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[QLD, NSW, WA] Free Cheese Toast (No Purchase Required) @ Sizzler


This year we are celebrating our Toast with the Most on National Cheese Toast Day, Saturday 18th January 2020 at all Sizzler restaurants.

From 11am – 2pm we will be giving out free Cheese Toast. No purchase is necessary!

We will also be offering you the chance to try our new Cheese Toast flavour!

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    all Sizzler restaurants

    There aren't many left!

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    Shooter! Wanna go to the sizzler and catch some grub?

    • +1

      How about red lobster?

    • +3

      No thanks, I've already eaten pieces of shit for breakfast.

  • +1

    Thank you!

  • I wish sizzler would do the world a favour and just sell out their locations to In-N-Out Burger

    • +1

      In-N-Out is so overrated, IMO. Chips are utterly disgusting too. Don't get me wrong the burger was fine, but just not as amazing as people made it out to be.

      • Chips are crap, and yeah given how Australia's burger game has improved rapidly over the last few years would be disappointing.

        Although in the states, can't go wrong with a double double for a couple of dollars.

    • +3

      Five guys is a million times better than in-n-out which is pure hype that I can't understand. As already mentioned, their chips are garbage even though they are peeled and fried right in front of you. Not sure how you can screw that up!

    • they're mostly going to become taco bells because thats what CFG owns

    • +6

      Fond memories of Sizzler when I was younger, when it was actually in Vic

  • -3

    on National Cheese Toast Day, Saturday 18th January

    It's on the 15th September

    • +1

      We're not the same nation as America.

      • Are you sure?

    • +3

      I'd like to see you recreate the cheese bread for the same price as this deal

  • +5

    Ozbargain meet up?

  • +4

    Oh Sizzler.

    I miss them.

    • +2

      It's weird having lived(still do) a few minutes from one my whole life, just to learn a lot of Australians don't actually have one near them or were assumed to be completely gone.

      • you cherish that sizzler

    • You're not missing out on much, the food is mostly terrible.

      Inedible burgers, overcooked spaghetti, wilted sad salads and everything has sugar added to it for some reason. About the only good things are the cheese toast and drinks machines..

  • +4

    Had a sizzlers breakfast in qld over Xmas felt like I stepped back into the 90s

    • Awesome! :D

  • +3

    They bulldozed my sizzler and turned it into a taco Bell last year :(

    • unfortunately the tacos are pretty average in australia. much better overseas for some reason

    • +1

      Annerley in Qld? That was my local sizzler too. Haven't been to TB cause it sounds terrible. There were queues for months after it opened.

      • Yeah Annerley was my local also. There's a much higher profit margin with Taco Bell so I can understand the reason for change but I've only been to TB once and the food was crap.

      • My one was in Townsville. The food wasn't that good but it was definitely better than taco Bell. Every time I went it bought back memories of being a kid going for special occasions. Once the novelty of having a new US food chain in town wears off I don't think it will stay open for long to be honest.

      • Decided to give Annerley Taco Bell the benefit of the doubt today and try again. Ordered beef and got home and found it was chicken. Went back to restaurant to get it changed and they gave out chicken again. Third time it came with no tomatoes. Fourth time after speaking to manager they finally got it right after throwing out 6 tacos. It was actually the best chicken Taco I've had but damn the effort was not worth it.

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      Ah yes my favourite Counting Crows song!!

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    Both sizzlers around my area are now a Taco Bell. Saddened.

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    If anybody wants the recipe it was posted on in 2015:

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    If you are in a state with no Sizzlers this is a great alternative from Woolworths:

  • I didn't think these still existed, apparently, there's still one in my area so i might as well, thanks.

  • +1

    I need to drive 40km one way for this, but free Sizzler cheese toast…..

  • So you could potentially get into a Sizzler with the free cheese toast, then use the buffet for free? Wait until the end of he promo at 2pm, stay in toilet for like 20 mins, come out and act like a paying customer…

  • Is it something special or it is just sliced bread with sliced cheese, grilled/toasted?

    Not criticizing, just to know if it is/was different to what I could toast at home, under the grille.

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