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Boost Prepaid $130 Delivered (Was $150) | 12 Months Expiry | 80GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | @ Southern Telecom


Use code OURSAVE at checkout, save $20. Better deal than official Boost Mobile offer.

80GB and 12 MONTH EXPIRY. UNLIMITED Calls & Text to standard numbers. UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 25 selected destinations +1200 standard mins &
text to 30 selected destinations.

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    My last port to them was on a Sunday night and it took less than 30 minutes. They've lifted their games since the issues of last year when it took a week.
    The number also appeared on my Telstra rewards after about a day.

    • -6

      We think someone is doing illegal things against our store/website. Will report this to Ozbargin.

      Make a story, negotiate with us and ask for discount method/discount code, publish the code/method in Ozbargin and then report to Boost immediately claiming we are advertising sim cards cheaper than the boost website during the boost's own promotion period.

      • +3

        Sorry, but if someone is negotiating with you for a cheaper deal, and you agree to it, and then they turn around and post it as a deal I don't think that's illegal. If you feel it is illegal, can you specify what law they are breaking?

        Also, you are sort of saying that if someone came up with a good enough story you would start doling out discount codes. You're also posting this on a bargain website, so its probably likely you will get a huge influx of "my cats pet fish is sad, can i have $30 off plssss the fish says thx u".

        If you are truly sick of this, you could probably bounce requests where the referrer is ozbargain. Sort of like how the Harvey Norman website knows someone has clicked through from OzBargain to them.

        • -4

          No, we state not post it. only for you etc when said "ok, you buy use this"

          We don't think it's real customer, it's someone knows the rules, post it, and pop an email to the some one in charge (internal email non telstra people won't know) very shortly after this post published.

          • +1

            @sanfans: You could make the code single use, or something? To guard against this, if it's truly cheesing you off.

            Why would someone do that though, does Boost ping you for selling it below their price?

            • @misterpotatomato: If someone know how to help generate one off code in Shopify, please message me, really appreciate.

              • +1

                @sanfans: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/disco...

                You can also specify the dates for which the code is valid, the number of times a code can be used, a minimum order amount before the code can be used, and to which products, collections, or variants the discount can be applied. A discount code can apply to up to 100 specific products and variants.

                Set it to 1 purchase only, and off you go :)

                • @spackbace:

                  Set it to 1 purchase only

                  I hope you charged him at consulting rates.

      • +1

        We think someone is doing illegal things against our store/website. Will report this to Ozbargin.

        And why would I care ????

      • +2

        I copied this code from oursteps, a chinese community forum, where you advertise the product for a low price for a long period. I think it's a good deal so shared it here. Why you encourage people to use your code there but not on OzBargain?

        • +1

          Which was posted back in October, and was linked back here. Doesn't look like it was freshly posted, merely someone saying it works again

        • +1

          If that's the case, I cannot see why the store is jumping up and down, screaming "illegal". They put the code in the public domain so what did they expect?

          • +1


            If that's the case, I cannot see why the store is jumping up and down, screaming "illegal".

            It seems they only want Chinese people to use it ??

            • @jv: Or a front for money laundering? Was watching Jack Ryan Season 1 on Prime and the bad guys were moving funds using SIM cards LOL ;-)

              • @Buy2Much:

                Was watching Jack Ryan Season 1

                Is it worth watching?

                • @jv: Yes if you are into spy thriller type.

            • @jv: Like those stores that only write in their own language. Yes I would like to work at your establishment. Maybe I'm also interested in the sheep cream. I'm willing to pay the same price for room for rent.

              Think I can't use Google translate?

  • My work web filtering has blocked this site :(

    • +1

      Yeah, looks a bit dodgy…

      $ sign is on wrong side.

  • +11

    Please Do Not Publish Any Deals/ coupon code / Or buy price in Ourstore in Any Social Media (including Ozbargain), Unless Permitted


  • My plan ends at the start of April. Can I buy this voucher and use it then or does it have an expiry? Looked on the page and it didn't mention any.

    • +2

      I bought one from Officeworks a few weeks ago, expiry was April 2021

      • +1


  • Anyone know if boost sims work with telstra locked 4g dongles?

    If so are they speed limited at all?

    • I unlocked one of them a couple of years ago with a $3 unlock code from eBay.

      Would give you the seller link but it was so long ago I can't remember who it was.

    • Yes, apparently Boost use Telstra SIM's so same same.. No need to unlock.. Also should be 4GX speeds according to WP forums..

  • Is there any sub-100, 12 months offer out there at the moment? Anything around 3-4 GB per month would do for me. Boost's $100, 60 GB plan would have been perfect for me only if it was 12-month expiry.

    • There was this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/502745. Might be worth waiting for it to return?

      • 15GB for the year is a little stretch. I use around 3-4 gb per month give or take. Currently on the catch connect 42GB which was on special last year for 89 bucks. Hoping it will return before it's too late.

