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Creality Ender 5 Plus | 35*35*40cm Build Size | Auto Resume $747.96 Delivered or Pick-up @ 3D Printers Online


Twisted the boss's arm!!! Creality Ender 5 PLUS… for $747.96.. Insane Price & Local stock… Including express Shipping Australia wide.
Pickup is available from our show at Quakers Hill in Sydney. Order online to secure your pickup.

Use code OZB-CR5PLS-15OFF at check out.

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  • Does this one have thermal runaway protection enabled? I know the Ender 3 didn't and caused some fires.

  • This or the CR-10S?

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      Prusa i3 mk3s

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        Sure if I could get one for under $1k

      • prusa ftw!

      • How much can you get a Prusa i3 mk3s for in Australia though, including delivery?

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          With our not great exchange rate, the cost of shipping, and the annoying 10% GST AND the fact that they ship via DHL which slugs another $250 of "admin charges" on top, you're not looking at much change from $1500. That being said, I have one and the only way I could justify it was to have a holiday in USA when they were doing free shipping and then carry it back in check-in luggage!

  • The Ender 5 is regularly $400 (AU stock with free shipping) on eBay. What are the main differences with this version?

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      Enter.5 Plus has a much bigger build volume and BLTouch levelling sensor over the regular Ender 5. The plus is definitely a significant step up. Of course you already knew this because you bothered to follow the link to the deal where all that is outlined.

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      I wondered the same thing. Came across this website.


      Seems like its bigger, better made, quieter, more accurate and has some thermal protection

      • The original Ender 5's most recent firmware enabled thermal runaway protection

        I've got the ender 5, brilliant printer…

        Ender 5 silent board is $50 and auto bed levelling another $80 so in effect you're paying $250 over the ender 5 for bigger build volume and a glass bed (not to mention an updated model).

        I'd stick with the Ender 5, print volume is awesome…bigger build volume on the Plus is great, but the same results can be achieved by printing in split parts i guess. Depends on what you want to print - 350 x 400 is pretty huge unless you intend to print your own iron man or darth vader helmets! (hmmm….)

        Either way, awesome printers - 5 or 5'plus - all good

        • Genuine question to a current user… this is a lot of money to spend
          Can this printer print an object like the illustration globe without supports in reality?
          I have a Tevo black widow that has a similar build volume. I can’t get the auto level to work but not a deal breaker… the constant need for supports and occasional filament run away for a room full of spaghetti in the morning are annoyances…

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            @wiggam: Good question, i've printed things like a Millennium falcon that was 170mm high and it fell over 3 hrs into a print. A sphere would be very tricky unless you did it real slow.

            Having said that, i've printed most things on my ender at 100mm/sec speed and its fine but im always wary of things that might fall over or turn to spaghetti.

            If you are going to print 350x400m volume - thats gonna be a 12-18 hour print, better make sure it works if you are committing that much print time to a print.

            I reckon you could print the globe, but you might have to put a brim at the base when you print it for additional stability.

            re: Auto levelling, i dont have it on mine…just manually do it every 3-5 prints…i dont see the big deal in not having it. I also printed the stability arms on the ender for the ender too and it works great.

            • @dogzilla: Thanks for the detailed review. Great insight into Ender range.

              Looks like an application to my CFO for upgrade

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            @wiggam: Much has improved since the launch of the Black Widow almost 4 years ago. Below $750 the Ender 5 Plus is also on par in relation to cost. Note the Ender 5 Plus is a Core XY design whereas as the Black Widow is a cartesian style. Core XY 3D Printers are known for their improved stability and accuracy. Yes supports would be recommended for a model such as the moon lamp pictured. A brim at the very least. The only spaghetti one should enjoy is the one that can be eaten! Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

  • Seems to be 15% off…

  • Any interesting things I can do with it? I see people on youtube mostly printing figurines or spare parts, which seems helpful but hasnt pushed me over to buy one. Do you do any demonstrations at your Quakers hill store?

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      If you do any hobby projects - owning or accessing 3D printer brings your hobby to the new level. Minimal 3d design skills in free software and you can make almost anything.
      Here you can see demonstration of my project: folding motorcycle mirrors https://youtu.be/rLtCezu5tTA. I used 3d printer to make casing for the mechanism.

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      You can print everything in https://www.thingiverse.com/ which may entertain you for a week or 2 and then if you're like me it will go in the garage and you won't use it again. I haven't printed anything on mine since 2017, and that was when I was in to drone (quad) racing and needed parts. TPU makes awsome landing pads.

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      Thank you for your comment. You are very welcome to visit our showroom for a demonstration. Please be sure to contact us beforehand to schedule a time πŸ‘

  • Finally bit the bullet on a 3D printer, had to check a few things so messaged the company first thing this morning and got a reply very quickly so that is a positive.

    Hopefully printer arrives nice and quickly and i can start playing around with it.

  • @OP; Software =-cura、 Repeti-Host、 Simplify 3D

    So it comes w/ a full version of Simplify 3D 4?

  • @3D Printers Online does it come w/ the glass bed?

    • Sorry missed this question. Yes it comes with a super flat glass bed which has a special surface to promote adhesivity. Creality have named it "carbon glass".

  • which Controller Board version do the units you're selling come with; v1.3, v1.4 or v2.1?


    • Board is V2.2. Creality provide their own slicing software which can be downloaded via the SD card provided. Cura is another popular option. Simplify3D is a 3rd party "paid" software and can be downloaded via the official website. Cost is USD$149 πŸ™‚

      • I already confirmed w/ your store, who confirmed w/ Creality it has the noisy V1.1.4 main board, not the new v2.1. No idea what the v2.2 board is.


        • The default board that comes with the Ender 5 Plus is V2.2 (latest available board). The silent board you may be referring to is an "optional" upgrade however we do not currently keep in stock. The version of the silent board if you are interested is V1.1.5. Hope that clears things up 😊

  • Any upgrades for it to print multi colours? extruder upgrade?

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      The Ender 5 Plus is open source. Many options available if you wish to upgrade extruder/hotend. Note we supply these units stock for warranty purposes. Best option available if you do not wish to modify your 3D printer would be to adapt a 3rd party multi colour splicing technology πŸ™‚

      Check out the latest Palette 2S Pro from Mosaic; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64auPNfG4HY

  • Damn, figures I'd finally have the money to buy a 3d printer and i miss the sale on the one i wanted by a couple of weeks… oh well, good reviews on it so I'll just have to keep hunting.

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