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Samsung QA65Q90RAWXXY 65" Q90 4K UHD Smart QLED TV $3,390.15 + $54.94 Postage @ The Good Guys eBay


I'm looking for a TV atm and have been watching this. I think this is one of the lowest prices for a 65" Q90 with RRP at $4,495.00.

Comparable price to the LG C9 which I'm watching as well.

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    Unless you need super high brightness I think the LG c9 OLED is the better TV at that price


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      A lot of people wont go OLED due to the burn in risks, for those people this is the better TV.

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        They said the same about plasma. My dad’s still using my old 50” Fujitsu going on near 15 years and no burn in. My 6yo Sammy plasma has no burn in. Yes you’re talking about OLED, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the same applies.

        PinzVidz - I picked up the LG 65” C9 for $2750 delivered from the recent GG deal. Suggest you wait for another near or sub-3K C9.


          The burn in issue is well documented with OLED and a real problem. Not bothered in a debate about it. The LG c9 does have a better quality picture, but it may not be the better TV depending on the usage.


          I am also waiting on the deal for C9. If any one finds one, please do post it


      C9 120hzoled master race


    Good Guys are usually expensive

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    we have the 75inch Q90. absolutley amazing quality.


    Lol, you can get the Panasonic OLED for $800 or so LESS than this.. Blows it away, let alone the similarly priced LG C9.


    Any new deals for the Q90r? Sold out in most places, don't think they will be coming back with stock considering the new 2020 models.