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[NSW] 50% off The Full Price of Entry for Adults, Children and Concessions @ Taronga Zoo


The Taronga team have been working around the clock to help an unprecedented number of injured and displaced wildlife as a result of the recent bushfire and drought crisis. We are providing critical care in our Wildlife Hospitals, in the field and even in our own homes.

To give families the chance to see and learn about how Taronga is helping some of Australia’s most iconic species while also raising much-needed funds to support our Wildlife Crisis Appeal, we’re offering a big discount on Zoo entry!

For the remainder of these school holidays receive 50% off full priced Adult, Child and Concession tickets to Taronga Zoo Sydney when you purchase tickets online using the promotional code SAVEWILDLIFE

As a proud not-for-profit conservation-based zoo, when you choose to visit Taronga, you are choosing to save wildlife.

Don’t miss out - discounted tickets will only be valid for redemption from 18 January to 7 February 2020.

Terms and conditions

Discount is available only when promotional code SAVEWILDLIFE is entered when purchasing tickets online via taronga.org.au and is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer applies to full-priced at-gate Adult, Concession and Child tickets only and applies to Taronga Zoo Sydney only (not available for redemption at Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo). Strictly valid for sale and redemption between 17 January to 7 February 2020 only.

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  • Not sure how collecting less money saves more wildlife, unless they more than double visitors?

    • Similar to loss leader strategies. Promoting wildlife, animals etc. to more of an audience which will in turn drum up more donations and visits in the future.

    • I care about wildlife so much I went on my birthday for $1.

      Except the lady charged me $2 since I paid by card.

  • +20 votes

    never happened before, half price promo..
    probably, just made up some excuses, most likely less traffic now due to the recent competition…

    Sydney Zoo | Sydney Zoo | Bungarribee Super Park, Western …

    • Not sure why people negged you.

      You are correct, Taronga is salty that they do not have a monopoly on zoo's anymore (featherdale was a blip for them). Now they have competition from Sydney Zoo and are forced to become competitive.

      • yeah. very obvious . just search ozb there were hundred posts asking discounted TZ tickets and people are lucky to get 10% off and now suddenly, 1 month after SZ open, whaoalaaa 50% off….

        • 40% off last year.. this isnt new.. If you read their website and other comms from govt etc (Fed gov gave them 1 million dollars to help save wildlife after the fires) and they need profits to continue that - the fed money wont last long.. nothing wrong with an org like this wanting to share the message is there? I know we do it where I work also (in another NFP).

      • -19 votes

        Sydney Zoo is nowhere near Sydney.

    • I got tickets same time last year at 40% off. I'd think fires would have had a big impact of late

    • I bought them on 40% off last year so its not that new

  • Makes no sense.
    Smells like they are exploiting the tragedy.
    Zoos play an import science role, but how many of the billion animals killed are they saving?

  • As a proud not-for-profit conservation-based zoo, when you choose to visit Taronga, you are choosing to save wildlife.

    can someone enlighten me how putting animals in cages with little space is saving wildlife?

  • Definitely using this offer to make it look like they are caring more than they normally do for the wildlife when really they want people to forget about that new zoo in the western suburbs.

  • Got a Taronga zoo pass last year and have been 4 times. Went there last week on a cool Saturday, perfect zoo weather in the school holidays and I’ve never seen the place so quiet. Every other time I’d been there was before the opening of the new zoo. Think the new zoo has affected crowds pretty dramatically.

    • I know people who work at both zoos. Sydney Zoo doesn't have all their animals yet (lots of empty exhibits but they opened anyway because they were so far behind schedule), and is quiet AF during the week. Most tourists don't want to venture out west.

      • Thanks for the heads up. I've been planning to check it out, but might wait a bit longer until they get more animals in

  • $50 for 2 adults after 50%.

  • So free internet is great, bank promo's are great, anything but Australian animals is great - easy to see why there's a billion dead animals, and the hellfires are here to stay

  • Just send me a koala! I'll give it TLC ♥

  • Good 1st post 👋

  • Just purchased the tickets, it says valid for six months with 15 July, 2020 as expiration date on the tickets. Not sure, how redeeming tickets by 7 Feb, 2020 comes into action?

  • Not valid for family tickets " Taronga Zoo - Family 2 Adults & 2 Children " @ $124.80 . Still higher than Sydney western zoo normal price at $99.

    • You're doing it wrong facepalm

    • You add them separately as adults and kids.
      This deal works out well if you have a child under 4 but over 2.
      Sydney zoo counts children over 2 as a ticket.
      Went last week, very convenient. Some animals weren't there. Taronga is bigger and nicer to walk around. But Sydney zoo is easier to cart around a bunch of kids as it's all flat and relatively small.

  • Anyone notice it's not 50% off online… wonder if at the gate it's 50% off.

  • Its not full 50% off. I added 2 Adults + 1 child and it gives discount of $50.80 from total of $114.30.

    • I think the discount was computed from its original price without the less 10% price. The total price prior to the 50% off is the discounted 10% ($114.30).

  • Is this Sydney Zoo?

  • zoos will be the only place to see Australian animals soon because the mindless yank loving drones here have made sure that the Australian ecosystem is all burnt to a crisp.

    superbowl's coming and u can all celebrate and toast the extinctions at half time.

    note to tourist industry - employ those lying creeps employed by the liberal party to get re-elected to sell packages to see the destroyed areas - I'm sure you can do it. Maybe build some monuments to which extinct species used to live there, and give free internet to stream online.

  • Can anyone confirm if the expiry date is indeed 7th Feb or will be the July date as implied by tickets received by some ozbargainers already?