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30% off All Models of Korean Smart Toilet Seat + Delivery @ IZEN Bidet


Lunar New Year Special!

30% Off all models of Korean Smart Toilet Seat until Feb! $440 for one of our popular model down from $629.

We have seen more and more happy customers buying our bidet and they recommend for us to run this promotion during the Lunar New Year festive season. We think that is a great idea as we love to spread the joy of using a smart bidet at YOUR home not just your friends home :)

IZEN is a South Korean company which has been manufacturing bidet for almost two decades. They have invented and patented the swirling ENEMA sprayer and was one of the first to have this feature on their bidet. If you are Korean you probably already know that IZEN has been manufacturing bidet as OEM for a number of major household brands like the one you buy your smartphones and TVs from

Izen Bidets carry 2 - 3 years warrantty depending on models but the one we use at work has been going strong for the past 5 years without missing a beat and we had customers who had theirs for 7 years and decided to buy another one because they like the look of the newer model. Most importantly, Izen Bidets carry Australian Watermark Certification and followed AUS power requirements.

DISCLAIMER : Once you use bidet, you can never go back to using toilet paper.. so… yes you have been warned. Wipe that Nutella Jam off your hand with dry toilet paper instead of washing.. Yep, didn't think so. (^o^)

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    30% off All Models of Korean Smart Toilet Seat

    Why is this only for Koreans ?

  • What is the legality of installing this? I understand you have to run power to it right?


      This is an electric smart toilet so yes it does require power. If you are in Victoria we could recommend regular installers who could add an extra power point nearby for good price. Otherwise a lot of our customers simply just use a cord extender.

      If you like it tidy you could run a conduit / cable management to hide it nicely. Personal preference really. But the utimate would be to have a power plug near the unit.

  • Welcome aboard!
    21/01/2020 - 15:29

  • Is it traditional to make purchases such as these during Lunar New Year?

  • Do you need a licensed plumber to install this?

    • no. but you probably need a sparky to put power behind the loo..
      it's legal as long as the powerpoint in the right zone.


        Correct. This is a DIY unit. In the states Izen sell these under different brands (being OEM). In Germany @ Hornbach (their Bunnings).

        We have insturctional videos as well step by step instruction. Like honestly super simple.

  • is that there bottom price?

  • What's the difference between "Round" and "Elongated"


      This refer to the shape of the seat.

      70% of the toilets in Austalia are the round shaped toilet. (Caromas, etc) however 'higher end' model tends to have elongated shape and there are odd shaped ones (rectangular).

      Having said all these, this is all PURELY AESTHETICS. If you match the shape of the seat with the shape of the bowl then the setup will look be flushed, no gaps, no overhangs etc2.

  • Anyone has this installed and care to share their experience?

  • I cheaped out and bought a handheld bidet. Really easy to install and does the job. They're the norm in Malaysia

    • Once you use one of these types, you won't go back to those handheld ones.

      I have personally installed this one from eBay and is going strong from the last 5 years:


      That's true however a lot of our customers switched to bidet due to simply want a better experience (massage, pressure control, auto swivel, and WARM WATER and WARM SEAT especially for Melbourne's winter).

      Also the handheld bidet has risk of hose bursting, leak. Please turn off the water from the main if you go on holiday. I have customers horror story returning from holiday to find their flat has turned into swimming pool.

      Malaysia and Indonesia has very low water pressure compared to Australia. Please ensure your product has Watermark Certification to cope with our water pressure spec.

  • If these are so good, why are they not in public or private hospitals?

    • they are in japan


      They are in Japan, even on some US. We are installing these on some aged care facilities as well. The goal is for main stream adoption then everyone will have happy bottoms.

      Hygiene during female monthly period, as well as customers who always use these prior to sexy time ;)

  • It give you super happy poopie time!

  • Can you recommend any installer in Melbourne?


    Yes, we have installer partners whom we have worked with the past 5 years.

    Please drop us a line!

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