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Plant Doctor Free Champion Fertiliser with Selected Bundles. Stack with 10-20% off Codes + Delivery


Plant Doctor have some great products. Great alternatives to Seasol and Powerfeed which are great products in themselves. There current offer of receiving free fertiliser with there existing bundles make them even better value. Bundles receive the respective amounts. small/regular = 1kg, med = 4.5kg large/commercial = 20kg.

I have been using their products for a couple of years now with some excellent results.

Free shipping to most areas of Australia if minimum order quantities are meet, starting from $49. Price varies depending on your location. They are in SEQ QLD. Further shipping details on their homepage. The free shipping can excellent value in itself as ordering liquid and granular fertilisers would be expensive without it.

20% off first order using Auslf1st. Future orders use Auslf for 10% off. These codes are for Facebook Australian Lawn Fanatics. It is a great and helpful group.

You can also use lawntips for 10% off thanks to Ben Sims YouTube Channel. You can see some of the bundles have his name on it and he has corresponding videos on how to help with application. Again a helpful resource.

The Ben Sims Mix is similar to the other small, regular and large bundles + the Extra Essentials.

Offer expires 17 February 2020 at 5.00PM AEST

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    Quality stuff. Using PD on my lawn and it looks mint with all the rain of late.

    Highly recommended.


    Darn wish I knew this, made an order Sunday night.
    Good products, works out better than local hardware even with shipping


    Lots of their stuff is liquid. Is this better than granular?

    How do you apply the liquid - what equipment do you need?


      If you don't want to buy anything new, you can just use an existing Seasol pre-mix pack that you might have empty
      Next level would be something like this: https://www.bunnings.com.au/hortex-450ml-fertiliser-and-inse...
      Then next level you could get a bigger backpack style spray pack


        So the Seasol Pre-mix pack mixes at the correct ratio?


          You would need to figure out the ratio since it's a smaller concentrated pack, there's kind of a science to figure it out if you want to get it bang on.

          EG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFfrg-TUM1k

          If you just wanted to apply a liquid fertiliser, it's pretty safe, if I am just mixing a seaweed solution with nothing else I just put a good slosh in without measuring. If you go to things like liquid Iron and the liquids you only add very small amount then you want to look at getting it right.


          I would at least use the Hortex so you have some adjustment but it will likely take a bit of trial and error to get the setting right. A backpack sprayer is the way to go for proper application but also a bit of an expensive initial cost.


        Pressure sprayers work best. Easy to calibrate. You won't get an even distribution with those Hortex sprayers.


    brilliant products.
    highly recommended


    been meaning to try some products from these guys, perfect time to do so.
    is it auto added to the order?

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    Bit too much marketing speak on Plant Doctor's webpage, I feel.
    If the products are truly wonderful, they will sell themselves and needs no puffery to go with it.

    Different customers need different marketing approach I suppose.

    This is something I can't mention on the Aus Lawn Fanatics facebook group so I'll do it here.
    The group is heavily affiliated with Lawnpride and Plant Doctor products.
    At least one of the mods there is linked to Lawnpride and thus his recommendations are likely biased.

    I'm sure some of the products work as advertised, its just that when I see hidden bias/business linkage like this, it doesn't sit well with me.

    More so when one of them proclaimed "oh we work so damn hard just to help our fellow ozzies", and toning down the business side of it all the way down. No m8, you're helping people and upselling your products at the same time.
    I have nothing against the OP or the post itself.


    To his credit he gave a transparent answer there so +1 karma for that.

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      I would tend to agree with the bias on the AUSLF page but still find it helpful resource. One of the owners of PD often makes comments about their products on the page but always speak in 3rd person, showing pictures of his garden and giving no indication of his direct affiliation ownership. Due to this I can't trust his comments, cringe and just see him as a sockpuppet. I really do like PD Seaweed Secrets and Activ8ate but their natural soil wetter didn't help in my situation. I switched to Hydrolink Advance from Lawn Addicts and haven't looked back. I haven't tried Lawn Prides HydraMaxx though.

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