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Nintendo SNES Mini Preorder $119 @ Target (In Store Only)


This is instore only. Head straight to Layby or the entertainment counter to place your preorder. Only a deposit is required until the stock arrives. 1 per person.

Looks like only 2 stores per state:
Thanks to toppergoofy

Mt Duritt


Tea Tree Plaza

Melbourne City (Bourke St)
Waurn Ponds


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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    Generic OZRRP comment.

  • Phoned store in Brisbane and they have no knowledge of this currently.

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      Every Target I've been to over the past couple days has had signs up. Only entertainment counter staff have been notified of the promo as I was notified through them.

      • I spoke to entertainment counter staff and they had no knowledge of this currently. (phoned 2 stores and both said the same thing).
        I'll just try again later in the week.

        • Agreed:
          I went to Melbourne CBD Layby counter and the store rep said only two stores in each State are taking pre-orders so most other stores might not have any idea. The best I could check with her that in VIC the stores taking orders are Melb CBD (Bourke Street) and Moonee Ponds Target. I wish I asked her for the entire list :(

        • Which Brisbane stores did you call?

          I can pop into the CBD one to check, no point if you have asked.

        • @Tyronomo:

          Sorry, I had already phoned the CBD store

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      Found the first one! I was wondering how long it will take lmao

      • Looks like it's time for…


        (I made this when the NES classic was the buzz)

        • -19 votes

          Yeah, God forbid we have actual bargains posted on OzBargain instead of more RRP gaming notifications.

        • @Orpheus: Allow me to fix that for you…

          Yeah, God forbid I post an actual bargain, instead of the mindless crapping on in other people's posts.

        • -12 votes

          @tightarse: So you can only watch movies if youre a movie director? Good logic. Also I would rather post nothing at all than clog this site with RRP notifications.

  • Surely given the extreme rarity of these things just notification of more pre-orders becoming available should be news worthy, even at RRP?? The oz-'bargain' comes when you upsell them on Ebay for $500 just before Christmas… ;-)

    • Careful, plenty of Broden around here, his legacy is still intact.

    • Yes you have a point, people posting Aldi deals all the time at their RRP, ozbargainers seem to want to know about them because they are limited time offers.

    • +2 votes

      So this deal encourages people to upsell them on ebay/gumtree for profit in order to make it a bargain? I always thought that was frowned upon in this community.

    • +2 votes

      They are in actual or predicted short supply, that's enough for me. If someone can find it available cheaper then let us know and downvote. Otherwise you're basically saying you're not interested in this product, which isn't a fair downvote

    • supposedly these won't be rare at all, unlike the NES classic, Nintendo have stated they have making many more this time around to meet demand, I guess we shall have to wait and see though.

      • There will allegedly be more than the NES Classic, but it will still be quite rare. The Switch is continually sold out in the States and Japan; Nintendo are focusing on manufacturing the Switch and will not be doing that much of an extended run. Any extra stock will likely be countered by the increased retail demand, secondary to the NES pandemonium (which was unexpected).

      • I wouldn't hold your breath. They've said they'll make more but they've also said they won't be making them into next year. As such you're still looking at a short release window.

        Additionally there's probably a far larger market for the SNES than there was NES as the games have aged far better. Along with that many people got burnt by the NES so will go after the SNES more aggressively.

        Anyway "more stock" from Nintendo doesn't mean it won't be hard to get. NES, Switch and Amiibo are all good recent examples where there's been a skewed demand/stock ratio.

        Also worth noting that all the retailers have sold out so far at a more or less global level. I'm sure there will be restocks, but so far it hasn't sat around available for all that long.

        • I think it was a given that it was going to constantly sell out, but I do wonder how much that has to do with sellers buying them up in the hope of cashing in on ebay later. I would expect hundreds of thousands are being bought around the world with this in mind with people hoping to make a quick buck.

        • @gromit: I hope Nintendo secretly, or through dodgy announcements, keep manufacturing millions of units for the next 5 years, screwing over all the scalpers

  • Went to Target near me, there happened to be a lady in a Nintendo jacket right near the entertainment counter! She confirmed it won't be every Target store, maybe just CBD etc

  • Agreed: Its not a deal, its RRP, but who cares when you want one and you find one you are ready to pay for RRP. Many thanks to OB - I just booked mine.

    * They will take $20 as deposit, and also take a Valid photo ID with you.
    ** They dont come with the AC adapter, so probably better get one for $10 as well, they will probably offer this when you buy- or at least let you know that.
    *** Only two stores per state have them, check before you head to somewhere. [ in VIC Melb CBD (Bourke Street) and Moonee Ponds]

  • Nice post nurries!

  • Thanks OP! To all the people complaining about it not being a bargain, to some of us it IS a bargain because without OZB we are going to get stuck paying $300+ to own one so its realistically a $180 saving haha.

