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Cotton Work Pants $4.95 + Delivery @ Workwear Hub

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Workit - Cargo Taped Pant

Workit - Cargo Work Pant

Workit - Cargo Cotton Work Pant

Workit Cotton Work Pants 90% discount down to $4.95 at Workwearhub. Shipping is $9.95 flat rate. Many sizes are available at the moment.

10DISCOUNT coupon on purchases $30 and over gets #10 discount (or technically covers the 9.95$ flat rate shipping) .

For anyone getting anything delivered to Melbourne CBD - please message me directly as i'd like to request joining forces to purchases that would get free delivery thanks :)

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  • +3

    87R sold out. The struggle is real for average blokes.

    • +1

      For regular blokes*

    • +4

      another 5 yrs on Ozbargain will fill you out.. plan ahead

    • The struggle is real for average blokes.

      ? sizes go up to 132s …

    • +2

      87R sold out. The struggle is real for average blokes.

      try being a woman trying to buy workwear

      • Mans job, mans cloths girlie…

        wait wut?

      • +1

        and try finding a women's variant that doesn't have (profanity) pink all over it.

        looking at you, Mechanix, and your ugly-ass pink-grey galah gloves.

      • dont worry 82 gone to. i gots a tiny waist!

      • Just buy male workwear, we're all just human, it's not that different and we don't need to gender everything (or anything really).

        • +1

          it's just that sometimes the sizes don't go small enough to suit some female physiques. e.g. i have small hands and feet; hard to find gloves in mens sizes that go small enough. i need an xs for most gloves and stores don't stock it as it's not in demand.

          • +1

            @tdw: @tdw same; can never find gloves that fit, so can't get feeling in fingertips, which is the most essential part of a glove

        • +1

          @hc really really does not work for pants

          women's bodies can be shaped significantly differently to men's

          in the hips / waist / butt / thigh / groin area

    • Average? I could only squeeze into 87s when i was under 80kgs lol

      • What's the s stand for??

        • -1

          Usually 'slim' fit.

        • +1

          S in the context of workwear it means 'Stout' which means shorter arms, legs and/or torso

          (they are always still massively long on me and i have to tailor them)

          L means Long - longer arms, legs and/or torso

          and R means Regular - which means arms legs and torso in between

          so it depends not only if you are short, average or tall, but also which parts of you are;

          for example some people have long legs and a short torso - so they are not taller than average, but if they are buying pants they need an L

        • in-seam leg length; (S)mall 28 inch, (R)egular 30 inch, (L)ong 32 inch

  • +1

    click and collect is free, however only store is in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. Just ordered 8 pairs, click and collect with the $10 discount for a grand total of $29.60. Hopefully they fit!

    • did not see a click and collect option at all. may be create a account first ?

      • +1

        i didn't have to create an account.. The click and collect option came up for me once i had entered my postal address, and I am guessing it was proximity based as i am only 15 minutes from Burleigh heads, so it gave me the option.

  • 10DISCOUNT code for $10 off first order which would pay postage but I don't really want seven.

    There were similar styles with more sizes on clearance page.

    • which is why i suggested join forces in purchasing ;) that way if you can state where you're located - maybe someone here wants some too.. i'm in melb and i've joined with another dude to purchase

  • Works nicely with Richie Benault's jacket

  • +1

    Order more than $30 worth and with the 10DISCOUNT code it is free shipping.

    Fantastic post!!!!!

  • +1

    just bought them with ozbargain spirit and realised i work in IT. oh well , should find a use for them now.

    • +2

      I smell a change of career coming!

    • I thought IT guys liked work/cargo/tactical pants? Or are you not the tactical IT guy at your workplace?

  • don't forget cashrewards (if you're not using the coupon code)

  • Bought 7 pairs for 34.75 delivered. Worth a punt! Haha even if they are ugly colour.

    • December 2020:
      That Jugganautx is a bit odd.
      Ye, and he she or it seems to have been wearing the same pair of pants all year.

      • +3

        In construction we're all just minions that look the same lol

      • So just recieved these today…

        These things are hugeeee.. even for 97R… looks like they are made for 6ft 4 120kg person.

        Shame. Time to sell on gumtree lol

    • you can dye them black. 100% cotton usually takes dye well.

      • and with some dye remover first you can dye them any colour you want

  • Thanks, I just bought one pair.

  • Workit short 77r are on special as well

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