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SHARP Aquos S2 (C10) Mobile 4GB+64GB, 5.5", Dual-SIM, B28*, NFC, Android 8.0, USD $100 (~AUD $144) Shipped @ GearBest


4G/64GB, SD630 chipset, 140gm, 5.5" 2040x1080 IGZO display, NFC, dual-SIM, B28*, dual rear cameras, front fingerprint reader (can be nav button), USB-C, notification LED. B28* can be unlocked. 15-60 day shipping. No GST charged.

US$4 bootloader unlock here

Android 10 (LineageOS 17.1) firmware here

useful Android 8.0 add-ons when bootloader unlocked here (use Russian-English translator)


Whirlpool thread

xda developers thread

additional info in Russian
Check out the (huge) 4pda forum thread where the Aquos S2/C10 appears to be very popular

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  • +5

    I bought this during the first few deals…

    Happy with it.

    Cameras not AMAZING! But what do you want for a cheap phone?

    I changed last year from an iPhone 6s and haven't noticed any difference.

    If you are looking for a cheap phone - get on it!

    • 6s camera was better?

      • Dont remember…

        This camera is good but not great in low light. Also, not great on focusing on close things sometimes.

        This is just being picky imo - id rate it for 100$

      • Yes the 6S should have had a better camera

    • Has a Samsung S5k2l7 sensor found in a many phones. If you used modded Oreo 8.0 ROM then needed an autofocus fix.

      LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10.0) + GCAM works great.

  • +2

    I'll chime in that you can get a lot more phone with a Samsung A20/A30 for a similar coin.

    • Yes, 6.4" instead of 5.5", no notification LED, rear instead of front fingerprint sensor. Good luck finding a dual-SIM A20/A30 for $144.

      • +1

        If the notification led is the same size as the one on the Sharp Aquos S3 then it's pointless, it's so small you really can't see it during the day.

        Other than that it was an awesome buy for just under $200. Using it now to write this comment.

      • +2

        There is something to be said for local warranty and service, no 60 day shipping time, no having to flash custom roms and unlock the bootloader for b28.

        Yes your deal clearly has better specs, but it's not as clear cut as you make it out to be either.

        You say let's see a dual SIM a20/a30 f9r $144, let's see a few hundred upvotes on this post.

    • where are they sold at this price? they are above 180 at best. correct me if I am mistaken.

      • +1

        The A20 has been as low as $159 (Vodofone locked).
        The A30 has been as low as $179 (Optus locked).

        I own the Aquos S2 and it's still working just great (although its quite an old phone now, it was released at around $200), but my wife recently got an A20 and its camera set-up is much better.

        • Cheers for this. I'm down to the A20 or the TCL Plex. Anyone know the better camera between those two?

          • @tunzafun001: Honestly, I would go with the A20 just for Samsung warranty and support

          • +2

            @tunzafun001: Can't speak for the TCL Plex but the A20 offers a nice photo with adequate lighting, colours are a bit over-saturated as Samsung likes to do. The wide-angle lens is fantastic considering the price of the device, and many in my family were super impressed with this feature on such a budget device. The portrait mode works very well. Video is adequate but shaky as the A20 lacks image stabilisation.

        • The a20 has been as low as $150 Vodafone locked using the $50 off $200 spend at target from a previous deal, $159 without coupons.

        • I got JB to price match $159 on an unlocked A20 in Red because the Vodafone guy at a franchise store was offering me a price match and free unlock on the same phone (matched with BigW)

          He said that they don't stock locked versions and will happily sell me the prepaid phone with unlocked stock ?

          Vodafone Chatswood Westfield store near the Telstra store above the asian food market area.

    • Please supply link of these Samsungs at $144 or similar coin. One off price on Amazon boxing day does not count.

      • They are around this mark regularly. I didn't get one as I heard mixed messages about the GPS. Big W Vodafone starter pack is the place to keep an eye out for them cheap.

        • Not sure where the GPS issue came from. I haven't had any issues, nor anyone else i know with the same phone.
          Perhaps a bad batch?

      • I paid $154 for mine, so was a little miffed at the BigW price. But I had a gift card to use so all good.

        Note that the $144 was potentially $137 if you used discounted wish gift cards if that makes you feel better.

  • how do you buy it the link goes nowhere? does now sorry

  • +2

    A good phone, really comfortable in my hand as well. Was planning to use it for many years, but then I dropped it and cracked the screen. Haven't been able to find anywhere in Vic that can repair even if I supplied the screen.

    • +2

      Smart Station, Clayton 8555 9989 can do it if supply the screen. Though more cost effective to sell it as parts, get this C10.

      Agree with the feel. 5.8" Samsung S10E is a comparable size though it has a side mounted fingerprint sensor, dual-SIM are international versions and they're expensive.

      Considered a 6.1" Samsung S10 with it's in screen fingerprint sensor. Only pricey 512GB local is dual-SIM and it's power/volume are left side (they are moving to the right on Samsung S20).

      Haven't found a worthy S2 upgrade yet.

      • I got the Nokia 6.1 to replace an S2. Quite similar specs but much better built and updates are still being rolled out.

    • +2

      I found that the screen is very fagile.

      I've replaced the screen on mine. Followed a procedure on youtube. The supplied tape with the replacement screen is really not that adequate. It leaves gaps because it is supplied as strips whereas the original is a full gasket. I can understand why the replacement are strips. Everything has to be removed and the battery is taped down. I didn't do this when I replaced the screen so you can feel the battery moving inside.

  • +2

    Price isn't bad but there are no more updates (if that is a concern to you).

    • Same with the Sharp Aquos S3, it never received one update.

      • Sharp went out of business.

        • GSM Arena says their last model was released in Nov 2019 (Aquos V)

          I'm not complaining, I knew it wouldn't get any updates when I bought it.
          There were some great deals in April/May 2019 on the S3.

  • +1

    Been using mine for a few months now..
    Easy to use with one hand
    No bloat - essentially stock Android 8.0 (only custom app is the Sharp Camera app)
    Records 4k video
    Sharp Camera app is awesome
    Battery barely depletes when not in use
    Enjoying the front fingerprint reader instead of being at the back

    No official Android update - stuck with 8.0
    Low battery capacity (2700mah), but enough to get through the day
    Barely any customisations with the OS installed - I use the Apex launcher

  • Bit slow these days. I purchased one about two years ago and upgraded to a Nokia 7 plus. The screen is quite small with the notch counted as the screen size. The phone runs an old version of android as well.

  • I got this phone around 2 years ago. As soon as I connected to wifi, it updated its self to android 8.0 and apparently it had a Chinese ROM on it. There was no google stuff on it so I wanted to install a custom ROM it. I spent tremendous time to install custom ROM on it, however, no luck. According to XDA forum, when it's updated to Android 8.0, there is no way to install custom ROM anymore. It's better to check with the seller which ROM is installed on it before buying.

    • This Sharp C10 is the European release. It comes with Android 8.0 (00E0_2_140) out of the box which includes rounded top corners.

  • Did anyone buy one of these? Have you recieved your device yet?

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