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15% off Naturehike Cloud Up 2 Person Backpacking Tent $119-$177.65 Delivered + More @ Naturehike Official Amazon AU


Cloud Up 2 Person Tent :Activity time: 2020-1-22 7:00 am to 2020-1-22 1:00 pm
You will have 8 choices to choose your favorite style:
Green & Orange :Inner Tent and tent fly are made of 210T Polyester;
Gray & Mustard Green : Inner Tent and tent fly are made of 20D Silicone Coating Nylon;
Green & Orange :About 2100 g
Gray & Mustard Green:About 1830g
Gray with snow skirt: About 1900g
Note: The gray color still has 2 style : old version and upgraded version
Price of the Old version:$143.2(was $179)
Upgraded Gray: $160.65(was $189)

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    Looking for a light 3 person tent like Mongar.
    Any other choices than Cloud Up 3?


    Any good beach shelters on amazon?

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    I have 2 of these, just brilliant. Super light awesome quality. I would expect to pay $1000 at my local camping shop.

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      Are you affiliated with Naturehike in any way?

      You make this comment on every one of their deals and are constantly informed that even the Big Agnes tent Naturehike ripped off (which is a significantly better tent BTW) is only $500 (not $1000).


        Ah well maybe I'm a little out of touch, agnes was $1000 last time I checked. No connection to naturehike, just a good tent. I've been a keen hiker since the 80s and these are the best tents I have seen for the $$. I have a $600 tent from the 90s that is 3 times the weight of this. It's a shame people neg me for saying a product is good. I have not re-read the comments on previous posts sorry. Life is too short to check if anyone commented on every comment saying a product I bought with my own money from Aliexpress is the best tent I've ever owned because it is simply the best tent I've ever owned. Why are you not negging the others who say they own the tent and love it. I say this each time because it's true. Best tent I've ever owned. How come you have not been asking me if I'm affiliated with Osprey for the 2 deals I found and posted on here recently. On listings I post I do check user comments and try to reply, but where it is someone else post, I just make a comment and move on. That's why it sounds like I repeat myself, just a short quick, "yes I own it and it's good" comment from someone who owns 2 of them, rather than people in the peanut gallery making comments on things they don't even own.

        Hey on the agnes price, I just did 10 seconds of research and they have seriously dropped their price since these naturehike ones came out. Bargains all around. I last checked the agnes was maybe 3 years ago. So sorry if my "I would expect to pay" comment was 3 years out of date. Looking at camelx3 it seems the price dropped last year on the agnes by nearly half. Sincerely no intent to mislead, just a little out of date. And NO AFFILIATION OKAY! Not to naturehike and not to osprey.


          No one is negging you for saying you own the tent and love it (I also own one and think it's great value for money)… They are negging you for saying it's worth $1000 which it isn't. And making that same incorrect comment multiple times.

          Nothing personal, go on any post on here and make a comment that the item is worth far more than it is and you will get negged, do it multiple times and people will wonder if you are a shill.


    I've got a cloud up 3 (20D nylon) and it's a fantastic hiking tent. Really great quality with good materials. Cloud up 3 comfortably fits 2 with gear, havent tried 3 but probably wouldn't want to.

    This is a clone of the Big Agnes Fly Creek UL3. Almost identical, but a tad smaller - with a significantly smaller price tag.

    I got mine from AliExpress and I paid a bit more from memory - so this is a very good price for AU stock.