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$25 off and Free Shipping for $75+ Spend @ Boozebud


Not sure if targeted but had this promo code emailed to me. Pretty handy deal, was able to choose between some 4 hour delivery tomorrow (Melb Metro) as part of the free delivery.

My liver will thank me later

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  • Doesn't work for me.

    • same

      • may be extremely targeted in that case! If noone else has success soon ill remove/get mods to remove

        • +1

          No don't remove it, just tag it as a targeted deal.

  • Didn’t work for me :(

  • No love here either

  • Didn't work for me.

  • +1

    Got free beer free whisky and free shipping email only. min spend $70

  • Nope, doesn't work for me but then past emailed "targeted" offers haven't worked either!

  • +1

    I received it but with a different coupon code

  • Get free shipping but not the discount.

  • Yep just got email for same offer. Different code ofcourse

  • I’m obviously not a member of Club RV either!

  • +2

    I received code as well. Trying to use it, says code already been used

  • +3

    Yep, got the code but it doesn't work. Most likely because Boozebud already have an automated discount sitewide for free shipping for spending over $70, stacking of discounts is not allowed and there's no option to remove the sitewide free shipping offer.

    So this is a major stuff up for Boozebud.

    • I got a different code, and it doesn't work, it says it's already been used.

      • I had the same…after logging in and randomly changing the letter at the end of the code (E to C in my case) I got 10% off stacked with the free beer deal. Forgot to add the cashrewards though..

    • They fixed it now. Happy drinking!

  • +1

    I recieved the same offer but a different code. They might be on to us….. and no, I'm not sharing :)

  • Received a code, as above does not work as it has been 'already redeemed'..

  • Glad I wasn't the only one. Got a 20% off code that says it's already been redeemed..

  • +1

    Ouch… poor customer service from BoozeBud continues. Not a good look sending out a promotion with codes that don't work.

  • same here

  • Targeted. Got emailed a code and it’s different to yours so they could be unique codes.

    Also no free shipping to Tasmania so this is a pretty shit deal if you’re Tasmanian.

  • $15 off code CFLMX, If anyone wants it min spend $70

  • +1

    Yeah I got a different code too

  • Same deal, received the code but says it's already redeemed.

  • Yeah codes don't seem to work at the moment, my assumption is the free delivery or free beer promo is interfering.

  • Tried this morning and it went through with the supplied email code.

  • +4

    Hi OzBargainers,

    Unfortunately, OP was right and the campaign was targeted, which means that each individual received a unique code that could only be redeemed once.

    There was a minor problem where some unique codes weren't activating for users, but this has since been fixed. So if you received a code via an email, it should now work as intended!

    If not, there are a number of other awesome promotions active that you can jump into.

    • Sitewide Free Shipping for all orders $70+
    • Free 6-Packs of Red Ale for orders that contain $60+ of select craft beer (while stocks last)
    • Free 200mL Bottles of Johnnie Walker Black when spending $80+ on select spirits (while stocks last)

    And much, much more.

    Happy bargain hunting!

    - BoozeBud

    • Yep just got email saying code is now sorted. Thanks

    • Hey BoozeBud,

      Just made an order and the Free 6-Packs of Red Ale was showing on checkout but missing form the invoice. Whats the deal?

      • Hi Bongo007,

        Sorry to hear! If you contact our Customer Service team they'll make this right as soon as possible.

        You can find them here: https://www.boozebud.com/account/support/contact


        • So this happened to mine and my wife account trying to order. She ordered yesterday for delivery once the code worked. Waited within the given time. Noone arrived but it is marked as delivered. No contact details after hours to resolve or track the issue?

    • I haven't made a purchase since the $18.90 postage. I know what a bottle of scotch costs to send, not $18.90. So country guys are really getting short end of stick, metro get $25 off plus standard postage off. Country postage stays at $18.90, not even a discount?

      • Yeah I live in metro Tasmania and am excluded from free shipping which is odd because I have never been excluded from free shipping promos anywhere else.

    • So what is the basis for the targetting? I expect members who haven't bought much for some time? Which would explain why I've not seen one… I checked my spam too. Oddly it has been some time since I've seen any email from boozebud (other than the shopping cart saved). I checked my account too and I am set to get emails / newsletters.

  • Not seeing too many bargains.. prices seem inflated to begin with. I saw Hoegaarden for $49 on CUB eBay last week but on Booze Bud it is a whopping $63.99

    • $63.99 minus $25 isn't cheaper than $49?

      • Minimum $75 spend to get the $25 off!

        (I didn't neg you!)

      • Yes, but a waste of the voucher. Also $75 minimum spend as above (just add a $11 bottle of wine) Anyway they were happy to price match for me so I got a good deal in the end. I used to buy this beer all the time for around $40 at an independent, $64 is a joke.

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