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Hyundai 7.3kw Split System Inverter Air Conditioner $899 (Was $1199) Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan have taken $700 off this for the Boxing Day sale, you can stack the coolbox coupon to get a further 25% off making it $899 delivered, pretty bloody good for a 7kw aircon

7.3kW Cooling power – ideal for rooms up to 50sqm
Hyundai-quality reverse cycle heating and cooling
Energy-efficient inverter technology
3D Oscillation – up, down, left, right
3 Fan speeds and louver position memory
Quiet operation and built-in 24-hour timer
Dual drainage
Using inverter technology to quietly, efficiently and quickly draw in the surrounding air and circulate it with 3D oscillation, the Hyundai 7.3kW Split System Inverter Air Conditioner (24,000 BTU, Reverse Cycle) releases a powerful flow of hot or cold air to achieve your ideal temperature.

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  • +45


    Only been on the market since December 13, and has always been $1199.99, never $1899…

    Please don't use silly price comparisons like that, despite what Kogan show.

    • +27

      Only posting what’s advertised on the site, if Kogan are posting fake prices then they can get in trouble ?

      • -2

        Not fake prices, they are saying don’t pay that much coz others do sell for that price.

        Like these guys

        • +3

          That is a Kogan listing. If you click on the "view on seller's website" blue button it takes you to Kogan's website listing for the same item

        • +4

          Lol that's a Kogan advertisement.

      • -2

        if Kogan are posting fake prices then they can get in trouble ?

        In theory yes but in practice no.

        Businesses operate in a seperate legal system to individual's where they are not expected to follow the law. For example VW killed thousands of people by cheating emissions tests but no one went to jail.

        • -1

          How many people did VW exactly kill?

    • +5

      Regardless this is an awesome price for a 7.3KW split system from a reputable brand !

      • That’s what I thought too

      • A brand only sold by Dick Smith/Kogan is reputable?

        Ok then…

        Enjoy dealing with them for warranty

        • +1

          Lol :D
          Google ‘Hyundai’ son

          • -18

            @Umar511986: I did

            Did you?

            Did you find another retailer for Hyundai Air Conditioners? And split systems, not ones in their cars.

            That's a "no" (not here either) (or here)

            • +6

              @spackbace: Understand your concern from a warranty point of view… however Kogan sells TVs as well and provide their own warranty.
              My comment above is just in relation to the Hyundai brand ONLY. My parent’s home overseas has Hyundai Split Systems (4 units) installed for more 8 years now and still going strong !

              • -22


                My parent’s home overseas

                Bingo. This product isn't even from this country. Hell, even searching the model numbers at the top of the Product Manual doesn't turn up anything. You think you'd find some section of Hyundai's website detailing the model, warranty returns, etc etc.

                Given this isn't something you can just simply box up and send back, how the hell do warranty claims go if Kogan don't honour it (and it's not like we're looking at the best store for warranty claims here…)? You can't just go to a local arm of Hyundai, at least as far as I've searched.

                At least the main brands - Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Kelvinator etc etc, have local warranty offerings, and manufacturers you can contact.

                • +39

                  @spackbace: Oh no a product not from this country, since when does anything get made in Australia anymore.
                  Guess what? It’s a new product and it’s $899. It’s still 7.3kw it’s still an air conditioner, we are protected by ACCC if it goes to shit, you don’t need to buy one but others like me are happy to take the punt. try not being so negative in life, you may actually start to enjoy it.

                  • -47

                    @worker: Sorry, I think you meant to tick the "Associated" box…

                    Oh no a product not from this country, since when does anything get made in Australia anymore.

                    Wasn't meaning it was made here, simply had some form of manufacturer distribution system, not just sold by 1 single retailer (who grey imports crap).

                    Guess what? It’s a new product and it’s $899. It’s still 7.3kw it’s still an air conditioner

                    Umm yay? Guess what, I have some magic beans you can buy, I do you good deal

                    you don’t need to buy one but others like me a happy to take the punt.

                    Because it's $899, or because they supposedly discounted it by $1,000? If the everyday price was $899, would you still take a punt? Better name products that are >5kw go for around $1100, yet you want to throw away your money on cheap shit and 'take a risk?'