  • Cross NSW blacktown off the list of possibilities

  • Those stores are out of the way. Hope Target have it in stock in every other store on release date.

  • So am I too late as I can't find it

  • Where is the ACT???

  • +2 votes

    Target Moonee Ponds doesnt exist. Maybe its meant to be highpoint? or airport west? - they are the closest Targets to Moonee Ponds.

  • No news as to who in NSW does the pre-sale?

  • Can someone please explain to me why Nintendo is making so few, that only a dozen stores in all of australia will have stock as opposed to the entire chain of stores ?

    Dont nintendo want to make money ?

    • yeah they do and its buy selling the game individually on their Nintendo store which you can find if you buy and Wii U or Switch. These console just get the word out that Nintendo is still around and creates such a big fuss marketing wise because people don't stop talking about them online.

      But I do agree that there should be enough supply for everyone but then again look at Amiibos :/

    • when they cancelled nes classic mini, i think nintendo mentioned don't want to take the spotlight off switch.

      nes classic mini release was only meant to take customers attention back to nintendo.

      others, correct me if i am wrong.

      • if selling a few minis takes the spotlight off switch, then why sell any at all ? Selling 30 via target for all of australia and a few more at harvey norman is competely stupid…

        • Builds some excitement around the brand I guess. They'll have the hot toy and I'm sure some of the people that miss out will end up with a Switch.

          Nintendo approach releases a bit like Disney in a way usingnpractices that aren't necessarily consumer friendly but do add a certain allure to the brand. Disney has things like its vault as comparable examples where they take films off the market and rerelease years later.

        • @Smigit:

          Personally and from what i can see here, its pissing off more people than creating any excitement…

        • @ninetyNineCents: Vocal minority… people on the net are always angry… not going to get posts from the people that see it advertised and go… hmm that's right I do like Nintendo. I'll go buy that Nintendo console… oh it's not there… what other Nintendo do you have.
          Wouldnt even surprise me if it's just a ploy to increase SEO and social media engagement because people are using the word Nintendo a lot.
          They will be able to get data from people clicking and commenting about this stuff and then target them for their next big whatever.
          It is ridiculous they don't have enough, but I'm sure it's doing whatever it is they wanted it to do… no matter what the consumer thinks.

    • If that's how companies operate m, we would have enough milk powder for everyone

  • What about NSW?

  • Mount Druitt confirmed. 1 per customer.

  • There's no target in Moonee ponds. Do you mean highpoint?

  • After the muck with the NES Mini I automatically read the description as 'Looks like only 2 units per store'.

  • +6 votes

    This is the full list of stores taking pre-orders on the SNES.

    Mt Duritt


    Tea Tree Plaza

    Melbourne City (Bourke St)
    Waurn Ponds


  • Success at Joondalup. Signs all over lay-by counter.

  • Does anyone know whether Target accept pre-orders over the phone?

  • Just scored one at mt druitt. Store manager confirmed they have 600 units available at Mt druitt and going fast.

  • +1 vote

    Lol, I was sitting on the toilet in Target Centre on Bourke Street when I read this, haha. Went next door and slapped down my cash, just $20 bucks.

    Thanks OP, my friend is gonna be really happy.

  • Mt Druitt is the Sydney pre-order store? The Nintendo truck will probably be ambushed by the locals.

  • Thanks! Picked one up at Bourke St. Shout out to the two individuals in front and the group of two guys behind me who also ordered before 1pm!

  • Confirmation - Target in Bourke Street Melbourne is a go!
    Dont goto entertainment - goto laybys/customer service.

  • No NT :'(

  • Thanks! Got a pre-order in at Mt Duritt. I was the 5th person to pre-order it today. But I didn't ask how much stock is there…. oops

  • I just asked my local target… they didn't even know what the mini SNES was facepalm

  • I've been trying since EB ran out and finally pre ordered one! Thanks!

    I went to the Chermside store in Brisbane (4:10pm) and he said it hasn't been too busy here, but he expects it to be a nation wide allocation.

    • I reckon being a manual/in person pre-order has made it easier to get one. It wouldve sold out in minutes had it been online.

  • Got one at bourke st. Painless.

  • I allready preordered mine from JB Hi Fi

    Wondering if it's worth pre-ordering 1 from Target just in case JB screw up

    • I think you can risk $20 bucks, and if you dont need it, you probably can get refund from Target (dont know why would you do that :p)

  • Brother and I decided to take a drive to Morley, WA and just pre-ordered 2 of them. Was pissed off I missed the online pre-order but all is good now. Guy said they haven't had many pre-orders yet today. All the online warrior OzBargainers can't be arsed to do the in-store thing I guess haha.

  • Ordered.long line as i .left

  • Pre-ordered at Target Melbourne CBD Bourke Street. Had to approach customer service on second floor if this helps someone :) Apparently they have been busy with the pre-orders and didn't have to wait which was good!

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