Deal or No Deal? What constitutes an OzBargain deal anyway?

It's becoming less clear to me what constitutes a deal any more (we can quote site rules, but we all know they're kind of open to interpretation).

So I thought we could play one of my favourite game shows. Deal or No Deal!

I'm no Andrew O'Keefe, but I'll do my best. Maybe I can be a bit more Drew Carey…

Welcome everyone to Deal or No Deal! Where the deals are made up, and internet points seem to matter!

In a top comment post a link to a deal, or describe a type of deal. In the other comments, discuss. I'll sum up the votes and report back at some point.

I'll start off with some of the ones that come to my mind……..

(Note: I'm trying to stay neutral, of the ones I've commented, some I think are deals, some I think aren't)



    Deal or No Deal?
    - 21 Studio Ghibli Films Included with Netflix Subscription


    Deal or No Deal?
    - Nintendo SNES Mini Preorder $119 @ Target (In Store Only)


      Deal only because despite RRP, it's selling for less than it's actually worth on the open market, and RRP doesn't matter if you can't find one to buy.

      (To me, deal = available at below market value). RRP is 99% what market value is, but this is one of the exceptions.


      No deal.

      Sure, as H&D mentioned, it is cheaper than market value but that does not constitute a bargain. RRP still matters as stock will be replenished and the price is predictable when stock becomes available.

      We are not OzStockFinder.


    Deal or No Deal?
    - [Switch] 1 Free Bottle Cap for Pokémon Sword/Shield via in-Game Mystery Gift

    • +3 votes

      PSA, not deal.


      I would say anything obtainable in game should definitely not be a deal, like the above bottle cap or the 10 premium ball.

      On the fence with unobtainable such as shiny legendary or Pokemon with special moves. Leaning more towards a deal for this category but happy with it as PSA.


    Case number 7 please

  • +4 votes

    There are hundreds of deals here but hardly any bargains.

  • +8 votes

    We have become an advertising platform for travel agents standard pricing, Coles/Woolies weekly "specials" and movies/games added to subscription services.


    I think the problem some are describing here is that to get the best bargains, you often have to be very quick. Which means looking at a lot of deals that aren't especially relevant.
    It is fine to post 20% off a Switch game, but it isn't likely to get anybody too excited. But if I come looking for that game, I will be delighted when my search turns it up.

    If you want to skip the average deals, you can set a high cut off for up votes - but then you will miss limited deals that expire before hitting your higher limit. You will still be able to get some deals, but fewer than those who are drinking from the posting firehose.

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