                    Again, I think you should buy my magic beans. I'll discount the price so you'll feel it's more of a bargain.

                    • +14

                      @spackbace: It’s not even worth the effort to reply to you. You obviously know nothing about air conditioning brands apart from what google tells you and of course google is 100000% correct every time.

                      • -7

                        @worker: This one is 7.0KW and has a $1598 discount! I think that's the better buy, don't you? Going by what you deem as a bargain anyway

                        • +24

                          @spackbace: No, devanti is rubbish and that unit is more expensive and not as powerful.

                          I don’t need to feed the internet trolls. It’s a bargain site and imo I found a bargain so I posted it. The end.
                          As I said you don’t need to buy it and I don’t need to justify to you why I’m happy to buy it.

                      • +1

                        @worker: It is, it will tell you your both right.

                  • +9

                    @worker: It's a grey import is what he's saying, warranty only through Kogan, known for being a pain in the ass with warranties. Hardly that great a price, I think I paid $1200 for my 7 or 8kw panasonic aero, with local warranty and support.

                    • @brendanm: $1200 for 7/8Kw Pana aero?
                      Link please.

                      • +1

                        @congo: I bought a 6/7kw Panasonic CS/CU-Z60TKR from Bing Lee 2 years ago for $1200.

                      • @congo: $1200 was a guess, it was 2 years as go. Aussie ac have them for $1450, Gerry will match it.

                    • @brendanm: I bought size 10 US shoes from Kogan. They came and despite being labelled size 10 were way to big. I sent them photos compared to my other size 10 shoes to prove it. Kogan wouldn't refund only credit and return postage at my expense. Then they claimed they didn't receive them. Out of pocket $65 shoes and $12 post. Thanks for nothing Kogan.

                  • +4

                    @worker: ACCC - good luck with that

          • +19

            @Umar511986: How are you going to get parts for this AC system? I guarantee that Kogan will not carry them nor help with any technical help.

            This is a cheap unit that has zero manufacturer support and will be throw away when any PCB or brand specific part fails.

          • @Umar511986: Lol son haha

        • +5

          I've had an extremely good warranty experience with Kogan. Can't be faulted.

          • +5

            @khrome: So what happened when you needed a part for an AC system out of warranty? Did they source the part for you?

            • -1

              @Maverick-au: all ac companies have local contractors that service the area. the ones that kogan will use should be able to service these outside of wartanty.

              • +12

                @chillwok: Where will they get parts from? Hyundai are not represented in this country which means no parts, no service info, no technical support etc. This means it's straight to landfill and replaced with something else.

                • @Maverick-au: that's for the local kogan contractors to worry about. i bought 3 Samsung spit system units when they first started selling them at masters and Harvey. i can tell you now that the newly released branded cheaper samsungs run much quiter and cooler then the branded fujitsu that i bought around at the same time. also why are you so worried the AC will break down. if you've talked to as many installers as i have they will tell u all the same line "other installers might not install it right and you'll get many problems". so your warranty issues might be caused by the dodgy installer and not the a/c unit itself.

                  what do you mean hyundai is not represented in this country? looks like kogan is representing and supporting hyundai a/cs

                  • +3


                     i can tell you now that the newly released branded cheaper samsungs run much quiter and cooler then the branded fujitsu that i bought around at the same time.

                    But… Those aren't Hyundai a/cs…

                    • @spackbace: yeh you're right they are not hyundai a/cs BUT they were a new brand released into australia at the time… so i was told by a sales guy. none the less it was cheap and so is this a/c. if it such a bad deal how come you haven't -ve the deal?

                      • +11

                        @chillwok: Can't neg, idiots negged my previous comments without actually reading them so my vote would be insta-revoked

                        I genuinely went looking of proof of info on these on anywhere besides Kogan for support and found zilch in Australia. As can be seen in my previous comments

                        People blindly upvoted this post due to the false misconception it's $1,000 off when it's actually $300.

                        Warranty/servicing issues would definitely be a cause for concern.

