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Ubiquiti UDM Unifi Dream Machine - All-in-One $499 + Free Shipping, Beats Solo3 (All Colours) $199 & More @ Wireless 1


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  • Thinking about replace google wifi with UDM. Not sure it gives enough coverage to replace 3 google wifi or need to buy some kind of mesh extender

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      Extend with UniFi APs

    • I recently did this. Ended up replacing 3 x Google Wifi with a UDM and a single nanoHD. Best move I've made on the networking front.

      • Wait so this replaces 3 Google wifi mesh and still provides decent range?

        • Better range in my case, but I mainly upgraded for better performance and network customisation.

          Google Wifi was just letting me down more often than not. Its automatic channel selection was giving me grief in a high-density environment, and I suspect it ultimately couldn't handle the number of devices on my network.

    • It is 1000x better. If you need more coverage, just get another AP..

      My 1 AP covers my entire 2 story house.

    • A Unifi system should be much better and the UDM seems like a great way to start out, I haven't tried Google wifi but mesh is not as good as directly connected APs like Unifi can (though you can mesh them too if you want). Remember though, before you spend that kind of money, neither of those supports wifi 6 which will be the new standard soon.


    hang on i recall the beats solo 3 already on sale for 200 in a store

  • What do these $500+ routers do that my second hand $35 router doesn't do? I must be missing something.

    • Stream your 4K blue ray rips

    • Honestly comes down to how you use the net. How many devices connected, simple browsing, gaming, 4 people streaming?, plex server?, do you need to priortise traffic for streaming / voice calls or gaming? Do you have black spots in your house / low signal when you need it?

      If your $35 router does the job, and you're happy with it. Whos to say it isn't the perfect router.

      Unifi devices give you control over the network, prioritization, signal penetration and versatility. Also great nerd bragging rights haha

    • not much really , you can get a tp link router that has more bandwith for less money too. Ubiquiti is only good if you have many devices connected or are going for long range. They are more of a commercial router rather than a consumer brand like netgear orbi.

    • These are really getting towards what a business needs rather than a home user. Honestly, they do a lot of pretty cool things that are overkill for most people.

      They generally:
      - Handle more devices connected at the same time.
      - give each connected device more bandwidth
      - handle a lot more outgoing requests at the same time (this is affects torrenting and some games)
      - are more reliable
      - can cover a bigger area
      - can do some more advanced security checks
      - give you a lot of control over how different types of traffic are handled.
      - let you configure more advanced networks to eg. prevent your TV, guest’s phones, etc. from being able to talk to your laptop
      - are better supported with security patches
      - can be a useful way to learn how to set things up similar to how businesses do it.

      If you’re getting your full internet bandwidth already when you download things, your connection doesn’t drop out, the things you have on your home network are mostly talking to each other rather than the internet, and aren’t keen on learning some networking skills, it’s probably not worth it. If your connection is unstable or slower than it should be, or your router is more than ~5 years old it might be worth upgrading. You don’t really need to go beyond a $100-$150 wireless AC router from a reputable brand like Asus, Netgesr or TP-Link though.

    • In all honesty if you’re buying a single device for the home and everything will connect via wifi I’m not sure it is worth it to most people.

      Where it becomes more useful is if you need multiple access points, will use UniFi switches etc. The main selling point in my view is it’s running an embedded controller and Unifi gateway which allows management not only of this device but any other UniFi products you have. Quite often the controller will sit on a PC, Raspberry Pi or whatever but then you have to pay the cost for that and maintain it separately, this is an all in one gig. It makes it combine to smallish setups that have multiple UniFi devices, but I think it is probably prohibitively expensive and hard to justify if you won’t take advantage of the controller software.

      I’d say this device walks a very close line between home user and small business, but probably closer to pro home user for the reasons that it’s not designed to be rack mounted (an upcoming pro model is) and the fact this device does not support being adopted into an existing UniFi controller which removes some flexibility if you already have a working setup.

      I guess one other way to put this into perspective is, much of UniFis core user base are using wireless access points that you install into your ceiling and connect to the router via cable running in the walls and ceiling. If that doesn’t interest you, chances are the UniFi line of products aren’t for you even if this specific product doesn’t require that. Ubiquiti has a more consumer geared range called Amplifi that competes more closely with other consumer gear.

    • Smart homes are going to be more popular going forward, before you scoff at turning your lights on using an app, there's more to them than that. Smart homes require many connected devices which a cheap modem/router won't be able to handle. I upgraded to Unifi after my ISP provided router soiled itself with about 30 devices connected. If you don't have too many devices (clients) and you're happy with your wifi coverage then it's not worth the upgrade.

    • I work in IT and device like this is hilarious to me. This is on the level of the ASUS routers with 50 antennas people thinking that makes it better.

      For the vast majority the ISP provided or just a TP Link basic router + a normal Ubiquiti AP is going to be more than enough.

      Also lots of comments mixing up router and wifi access point. Not hard this is Facebook Mum level choosing to act dumb.

  • Can anyone comment on the volume level of the PoE Switch? I have recently gotten a PoE NVR (hikvision) and its fans are 100% all the time for cooling … sounds like I've got a tap running in the closet all the time.

    • Mine is silent and I have 3AP and 2Poe cams on it. I have never heard the fans turn on

    • You might have switch that fan spins 100% regardless of loads which most enterprise poe switch.

      If it standard 80mm fan you could open it up and check fan header. If it just standard one you can just get voltage reducer to reduce the fan speed or get quieter fans.

      • Its a common issue reported on the Hikvision NVR, its the power supply fans at 100% (not the case fan). Opening up a power supply is a hack I'm not willing to go into. So I'm thinking about my options to simply dampen the noise - without restricting air flow. Anyway its now an issue I'm more aware of that should be considered with new hardware purchases.

        • It's actually really simple to replace the power supply fans in the hikvision NVR's. Just a couple of screws really. The fans are plugs. I replaced mine with a Noctua equivalent. Huge difference in sound levels.

  • Thanks, got a UDM!

    • How'd you manage to get the code to apply? I keep getting

      Coupon code "UDM" is not valid.

      whenever I try

      • When I went to my cart and put UDM into the box created by the bottom right button, it just went through and gave me the discount. Maybe there are a limited number of uses?

  • Looks like a great product. The Wireless AP's are excellent, even in a small business setting with 30-40 connected devices.

  • UDM code doesn't seem to work anymore. Says it's not valid.

  • I'm getting code not valid too for the UDM code.

  • Code just worked for me.

  • Looking to upgrade my network AND install some unifi cameras in and outside my house.

    Could someone enlighten me to what I should be looking at buying? From my reading I need a dream machine, a cloud key and then the cameras to record is this correct?


  • Anyone received their UDM? How long did it take?