Which Brand of Frozen Food Serves The Best Calamari Rings?

squid rings are good and in mood for some; can you enlighten me what's best?


  • Username checks out.

  • All of the one I have tried are rubbish.

  • Haven't found a good one yet.

  • Your best bet is to just find a local fish and chip that is also open around lunch time, that use real calamari and batter them, themselves.

    • yes, of course but i guess the idea of having frozen food is when at leisure, which normally night time and we want some snacking

      • Maybe have frozen squid rings in your freezer? Better is relatively very easy to make.

        But I get what you mean, no fuss, pop in the oven or fryer and done. Alas I've yet to come across any good frozen product outside of the Woolworths range.