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Yamaha HTR-2071 5.1 Channel AV Receiver $195 @ Harvey Norman


Enjoy :)

Offering pure enjoyment for the home entertainment enthusiast, the Yamaha HTR-2071 5.1 Channel AV Receiver features high-fidelity sound, 4K Ultra HD support, and Virtual CINEMA FRONT to help you hear and see your favourite multimedia content from abroad, new horizon.

Key Features

5-channel speaker setup outputs superb audio backed by thumping bass and crisp lows
Dialogue Level Adjustment for proper sound balance with dialogue and vocals
ECO mode operation facilitates up to 20% less power consumption
Multi-language colour OSD with cover art display

What's In The Box?

1x Main Unit
1x FM Antenna
1x Remote Control
2x Batteries (AAA, R03, UM-4)
1x CD-ROM (Owner's Manual)
1x Quick Start Guide

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Harvey Norman



    Looking for something to connect Edifier 1280s to LG oled b8 improving the curent optical cable setup.

    Also anybody know if a sonos play 3 could also be connected as a centre in that setup?


    I guess you get what you pay for - low power, high distortion - and most people have 8 ohm speakers so these figures will be worse at 8 ohms.

    5-channel powerful surround sound
    70 W per Channel (6 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, 0.09% THD, 2-ch drive
    100 W per Channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1-ch driven)
    135 W per Channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD, 1-ch driven)

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      I think this is the same receiver from the "YHT1840B" pack (often on sale for <$400 with the 5.1 speaker package). It's actually surprisingly good quality for the price, I use my receiver with larger floor standing speakers and it's better quality than you'd expect at that price point.

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      This has always been the way Yamaha specifies its receivers. Take for example its top of the range Aventage RX-A3080 receiver.

      As far as I'm aware, Yamaha receivers use class AB amps, so their output powers at realistic distortion levels are lower than the specs, and much lower than receivers with class D amps.

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        Why on earth is anybody still using AB amps? The music hardware business (or their customers?) is so conservative.


        The amp in your link and the one in the post aren't specified the same way though. The expensive one is at 8ohms, the one in this listing quotes power at 6. This is a pretty common practice in the AVR world though. Onkyo do it too to make their cheaper stuff appear more powerful.

        Hopefully someone more technically minded can chime in, but in a like for like comparison the less expensive amp would make considerably less than the 70w x 2 advertised.

        That said, I'm sure it'll still get loud enough for most ears.


          The point isn't the exact speaker impedances, the THD thresholds, or the frequencies used in the measurements, but the ways the measurements are made.

          1. A frequency sweep on 2 channels at a reasonable THD.
          2. A sine wave on 1 channel at a higher but still tolerable THD.
          3. A sine wave on 1 channel driven to distortion.

          The receivers are not tested with sound on all channels driven at a reasonable THD, but if they are then these AB amps will return fairly low figures.

          The power output at different impedances can be guesstimated using Ohm's law. 70 W @ 6 ohm is equivalent to 53 W @ 8 ohm for an ideal amplifier. This receiver will likely output more than 53 W at 8 ohm.

          howdydood is wrong to conclude that this is a low powered, high distortion receiver based only on the three measurements.

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      the manual states Power Consumption 240 W, that should give you a quick indication of what to expect


      Yamaha makes amazing products. Good bikes, even the pianos sound decent. A receiver without DBA+? Manual on a CD?

      I splurged once on a top of the range Yamaha CD players Back in 1985. Turned out the Sony left it way behind in audio quality.

      I would recommend to buy your next audio gear from a specialist where you can try to see what it sounds like.


    Can we use this as 2 channel Amp to add to my current Yamaha RX-V3085?

    Basically i want to run 7.2.4 configuration but my current receiver is 9.2 with 9 channels amplified and 11 channels processing. I need separate 2 channel power Amp to run 2 extra speakers. Will this solve my purpose or should i buy only 2 channel amp. These 2 channel power amps are very expensive in Australia.

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    Been looking for something decent but cheap for my outdoor cinema. This will be perfect. Thanks OP

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    thanks OP! picked one up at the fountain gate store, It did not show this price on the sticker, the guy was suprised when i showed him the online price on my phone, still at least 5-6 in stock at around 2pm.

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    I bought one of these when it popped up here a few weeks back but returned it.
    Sound etc was fine but it was missing a feature my two other Yamaha amps have.
    Specifically standby bypass which is the function that allows it to be powered down but still have the signals pass through it.
    So, if your Fetch box is plugged into the amp you could go all 5.1 or turn the amp off and use the tv speakers.
    That worked for me because when people were sleeping the surround system was too loud.
    This is either on or off.
    That may be of use to someone.


      thanks was actually about to look for the manual to see if this supported standby bypass, so you saved me some time

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    lol @ the fancy pants claiming this is an under powered distorted amp


    The enjoyment would be so pure


    How does this compare to Yamaha RXV485B?

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    The specs are hard to find on this unit. Assume it doesnt do above DTS-MA and True HD(if it even does that)? Need something that does 4k with HDR and DV passthru plus atmos.

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    A decent HN deal?!