Which commercial rice cooker do you recommend?

Hi all,
So I recently launched a Sushi business, and while using the Breville Smart Rice Boxes was great (amazing little machines!), they're now just too small for me. So it's time to upgrade.

The 2 most popular commercial rice cookers I've come across seem to be the Tiger 20 Cup rice cooker and the Zojirushi 20 Cup Rice Cooker.
Although it does eem much harder to find the Zojirushi locally.

Has anyone had experiemce with either or both of them? Which one would you recommend?

Theoretically, I could get the Zojirushi from the USA for much cheaper than the Tiger, but I believe our voltage is different to the USA - can anything be done in this regard? Has anyone bought one from there and successfully uses it here?

Would love to hear from you!

TIA :)

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    USA is 110v, we're 240v. For something high power like a rice cooker it's not feasible to get it to work here.

    (USA does occasionally have 220v for some things, usually dryers etc.)


      If we have 240v does that mean ours is "higher" than theirs?
      No idea how these things work lol

      So based on what youre saying its not even a question which one to get…


        Yep, our power sockets will crush the puny little USA rice cooker.

        Well, it'll go 'bang!' if you plug it in here.

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    Rice cookers


    You won't believe how much better toasters were in the olden days



    Tiger are high priced but not commercial. Head down to Chinatown or local Thai or Japanese large restaurant and see what they are using there. Are there special requirements to make vinegar rice… how does that work?


    Don't think that many households would have the need for a 20+ cup commercial rice cooker. Maybe you should seek the option from fellow like business owners?


    Tiger distribute and offer support for their product in Australia, hence all the bing lee 20% off tiger rice cookers etc


    Tiger is the go but I find they are not great for cooking Basmati or brown rice. Tends to burn it a bit where it has contact with the bowl.


      Thanks for your comment!
      I'd only be using for Sushi rice - but appreciate what you;ve said!


    Do not get the US rice cooker (or other appliances, particularly heating ones).
    1. It is cheaper to get the japanese one (neither are the right voltage anyway).
    2. You need a large transformer just for the rice cooker because of the voltage and the power draw on turning on spikes. I use a 3000W transformer (11kg brick of a thing), for my japanese 5 cup pressure induction Zojirushi at home.

    For commercial, you should look into Rinnai gas rice cookers as well for large quantities.

    I prefer Zojirushi over Tiger for personal (non-commercial) use, but that is probably irrelevant for commercial use so I didn't poll.


      Appreciate your comments - yeah the transformer issue itself was starting to put me off.

      Regarding the Rinai, I've had a look, but it seems a bit large for my current needs


    I feel like Tiger is a great brand if it's for your house. But since you're looking for a commercial rice cooker it might be worth looking into the Apuro rice cookers. My friends restaurant uses the 20L one and it's really handy if you're making rice in bulk. There are other size options too if you want something a little smaller.

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