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Hyundai 7.3kw Split System Inverter Air Conditioner $808 Delivered @ Kogan


Well it's even cheaper now from our great friends @ Kogan

Last time it was on sale it caused quite a stir among some Oz Bargainers.

Well this time lets fill in some facts:

Is it a good Aircon ?
Well yes for this price, it's excellent. It is made by who knows who in china and it is licensed to use the Hyundai name by Kogan.

Does it work ?
Yes it does, I have had mine installed for a week or so and it works excellent, in fact my wife complained it was too cold.

Did the installer complain or say it was rubbish?
Yes he did, the only comment he made was they used a cheaper grade of copper that was harder to bend into position and therefore he had to use a snake to bend it without it kinking.

Specs and blah blah:

7.3kW Cooling power – ideal for rooms up to 50sqm
Hyundai-quality reverse cycle heating and cooling
Energy-efficient inverter technology
3D Oscillation – up, down, left, right
3 Fan speeds and louver position memory
Quiet operation and built-in 24-hour timer
Dual drainage
Using inverter technology to quietly, efficiently and quickly draw in the surrounding air and circulate it with 3D oscillation, the Hyundai 7.3kW Split System Inverter Air Conditioner (24,000 BTU, Reverse Cycle) releases a powerful flow of hot or cold air to achieve your ideal temperature.

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    Goodie. Can we please have our usual 8 pages plus on the benefits of Hyundai ac.

    • Nope! we can't sorry

      • Sad :(

  • Oh I'm bloody hot, need air con !

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    Any recommendations for Melbourne installers and approx prices paid?

    • Yeah I was wondering the same about install price. I see Logan’s install price was $899

      • We should organise a group buy

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        I see Logan’s install price was $899

        Wolverine is really doing it tough these days

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      I've just got quotes for Melb Eastern suburbs (install job scheduled for next week so can't yet comment on quality).
      Here they are in order of cost, from cheapest to most expensive (though they were all in the same ballpark):

      1) Climatezone
      Tel: 0418 556 866 (Darren)
      2) V Spark Electrics
      Tel: 0401 965 805 (Paul)
      3) Twin Electrics & plumbing
      Tel: 03 9808 7555 (Darren)
      4) 4th Phase Electrics
      Tel: 0430 198 349 (Casey)

      I rang a bunch of other places & found many that won't fit without supplying (eg) Coldflow, Maroondah Heating & Cooling, Rapid Cold air conditioning.

      I decided to pick a sparkie company (like #2 or #3 for example) as they do everything, as opposed to others (got some additional quotes from individuals not listed above) who do the quote, but then work with a sparkie seperatly.
      Ensure that they'll provide an electrical certificate upon completion, etc.
      I'd also say that once they quoted (all in-person), I rang them back to ask them to better their price - most then knocked off $100 or ~10% (If you don't ask, you don't get, right?)

      In terms of price, #2 worked out at $750 per install (2 units), both of which were pretty much back to back, ground floor.


      • What does the electrical certificate say?

        • Says who it was installed by, their qualifications and lic#, on what date.

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      Last I checked there are plenty of licensed Aircon installers on Airtasker will do a standard back-to-back install for around the $450 - $550 price.

      That's how I had my last Aircon installed.

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    Having to pay $700 on average to install one of these split system air conditioners, you don't want to install an unknown brand with questionable reliability.

    Pay a bit extra and buy a decent unit like Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, etc.

    How will Kogan's response be when this cheap unit craps itself? The installer will also just blame the unit.

    It'll be in landfill in 2 years or so when some obscure part cannot be sourced.

    • Which Mitsubishi? MHI or ME?

      • Both are good brands, but from what I've read I think MHI has the edge on quality. I still don't think you can go wrong with Mitsubishi Electric though.

        • I recently was gonna go with an MHI, but got the newest model LG (I have the 2018 models already) cos I like the in built wifi module and I haven’t had any issues with the 2 other units I installed 2 years ago

          • @Danstar: That’s a really good recommendation. Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know.

            I also read that LG has inverter compressor. Is this common across other split units such as MHI?

            The other pluses for LG is the built in wifi, and display on the indoor unit itself that tells you the temperature without having to search for the remote or check on the phone what temperature it is set to. It also measures power consumption, also on the indoor unit itself and on the app.

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              @delfredo: And LG also has 10 years warranty on the compressor

          • @Danstar: How is your experience with the wifi feature? I read that some are complaining about slow connectivity or that it just doesnt connect from phone to aircon. Does it work fine for you?

            • @delfredo: It used to be bad when I first got it installed. But they updated the firmware and the app and it’s much better now. It is still “slow” as in it’s not instantaneous when you open up the app. It takes around 5-10 seconds for the app to connect to the aircon. Then when it does, take about 2/3 seconds for a command to go through when you click to do something like change the temp.

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    Well this time lets fill in some facts:

    Does Hyundai have authorised distributors/repairers/service centres/spare parts resellers in Australia for their AC units?

    Will Hyundai honour warranty claims on their AC units from Australian owners?

    Can you easily obtain spare parts for a Hyundai AC unit yourself, should it suffer a failure?

    No, no and no.


    This is like buying a Proton Waja instead of a Toyota Camry because you want to save a few thousand bucks up-front; only to realise you'll spend the cost of the vehicle itself in TOC over its lifespan because it's less-reliable, less-popular and less-supported.

    Buy a Panasonic, Daikin or Mitsubishi split system instead.

  • When choosing an installer, make sure they are licensed to service and repair ACs…most installers these days are just licensed to install.

    Thank me later when you need to claim warranty or service it.

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      can’t you just use the installer, who is just licensed to install, to install the unit, and if you need service and repairs just get someone who is licensed to do that?

      • +2

        Pretty much, it’s just scare mongering from those that have no clue. An aircon is not the holy grail that must have amazing service people living next door. It’s just an appliance like everything else in the house.