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15% off Travel Insurance Policies @ Tick Travel Insurance


This previous deal is back. Expiry date unknown.

From the previous deal:
Tick are one of the cheaper travel insurance providers, yet currently one of 3 policies recommended by Choice and underwritten by Mitsui Sumitomo, and they get mostly decent reviews on ProductReview, especially when you dig deeper into reviews from people who have made claims.

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Tick Travel Insurance
Tick Travel Insurance



    Any ozbargainers have experience with them?

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      Took out insurance last year with them but didn't claim anything reviews I read were good.

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      I broke my leg while snowboarding in Japan and had them as insurance. They paid for all medical expenses while over there and booked me on a business class flight home. So positive experience from me


    Thanks op, this looks like a very cheap option for me going to Thailand. The most basic level of cover is half the price of any other discounted insurance I've found so far.


      It also has the absolute lowest amount of coverage I have ever seen.

      If someone unexpected happens you will get $0 back if you have to cancel or head back part way through
      If the trip is delayed anywhere, $0 to cover additional costs
      If your phone, laptop etc is stolen or lost, $0

      These are some of the main things people get insurance for. For literally $7 more you could claim up to $5000 back if you have to cancel, and you would absolutely hate yourself if you cost yourself that much money because you cheaped out over $7.

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        "If your phone, laptop etc is stolen or lost, $0"

        I don't understand, there are four levels of cover, with the top three levels paying up to $1000,$2000 and $3000 respectively for replacement of electronic items.

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          Was also confused by the comment at first but it seems it was in response to Dungeon Master specifically mentioning "The most basic level of cover", which indeed only comes with some extreme basics.


        Sure theres lots of what ifs, but medical is the biggest and most likely risk.


    thanks. ordered for a japan trip.
    very inexpensive.


    Wow they are cheap! Half the price of 1Cover to Port Douglas for two people. Almost too good to be true…


    They are cheap, I have used them before. It would be good to hear from someone who has made a claim though, as all cheap deals are great when things go well.

    It bugs me when I see people on TV ads spruiking how great an insurance company is ("I saved $x', etc) when some companies are an absolute nightmare to deal with when something goes wrong (looking at you, Real Insurance).

    Edit: Having said that, I am going to use tick again for my trip in August this year.


      I’ve booked through Tick for my last two trips to Japan and again for upcoming South Korea. Would be good to hear someone’s experience claiming.

      Sometimes you can try random numbers to see of there is an active code. Used this code before it was posted.


      When you say Real Insurance, were you taking about an experience you had with their travel insurance product in particular or something else?


      Wrote above but broke my leg while snowboarding in Japan off piste on a guided tour (which some places don't cover).

      They paid for all my medical expenses and organised and booked a business class flight home on Qantas. Was all relatively easy


    Wow - just got a very good quote from them.
    Will probably go with this once I book if its still a live deal.


    Hoping to hear from anyone who had to claim with them. I was looking at the 1Cover plans yesterday, as is the case these plans only show their value when you need to make a claim.

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    Used to work here however will try to remain as unbias as possible. Note: Tick is also handled by the same people as InsureandGo

    - They do follow up on claims usually quite quickly. Whilst it might take time to settle they follow up quickly for the first point of contact
    - claims handled in sydney (seen with my own eyes). When raised to higher authority it is to managers in sydney who speak proper english.
    - They pay claims quickly if they are standard issues and all documents are provided.

    - rigid with PDS (but so are other places)
    - different claims people are inherently better than others so you might have to escalate the issue if you dont get the correct response the first time.
    - main issue is excess for me since its a per person per section per incident excess. (Most are not like this)

    E.g. you have a medical issue and your flight is therefore cancelled you will pay excess on flights being cancelled and on medical bills.

    If you have a family of 4 travelling and uour flights cancelled you pay exces x 4

    If 2 separate flights are cancelled for different reasons you also pay excess twice

    OTHERWISE - I personally reveived no staff discount whilst buying insurance and as a money savvy student i still bought with Tick.


    can't see where to apply the code. Anyone?

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      Need to input it in the 'promotional code' box at the beginning when you key in details for a quote

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    Still 7% cashback from shopback even with the use of promo code!


    Thanks just bought it with 7% cashrewards cashback. :)