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Samsung A20 32GB Blue Unlocked $179 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB Blue - Unlocked

Thanks to brew for this deal

3.5% shopback available

OzBargains highest rated budget smartphone under $300


6.4" Super AMOLED with water drop notch
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Thanks to brew for this deal

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  • OW Price Match for 5% off?

    • +2

      The price is the same at OW, they won't price match

    • officeworks sells it the same price

    • +1

      Actually OW sale ended so perhaps you can price match now?

      • Don’t see why not. Give it a shot and let us know.

  • +3

    Now that officeworks have jacked the price up to $277 is it eligible for the 5% pricebeat?

    • +4

      Yes it would assuming Amazon's price stays the same

  • -1

    Now $251 - 09.45 22 01 2020

    • +2

      Still showing $179 here?

      • +1


  • +1

    Corrected - depends on colour choice

    • Amazon search results always take a while to update, probably some kind of caching problem. Much more annoying when it’s the other way around with the item coming up cheaper in search than on the actual product page.

  • Thanks for sharing OP. I had $10 Amazon credit and decided to get the A20.

  • Amazing price and the screen is huge but res is 720p… must look pretty pixel-ly

    edit: fast charging too… wow incredibly cheap for what you get

    • +1

      Comparing it side by side to the A30 you really do notice the difference in screen resolution. I ended up get the A30 for $100 more with the HD screen and better camera setup.

    • +1

      Yeah the screen is colourful. Vibrant. But the resolution sucks.

      I upgraded pretty quickly to a Note 8T.

      The GPS issues, even with the updates that "fixed" them, still remain.

  • Bought one. Thanks!

  • +2

    Back to $249 for me? That was quick…

  • Does this model definitely have the 3gb ram? I have a screen smashed so and thinking it would be cheaper to grab this than get the 300 dollar repair

  • +2

    I had it in my cart at $179 then noticed people saying it had gone up, luckily it allowed me to process the order at the $179 price!

  • Dam missed it before it went up.is the a20 a good buy I was going to get a50

  • +4

    There is flaws on the GPS on this model.
    It can take minutes before it logs onto the GPS satellites and at times its a few seconds.
    So it can be frustrating at times when you are trying to GPS up and running for Navigation.

    • Does it affect when using google maps?

      • -1


  • Great phone. 99% of population would be happy with it imo.
    Mine sitting on my desk, replaced with Pixel just for camera purposes, but overall the a20 would've done most of what I want.
    Miss the battery life immensely.

    • Haha, welcome to the 1% club, there's actually a lot more of us than you think lol.

      • +1

        Fair call.
        Just going by the people in my circles, they wouldn't know ppi or ram or security patches or skins and on and on and on.
        Good phone, looks good, does it what it needs to, takes reasonable photos (without peeping) and relatively light users on battery.
        I'm the opposite lol
        I expect everything @ $500

        • I have also never paid $400 let alone $500 for a phone yet,…but I do like buying two new $159-$335 phones every year, with the exception of one listed as new HTC 10 off ebay that was only $200 and was just like new ( still use that phone most of the time ).

          So you could say I spend around $500 per year, or $1000 every two years, which is similar to many other people getting a $1000 phone either outright or spending much more through a contract.

          As most most phones I buy never get used much and remain in as new condition, I can hence sell the ones that I like the least and get more than half my money back each time as I always buy phones at bargain reduced prices already.

          I have my eyes on a pixel 2 XL for my next phone as I like them also. Which model did you go for?

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