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DeLonghi Dedica Espresso Machine Black EC685BK $199 @ The Good Guys


I have been shopping around for one of these since i missed out on the boxing day deal - Its not the cheapest its been,but seems to be a good price for this machine given that most other places have it priced at over $200 at the moment (e.g. JB Hi-Fi selling it for $249)

Enjoy a morning cup of authentic-tasting espresso at the perfect temperature and with the perfect crema on top with this DeLonghi Dedica Manual Coffee Machine's EC685BK Thermoblock technology and 15 bar pressure. Create cappuccino's and cafe lattes with ease thanks to the adjustable Cappuccino System with milk frother to perfect your milky coffee favourites with a rich, smooth froth. With the three included filters, you can make one or two cups using ground coffee, or use the E.S.E pod method (Easy Serving Espresso) for greater versatility when time is short. It features simple push-button controls, a removable drip tray to cater for tall mugs and glasses, a 1.1 litre water tank for easy cleaning and filling between uses, and a cup warmer up top so you can enjoy sipping on a hot coffee for longer. With this DeLonghi espresso coffee machine's compact design, you can easily make it fit any space

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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  • Not even close to a bargain.

    • Compared to standard RRP and other prices going around its a good price. I got the Amazon $149 on Boxing day, id gladly pay $199 for the machine knowing how good it is- its unreal.

      • Yep, I've got one and it's a good machine. I paid $116 for it from Amazon. That was a bargain.

        • I got one of these for $199 a while ago and thought it was a good price at the time because I wanted it in black. I could never quite catch a black one on Amazon it only ever seemed to be the red and silver on sale.

          What beans have you guys found taste the best so far?

        • Lol you got a really good price - as i said in my comment on deal, this isn't the cheapest it has been. but it might be useful for people that missed out on those deals (like myself).

        • Fair enough I think there is a hell of a lot worse "bargains" listed than this. It was stated it's not the best price.

          You got yours at a steal not a bargain mate :)

      • Since when is 'compared to standard RRP' in the spirit of ozbargain? This thing was $150 at amazon a while ago and most stores selling this $199 normally.

    • While you're probably right, I think you got negged because this comment doesn't really help anyone.

      As you've revealed in your other comments, you got this machine for $116 from Amazon in the past. If you had've led with that info, maybe told people that if they weren't in a rush they could probably do a lot better than $199 elsewhere, that would've been quite helpful.

      Seeing as you've already got the machine and been through the bargain-hunting process already, this is a good opportunity to share what you know.

  • just for a reference i got mine from amazon for 78.99 aud in 2018. not saying u can get this price all the time, but that's how low price this machine can go.

  • This site is not about 'finding the lowest price ever', but finding the bargain at the current time.

  • Great machine. We make about 6 cups a day through outs and have had it four years. E even dropped it once taking it over to Straddie. Still fires well and makes a great brew with the Breville Smart Pro Grinder. Also plenty of YouTube vids on using it and descaling etc.

  • I've had this machine for a couple of years and it makes a decent brew with the Lavazza Oro ground coffee (gold packet). Only downside is it doesn't produce as much crema as other machines I have used.

  • Got this on Boxing Day. Was unsure after I read some bad reviews online but from personal experience. This makes a really good coffee. The milk frothed is not that great but still learning how it works.

  • Paid $117 for mine 2 years ago and has been a beaut. Just paired with a grinder at Xmas time.

  • Bought mine for 225 and it's worth it!

  • Also for $199 @ David Jones

    Being their meanie self, they change the product code (use b instead of BK) to avoid price match or similar if ever happens. Which is stupid as the manufacturer Delonghi labels this with a BK

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