Logitech Z623 Speakers $127 (Shelf Price) @ Officeworks


Went in to price match with skycomp… $149

Turns out it was already pre-pricematched (marked down), although had 2 price tags on the shelf, 249 and 127

Upon enquiry, informed they get competitors prices through the day and update on the shelf

Thought this may be worth updating my mates at o/b

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    Price needs to be in title mate.

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    These used to be $99 from bing lee etc.


    Showing as $247 on Officework's Website.

    Based on your receipt, I'm assuming they forgot to remove the old price tag hence:

    Price Override Incorrect Shelf Edge Label


    According to the ow guy, the 247 was incorrect. Apparently the 127 went up today and they forgot to remove the old one


    Have a set of these speakers. Great for gaming/movies but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of music playback. Have to fiddle with my sound card's EQ but even then it seems too bassy (bass dial on 50%) and cuts off some of the higher frequencies. This is odd because my previous $50 Z4s were definitely better in terms of music playback. Just FYI.


    I bought this set from JB a couple of months ago (similar price which I thought was great).

    While the deal is good and worth it, I'm posting this because I can thoroughly recommend these speakers. The power output is great and the bass excellent. I enjoy a clean low bass rather than a boomy sound. As long as the bass control is not turned up much they perform really well. If you like lots of boomy bass, then turn the control higher. The submwoofer box is fairly large for under the desk and the cables shorter than I would like but I can live that.


    Ive seen these being sold second hand on facebook and gumtree for $120 up to $180 used.

    I had a good laugh as i bought my pair for $99.

    Tell em they're dreamin 😂

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