolution of 3400 x 1440.
The monitor has a 100 Hz refresh rate with a 6.1 ms response time.
The contrast ratio of 3000:1 provides deep imagery.
You can connect to the monitor via HDMI.

Doesn't seem to have the best reviews from the first couple of google results but might suit someone looking for a large screen with 100hz

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    Honestly wouldn't touch it. Particularly since Officejerks are selling it. Rather drop to a 24-27" 144hz for the same price or cheaper.


    No VESA mounting support? yikes

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      As per the HP site:

      What's in the box

      AC power cord
      HDMI cable
      CD (includes user guide, warranty, drivers)
      USB cable
      USB Type-C™ cable
      DisplayPort cable
      Vesa mount bracket
      External power adapter
      L type screw driver


    is this 60hz? or 100hz?
    —> Resolution: WQHD (3440 x 1440 @ 60 Hz) ????

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    might as well as get a decent tv for this price

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      Depending on what you will be using the TV/monitor for, each has its benefits and draw backs. If you need it for gaming, overall, no TV will be able to beat a gaming monitor at this price point.


        …beat it in what way?

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          Don’t go in blindly for any TV, or Monitor. Check reviews and Benchmarks and figure if you need or want features. Rtings is a great starting point for beginners, and from there you can ask the right questions or look for alternatives.

          You will be looking at this for years and second guessing every time if you get a bargain without knowing the problems, especially if it’s Gaming / Office / Netflix / YouTube mixed use,

          a Gaming monitor might not work if you also need to edit video and photos. Or you prefer clean motion, and hate blur, jagged/dancing edges and tearing lines, etc.

          In the $500+ bracket for Monitors, you can get

          60Hz/100Hz/120Hz panels (maybe 144Hz/200Hz)
          2K 1080p, 1440p and 4K 2160p,
          flat/curved panels,
          1000:1 or higher deep contrast
          VA/IPS and the hybrid VA/SPVA/ TN panels

          But not everything at the same price point.

          Ultra wide, 1440p with 100Hz starts around this price bracket, IPS 27” etc. You can also start seeing the oddball features like, vertical orientation, thin bezel for multi-monitor, daisy-chaining monitors together with HDMI out, etc. but most often they have gamer features or RGB lighting, USB- C PD charging for laptops/Nintendo Switch, etc.

          However, you can get cheap 4K panels with HDR and 100Hz that have terrible internals as TVs, underpowered Android TV chips and no 4K Netflix/YouTube support that will work as big monitors.

          The problems with a 4K TV as a monitor is the burn in, refresh rates, no DisplayPort, and you also have Refresh rate locks, or odd video modes if you need 1080p or 1440p . Contrast can be meh, viewing angles can cause colours to appear washed out on really cheap TVs, colour balance can be oversaturated by default, and the biggest drawback, they’re slow. At Everything.

          Generic TVs sometimes have no ‘Gaming’ or fast input modes, so latency and frame bleed is usually intolerable for games

          since your input will be processed by slow and cheap/ obsolete image processing applying colour saturation, motion interpolation, HDR processing, etc. sometimes with 30-50-110ms latency which could be out of sync with audio or controls/mouse movements.

          There are benefits.

          A 4K 40” or 55” TV from say, hisense or Sony, Samsung can run Subnautica and feel absolutely like it should, deeply unsettling and huge, Sandbox games will feel immersive and rich.

          and you can push a 1080p or 1440p signal, which hopefully will be upscaled properly (or you need a more expensive GPU with 8Gb VRAM) to handle upscale and HDR / LUT processing on the GPU, which can run the game at higher resolutions like 4K HDR, but actually render at 800p, 960p or 1080p, which is how the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X manage 4K.

          For 1440p gaming, you have to balance more options, because of how GSync and Freesync is just more expensive, and you don’t get bargain options if you want quality, there’s compromises and quirks.

          Check reviews.
          Make good choices early,
          check out features in person, so you know what 144hz looks like if that’s what you want.
          Or how curved 1800 looks, how heavy the base/box is
          How useful ultrawide is, or the black borders on apps.


            @toliman: of course do research, its a jungle out there. the main problem i have with this 'gaming' monitor is it's kind of in the middle of no where, competitive gamers can opt for higher refresh/low latency, meanwhile at this price you can find better value in actual 4K TV's, and there are low latency/high refresh TV's now.


    144hz monitor for anyone game enough to try a slightly no-name brand. Was $550.10 but now going for $733