    • I think if you buy the $150 Woolworths mobile voucher with 84GB 12month you are eligible for $50 cashback via cashrewards or shopback. I'm looking into it as we speak.

      • Not sure u get cashback on Prepaid, read it somewhere..

  • Thanks!

  • can I use this as recharge voucher?

    • +2


      get the one at Coles

      • +2

        Thanks jv

  • Can you use this to recharge? I have a feeling it’s for new customer only but can’t verify through existing info

    • +1

      No. But you can buy the $150 Boost recharge at Coles for $135.

  • This is the dodgiest looking website I've ever seen.

    They only sell prepaid mobile cards, and only from two providers?

    As JV pointed out, they have dollar signs on the wrong side?

    There's a mobile number listed in the top right corner?

    I dunno man.

    • +1

      They are a legitimate business. I bought from them in person before and their deals have been posted many times on here previously

  • I have bought 3 of these for family members via their shop in Melbourne ($125 each).

    Ported my phone from Optus last night and it took less than 5 minutes. The only thing that I don't like is that when I turned off Voice Mail it reverted to Message2text and there was no way to turn this off. Had to call Boost support to have this turned off.

    • I'm still waiting for optus to port to boost. It's been 4 business days. They rejected the first port as optus online chat gave us an 8 digit "account number", called up yesterday they gave us 10 digits of the "account number". Called again to provide the correct details and still waiting to port today since i called up at 9am. I'm getting real frustrated rn

      • +2

        So basically you gave them incorrect details 4 days ago, but you only rectified your/Optus' error at 9am today?

        If I understand the situation, this is not Boost's fault. You've only given them the correct details for a few hours, not 4 days.

        • I gave them the correct details. How would I know how many digits an Optus Prepaid/Postpaid Account number is supposed to have? The Optus rep provided me the incorrect details.. It’s not my fault, it’s Optus fault for giving me a incorrect account number with 8 digits and not 10. The second rep I talked to gave me the correct account number.

          • @emilyzx: Optus reps are not the most helpful at the best of times. It would’ve been less painful to get your account number from the optus bill they send through.

            • @cheaponos: It was a $2 Optus sim card.

              I had no problems porting my primary number from Kogan today to Boost this morning. It took 5 minutes.
              Might have to lodge a complaint tmr with the TIO after i requested the second number to be ported on last Friday 17/02/2020

              • +1

                @emilyzx: Something strange going on there. If you’re porting from a postpaid plan then an account number will be needed. If it’s a starter sim then the prepaid option applies when kicking off the porting process with Boost.

          • @emilyzx:

            I gave them the correct details

            The Optus rep provided me the incorrect details

            Which is it?

            Optus gave you the incorrect details, then you forwarded them. This is not your fault, this is not Boosts fault. What do you expect them to do when you hand over the incorrect details? Hack into Optus' confidential customer lists to then figure out your correct details on your behalf? Again, Boost have only been provided the correct details for 1 day.

            • -1

              @So lo: My details are correct, it’s just the account number Optus gave was incorrect then I got the correct account number with 10 digits. Well, it was their job to provide me the correct account details since it was a $2 sim. Ain’t nobody got time to hack into Optus system but just call and ask why haven’t their number has been ported. So many people on oz have ported successfully from Optus to Boost. Some haven’t like myself.

          • @emilyzx: It’s not Boost fault then.
            And you don’t seem to know what you were doing either. Account number not required for porting prepaid service.

      • +2

        I didn't need my Optus account number when porting

  • Bit confused with how Boost inclusions/add ons work…is there no option to use international roaming data whether it’s included or via an add on?

    • You add the $% add on package
      Go overseas.
      Use up the $5 add on in 10 minutes.

      • Doesn’t seem like data is included in the add ons…

        • Apologies missed the DATA bit.
          No. Doesn't include data.
          And it was about $2 a minute for calls, and 65c a text.

  • Question about Boost in general: Do they support RCS? I read somewhere that telstra has RCS, but no word about Boost. Also do they even have mms? I tried to find information about it in their website but it says its an additional fee?!

  • This code was sent to my email too. A rep said that Boost is angry with his site undercutting them in their discount period so we shouldn't share these codes around but they should've known better than to trust Ozbargainers…

  • Need a similar sim only deal on Optus what does everyone recommend?

  • OURSAVE not working for me

  • Code expired as I was paying.

  • Enter a valid discount code

  • not working anymore..

  • It is expired now

  • +2

    Interesting that op's profile has just been created today to post this… friend or foe?

  • +12

    Why are we promoting a business who does not want to be promoted. I would say ban any deal related to this store.

    The store has explicitly stated not to publish on OzBargain.

    • Spot on!

    • Clearly they're only setup for international students

      • May this gives it away:

        EMAIL auchinese@telstra.com

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