                    • +1

                      @spackbace: Nothing wrong with the Samsungs (they do make parts available, though $650 for an outdoor unit motor when my 7.5kW one failed at 5.5 years old is hardly good)

                      Not sure what @chillwok means by 'quieter and cooler' but I guess it is that they seem to work better and be quieter. However my experience with the Samsung vs Fujitsu was the polar opposite. In one house, I have 2 Fujitsus, 1 Samsung. The Fujitsus kill the Samsung both noise, performance and quality wise.

                      In another place I have two Panasonics. They camen with the house(and are 18 years old), but after working closely with age-related faults on one of these, and my 5 year old Samsung (I fix them myself), I'd rate the Panasonic far higher than Samsung. How it's made inside, also the doco and ease of fault finding, the Korean ones rate but they are anywhere as good as the Panasonic. None of the Fujitsus have failed yet, all perform perfectly, efficiently and quietly.

                      After being presented with a quote from Samsung for that $650 motor, and needing to relocate the system anyway, I bought a cheap LG replacement instead.

                      However having had it up front and personal in the house, I now expect it to fail (as fast and as miserably as the Samsung did) AND fear a spare parts experience may be just as bad.

                      My advice re the Hyundai is, they are probably good as Hyundai is massive so a major competiro with LG and Samsung. They are modern units but no-one really knows if they are well-designed, made or and well-supported. These claim high efficiency ratings too.

                      My advice however is to look up the tech documentation to verify that before you have one that isn't doing its job too. I tried, but couldn't find any technical/troubleshooting info online, or parts vendors (not even globally), which is strange these days. All I could find was pages like this: https://www.acerservices.com.au/hyundai-air-con/

                      If Hyundai are new in Oz, buyers could be being more hopeful than those who buy Fiats or other low-volume brands and expect after-sales service.

                      Having your local ac guy tell you they can't get parts as there is no supporting distributor, let alone a warehouse of parts, or 'not many of those were brought here', or not being able to diagnose the problem because there are little technical support is not a good place to end up- esp as AC systems do fail.

                      The thing I find about Kogan stuff is that they always bring in the latest items, and brand/re-brand them any way they like. They bring in thousands of different models of all kinds of things, and don't have the volume to keep a decent parts inventory- they rely on the vendors who in this case is overseas (and has no website?). So whilst a cheaper or short-life product might make this seem acceptable, complex stuff that fails, could need a technicians, info and parts, is risky.

                      The Kogan site IIRC lists these Hyundai's as having "Energy Rating 4.0 Star" but the national regulator (The sale of all ACs in Aus/NZ is regulated) site (http://www.energyrating.gov.au/suppliers), which has only 7 Hyundai models listed- and they not the units Kogan is selling now, and were for the NZ market, not Oz. They list 4 Kogans and no Devantis. That doesn't mean it can't get a 4 star rating (it is a modern R32 unit), but who knows. Does a real rating exist, or is the star rating not an official one that is claimed unlawfully?


                      All that said, the installation manual is fine, but only has one page on troubleshooting, so only room for a few error codes. Usually modern machines can generate lots of codes, they really need to make these available somehow.

                      IMHO, the effort installing and fixing is far too great to cheap out too much on the unit itself. It's cheap, but to buy something with good aftermarket support won't cost much more, and a good one like a Panasonic/Fujitsu.

                      • +3

                        @resisting the urge:

                        IMHO, the effort installing and fixing is far too great to cheap out too much on the unit itself. It's cheap, but to buy something with good aftermarket support won't cost much more, and a good one like a Panasonic/Fujitsu.

                        Which sums up my thoughts, and those of the neg voters. The problem is that originally OP misrepresented a $1,000 discount on this, luring people into thinking it's a better deal than it really is

                        It's not a huge price difference to something of a name brand with local warranty and parts supply, but since OP bought one, they'd lead you to believe this is the best thing since sliced bread 😂

                        • @spackbace: Be careful mate, @worker might go all keyboard warriors on you when he sees this and call you pathetic

            • @Maverick-au: It wasn't anything to do with this product. Just a warranty claim for a G-Shock watch. Gave me a whole new one no questions asked.

