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Decent stud finder including metal & power

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Automatic calibration with 3 detection modes: studs, metals and live/non-live cables for maximum safety
Average operating life time of 5 hrs and automatic switch-off after 5 minutes to save power
Soft ergonomic rubber grip with illuminated display
Centre indication in drywall and metal modes
Comes complete with pencil and protective bag
The Bosch GMS 120 Professional Detector allows you to safely and accurately detect the most frequent materials with absolute reliability. The GMS 120 detects studs, metals and live wires up to 12cm in depth in drywall, brick and concrete (depending on the surface and complexity of the detection). This professional auto calibrating detection device is light weight and easy to use with included function buttons to select the different types of material modes. Whether you are a professional tradesman or simply installing new fixtures along the wall, the Bosch GMS 120 is the tool to use for safety and precision. The device has dust and splash protection rated at IP 54, ensuring it can survive the jobsite.

The GMS 120 is able to detect materials at differing depths. Steel at 120mm, copper at 80mm, live cables at 50mm and wooden substructures at 38mm.

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