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Ubiquiti Wholesale Pricing - 12% off RRP Store Wide, eg. UniFi Dream Machine $526.26 @ UBWH


The UBWH Australia retail website is down undergoing server maintenance. We have opened up our wholesale website,, to everyone. Min. order quantity is waived. Order 1 or many. Simply create a free account and login to see the low prices. Save 12% on Ubiquiti RRP (displayed prices). Postage and payment fees apply. Tip. For 0% payment fee, use our new EFT payment option which process within 10 minutes. Orders placed before 10.30WST dispatch same day.

This deal will close once the UBWH server is up and running, or 10pm WST Friday. Whichever is later.

Example deals:

UAP-FlexHD - $273.09
USW-24-POE - $606.16
NS-5ACL - $72.26

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    I'm waiting on the UDM PRO :(

    • Me too, have been close to getting the USG PRO but have been holding out. Hopefully soon.

    • Do we have any idea of UDM PRO price?

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        Early access price was $379 USD.

        • Thanks.
          Here is my math. :)
          UDM was $299 USD in Early Access store.
          So for UDM Pro…
          598 / 299 * 379 = 758.

          So based on my speculations RRP of UDM Pro might be $750 AUD.

  • Can vouch for the service. Oh wait, no VV’s

    Shame my sneaky stash is empty :-(

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    Min. Order Qty: 6

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    Min. order quantity is waived. order 1 or 100 :) Simply create a free account and login.

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      Please update the description to include otherwise it’s a big turn off

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        Thanks for the hint. updated.

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    Is there any Wifi 6 products available that you would recommend? I often keep my gear for many years and I plan to upgrade soon but would like to invest in Wifi6, WPA3, triband and if possible 6Ghz (although I don't think that's possible just yet) to help future proof things as much as possible.

    • Hi, 4 x 4 MIMO is the highest Ubiquiti do at the moment, UAP-AC-HD. Nothing showing in their "early access", but i wouldn't say never. They will eventually bring wifi6 to market at a cheap price.

      • Hi Jakeh,

        Thanks for the reply, I'm not in a rush and still in early stages of research so might work out well in the end as I've read good things about Ubiquiti's system.

  • I have an ER-X at the moment but want to run a VPN on the router in my home. What device would you recommend for a small home network that can run a VPN with no speed interference.

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    Seems average to me.

    I purchased my Dream Machine for $509.15 from Wireless1 eBay, not sure what the best price has been recently.

    • These are wholesale prices. UDM at wireless 1 is currently $545 plus post. With these ebay deals products sometimes get sold below cost due to ebay funding a portion of the sale.

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        Thats correct, I'm just pointing out that simply waiting for an eBay sale is likely the better option as 10%, 15% or 20% off is common.

        • -1

          I hope ebay bring back the 20% off :) surely it will be "Eligible items" that cannot be found.

  • how long does BPay take to be verified?

    • 1-3 days for bpay. EFT is processed within 10 minutes with transferwise

      • yeah I realized when I paid that I used the wrong one… oh well, I can wait!

        • If you pay by EFT now, i can refund the BPAY payment when it comes through it you like.

          • @Jakeh: It's alright, as long as I get the cheaper price :)

            • @snowl: Too easy. Of course you get the locked in price. You could even order today and pay in 2 weeks. Once an order is placed it reserves that stock for you.

              • @Jakeh: How long does it hold for?

                • @Schema: Depending on the product. If we have lots of stock i can hold for up to 4 weeks. If low in stock 2 weeks. In saying that if you are genuine i can make allowances.

                  • @Jakeh: Do you happen to know the RRP of the UDM Pro when it comes out? I'd rather order a few switches at this discount and have the few items shipped out together.

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                      @Schema: all items will need to be ordered together. I suggest when the UDM-Pro (US$379 + HDD) comes out give me an email and i can apply this discount for you. Note. Orders over $2,000 always get this discount at

                      • @Jakeh: Ah no worries, Appreciate it mate :) - I'll hit you up when it launches.

                      • @Jakeh: Wait! Are you saying we will be able to get 12% off UDM Pro once it's available? ;)

                        • +1

                          @SickDmith: At UBWH, orders over $2,000, always. When we can source a decent amount i can offer the 12% off to you. Depends on how many Ubiquiti issue us (sometimes they cannot fullfill our complete order).

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    Seems to be more expensive than eBay on the few items I checked.

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    what is this for? similar to Google HOme?

  • Cheapest shipping to me in NSW (Non-Sydney city) is $27.03 which ends up being more than most other shops for a $535 order so deal is killed for me.

  • not to be ungrateful…
    but was hoping for pricing similar to this deal for the UAP-AC Pro V2

    Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-PRO-V2 $165

    Am i missing something as to why this is 50$ +Shipping more? :|

  • Very disappointing prices..