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[PC, Steam] Play All 4 Games in Half-Life Series for Free @ Steam


Half-Life: Alyx is coming in March, and we are celebrating early by making all games in the Half-Life Series FREE to play for Steam users, from now until the day it launches!

Enjoy :)

Full credit to HUKD for the find.

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  • So, after Alyx launches, we get locked out of those four games until we pay?

    • Yep, the store listing now says "Play for free! Ends in 2 months"

      • 2 sides to every coin… But I see 2mths free play as awesome.

        Always have a special place for them.

        I absolutely squeezed myself to get my first mortgage. Fridge, couch & coffee table off gumtree. Bed & PC already. Dialup. Nothing else in/outside house, zero income left. Joined steam & bought HL collection. OMG, best value gaming I've had in 40 years.

        That's the short version.

        • Be honest. Dialup is all that existed when you bought your house, right :-)

          • @tessel: The good old days, 33.3 - 56.6kbps, but housing was affordable.

            • @OzzyBrak: The news told the (profanity) retards who haven't worked what they are yet (that's lying con artists if you're slow) that rentals would "dissappear" if negative gearing was removed. As if property investors were going to burn down the dwellings or something, instead of selling them, and therefore rentals would go up.

              That's because they asked real estate investment consultants what was going to happen. Naturally they didn't inform the morons watching them about who was speaking to them.

              Australians are morons. Not removing negative gearing helped about 0.06% of the population, that would be the individuals who own 5 properties or more. Like Malcom Turnbull for example.

          • @tessel: Nah, greenfields estate. ADSL2+ at the neighbouring estate/suburb couldn't be split. Waited 4mths until ADSL.

    • You're not a gamer unless you have the Orange Box… simple facts

      • I have the orange box for PC…. bought it at an op shop for a $1 … got it home and realised that it's a steam game and the code had unsurprisingly already been used. So now I have an orange box and 2 orange drink coasters. I should invite my ex boss over, he's a Sannyasin from Byron Bay and we could chat over a glass of orange juice whilst marveling at my ingenious repurposing of said game.

        • Yeah but at least now you can pirate the game while still proving that you paid for it.

        • "Sannyasin from Byron Bay" .. Oxymorons abound .. lolz

          • @Wally: Kind of a reverse oxymoron yeah… word of the day is "tautology" :)
            Hopefully you picked up on the slightly obscured orange reference in that sentence you referenced.

        • That's what I find with most used PC games that have game keys. Not worth buying. Even if they are cheap as the key is probably already used if its a digital game.

      • Bought it about 10 years ago. Totally worth it. IMO the original Half Life was a watershed moment in FPS gaming where it was no longer a game, it was an interactive story that you journeyed through.

  • Good deal. I’m sure everyone has already played them though.

  • They are waiting for you Gordon….. in the test chamber…

  • Is there a way to add this to your library without steam client installed?

    • By memory, no.
      Free games don't go through the 2 steps of buy, install.

      But I'm not sure what the point of trying to add & not install is, since the cutoff dates are linked.

    • This isn't getting the games for free, its being allowed to play for free in that time. So an installed game will still 'expire' at the end.

  • Does anyone still play dod? Loved that back in the day

  • +5 votes

    Does not include HL3

  • Half-Life: Alyx is coming in March

    Hmm I see what's going on. March is the third month of the year.

    Half Life 3 Confirmed.

  • Is Steam still good and lightweight?

    • Good yes, lightweight no.

      There is a 'pop up' for new games, but you can modify your settings so it lands on your library when you first start it up - and of course you don't need to 'open' Steam to play your Steam games, once they are installed.

    • It's not terrible but it's getting a little more bloaty.

    • They're starting to make it look more like discord….

  • I've already bought all these games, well worth it.

  • +24 votes

    You mean I paid full price 16 years ago and now everyone gets it for FREE?

    I could've just WAITED????


    Just kidding I hope everyone has a crack. Really amazing games, even today HL2 holds up very nicely as an on rails shooter.

    • price protection mate lol


      I often ask myself this kind of question. but then a choice between "being happy for 16 years but pissed off right now" and "being pissed off for 16 years and happy right now" is not an easy choice!

  • +3 votes

    hl1 and 2 are pretty much everything I play. I even prefer hl1 (source) to any other game out there

    so when I am sick to death of another deadline I whip out my trusty G403 mouse, and turn my MX150 laptop into Black Mesa showdown platform, reenacting Freeman's Mind mostly. 15 minutes is enough to get the railway started, or to get through questionable ethics, and to calm down the nerves, too haha

    "one day I will have to call it quits with teleporting. But that day has not come yet!"

    "oh great there's the store greeter. &&&& off! [blam] shit, there's another! [blam] your services are not required!"

    "[blam] draw! well, that was a fair fight. no one can say it wasn't"

  • Shoutout to Black Mesa - the Half Life 1 community-made remake.

    Just played through it and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The levels are larger and the graphics given a good touch up.

  • Follow Freeman!!!!!1111!!!1!ONE!!

  • never played these games, should i start from half life 2?

    • +2 votes

      no! HL1 all the way. source version is better graphics

      • I thought the general consensus was that the source version is a bit buggy and it's better to play the original version?


          yes, a bit. TBH, I did the whole game in Source version and remember only 2 obvious bugs, so it's not really bad.

  • I thought I read Alyx was VR Only?

    Also Black Mesa FTW

  • it expires and you don't own it so its not really free

  • Half Life 2 got me into gaming. Shaped my interests in gaming.

    Made me pcmasterrace

  • Catch me later, I'll buy you a beer!

    HL1 was on another level. I remember being absorbed by the world and level of interaction. It's what got me into PC gaming from consoles. Though being a console gamer again, I picked up the Orange Box on Xbox since they're all 4k enhanced for XB1X.

  • Dunno what it was about it but playing Half Life made me feel physically sick after around half an hour or so. Something to do with the graphics probably. Also happened with Doom. Only those two games, everything else I've played has been fine.

  • Interesting news about HL: Alyx, I hope it's a success, but annoying news about Campo's "In The Valley of Gods" game which is now "On Hold" with a TBD release date while people from that studio (bought by Valve) move on to work on HL:Alyx and DOTA.