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Makita Blower Skin 18Vx2 DUB361Z $150 @ Bunnings


First 📫

Saw this deal in bunnings
$150 on clerance cheapest $178 on other posts
What makes this deal good is REDEMPION OFFER of free battery with purchase of this skin which makes it super cheap


Makita redemption

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  • thanks for posting, which Bunnings store?

  • Which store

    • sorry for late reply, forgot to add that in
      it was Bunnings Fountain Gate

    • Interested to know as well from an expert or someone with experience. Not sure why people would downvote a simple comparison question…

  • +3

    FYI this is a 36V (2 x 18V Battery) So even if you can get 1x Battery via Redemption, you are still up for 1x More Battery and a Charger for same. Unless you are already in the Makita Landscape and already have these. YMMV.

    • +1

      So is this information true?

      I can't tell if the downvote is because the information is false or someone is just sensitive that you aren't as enthusiastic about the deal…

      What a joke.

    • +1

      i was personally in market for a new battery for my set so this was just a bonus for me ,

  • Someone seems a tad touchy (and generous with the negs) for non-favourable opinions :-p

    • +3

      This culture of down voting for opinions that you don't agree with as opposed to actually answering the question and providing value to the community is ridiculous.

  • it was bunnings fountain gate

  • Looks like there's still a few other stores around that have stock. I saw 4 units at my local bunnings, Acacia Ridge.

  • Not in clearance in NSW from what I could find

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