SanDisk Ultra Dual USB-C/USB-A 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB $29 (OW $27.55) + Delivery (Free Pickup) @ Centrecom


Flash drive with USB-C (e.g. Android) and USB-A, with USB 3.1 for faster data transfer, onto flash drive and then option also to PC. Wanted something for photo/video back-up (not micro-SD that can be lost with phone if kept in SIM tray). OW price-beat successful for $27.55

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    Isn't this the one that gets too hot to touch?


    From what I recall about this, it's not the fastest drive on the planet, if you're after something half quick.


    *Up to 150MB/s read speed.
    I have the 64GB version and like it, quick enough for me. Handy for transfers between phone and TV etc.

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    This is a heap of shit. DONT BUY.

    The plastic trigger you push to swap between usb ports does not have enough resistance. Consequently when you insert it into a pc the bloody drive retracts into it's shell. I have to force a pen under the trigger to keep it in place and stop the drive from retracting. The trigger is flimsy and using a pen will probably break it soon.

    I've only inserted it a few times. It's not wear and tear, it's bad design.

    It's a widespread problem if you read reviews.

    I'm sick of sandisk continuing to produce drives with known engineering faults. I need a reliable alternative.

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