[PC, Origin] Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order $48 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like an new all time low for the PC version of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.
Console versions $55

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    Any opinions on this title? Initially heard it was alright but reluctant to buy.


      Yeah I feel the same 15 hours with no multiplayer don't know about replay value


        Probably the reason why Amazon tried to dump it for $55 last week (or earlier this week?) and now dropped another 7 bucks.

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      Great game, but once you're done, you're done. It's available on the Origin membership, if you think you can smash it out in a month, sign up for a month for $20.

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        This is the best way to get the game. I was going to purchase it but ended up going on the Origin membership. Played it a few hours a night plus weekend and finished in just over a week.

        Great game though, thoroughly enjoyed it even though it made me want to destroy my pc in rage

        Once finished, there is nothing else to do apart from collecting cosmetic items and exploring

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          I understand the reasons why, but I have trouble with any game involving light sabers - an instrument that if it were real would result in the loss of many a user's limbs - that can't dismember an opponent. Especially given the movies include the removal of serveral limbs. It comes across like a game with swordplay wherein the sword is replaced in-game with a butter knife. So yeah pass. It's likely I'll never bother with a star wars 1st person game where I play a Jedi. But as always I have no objections to others enjoying whatever they do.


    Damn, bought it off eBay for $50 for my PS4 2 weeks ago. Had to wait ages for it to finally arrive. Would have much preferred this.


    Does anybody know whether this comes with a disc or just an origin download code? Haven't bought a 'physical' PC game for years. The cover art says it's a DVD ROM, but the amazon reviews are conflicting .

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      I got this earlier in the week for 55 bucks - it's just an empty DVD box with a code inside.

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      Now days all physical PC games include a download code to one launcher or another.
      If any discs are included it's just to install the content (instead of downloading) but you still have to register the code to your account and play it on that account. A while ago they used to include several discs to install the game completely then it was common to just include one disc to get you started then download the rest through the launcher. Recently they've recently started not giving including any discs - just an empty case with a download code

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