          • +1

            @khrome: You, my friend, are very lucky. I've made two warranty claims to Kogan, both were a nightmare and produced NOTHING in the way of warranty cover

        • Warranty is excellent with Kogan. My airfryer had issues 6 months after purchase 3 days ago, 1 email to them and they are sending me out a new one without need to return the faulty one for free. Easy as

          • +2

            @cute as ducks: So how would a warranty claim work for a big unit like this. Will they simply send a new unit out? Or do u have to send the unit back for them to diagnose.

            • @BlitzR: I can't tell you but the airfryer is bulky too; obviously not as bulky as a split air system. With split airsystem I would imagine they would send someone out to yours to diagnose but you and spaceback are right it's an unknown and a concern.

              In my case proof how easy warranty claim was https://ibb.co/2y0XNh7

              1 email and about 1 hour for a response they organised a replacement without need to return it back to them. $250 airfryer

        • +21

          Jesus H. Christ, this community is absolutely pathetic sometimes and somehow manages to be populated by the feeblest of minds.

          What the hell is it with these mindless neggers who just downvote like Lemmings because other people did, without judging the post on its own merit?

          Spackbace is absolutely right; there's no point buying a big ticket item like a Split System that is mandated by the manufacturer to require regular maintenance and replacement parts over the course of its lifetime, which is usually expected to be at least a decade for a 7.3kw A/C unit, if Hyundai don't even have authorised distributors for spares and/or servicing centres in Australia.

          That's like buying a make of car that's never been officially sold in your country.

          You're going to be voiding any and all warranties whatever you do, as you won't be able to source genuine parts as an individual consumer direct from Hyundai and any tradesman that touches your Split System won't have Hyundai's approval; so good luck trying to claim ACCC/ACL protections on something that really shouldn't have been sold in Austalia in the first goddamned place.

          I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Hyundai don't even know their A/C units are being sold in Australia.

      • +3

        Reviews online suggest as an AC brand they might be worth skipping. Id suggest like with cars, Hyundai home AC will have a learning curve…

        • +1

          Shhh, discount=deal

          • @spackbace: Lol, what else you call a deal… now you’re being Funny !

            • +2

              @Umar511986: A deal is when an item is good value. If I have an item that's worth $10, and try to sell it to you for $800, it's not a deal when I then offer it to you at $400.

              • @brendanm: Best you mention another comparable deal…
                Can you prove its a rubbish Aircon and not worth the $$$ ?

                • +3

                  @Umar511986: I never said it was, I was refuting your claim that the discount makes something a deal.

                  Having said that, I'm sure parts and service will be quite hard to come by in Australia. Fujitsu, Panasonic, Mitsubishi etc are all a better idea if you don't want to be without a/c for weeks waiting on a part or service.

                • +1

                  @Umar511986: Seems like you work for Kogan, since you trying very hard to sell this product….

      • +4

        Its not a reputable brand. Hyuandai wanted more money so sold rights to license their name to XYZ Chinese Airconditioner factory because they knew people would believe its a reputable brand. See so many other brands done same thing.

        • +3

          E.g. my $200 55" 4K Polaroid tv I picked up at Big W yesterday. Polaroid name licenced by some unknown Chinese company

        • Is this a thought, or do you know it is so?

          Seems to me Hyundai is far too big a corporate brand to flog off like Polaroid, Nakamichi, Akai and Teac.

    • Kogan says don’t pay $1899.

      Not that they ever said they sold it for that price.


      But someone does.

      • +2

        That is a Kogan listing. If you click on the "view on seller's website" blue button it takes you to Kogan's website listing for the same item.

        • +1

          Thanks for pointing it out

  • +1

    Eastern states only.

  • This or the Panasonic CS/CU-Z71VKR C7.1kW which comes with "Air Purifier" :

    When does this end?

    • That Panasonic is $1699 @ a few places

      At least it's found in more than 1 store…

      • Yeah waiting for eBay 20% off code…which brings it down to $1500

    • Buy 2 systems instead of 1

      • Yeah but Panasonic has air purifier plus
        Panasonic > Hyundai
        But not sure if it is worth that much more…

        • You kinda answered your own question !
          Is an air purifier feature really worrh the extra $$$ ?

        • +1

          I wouldn’t be too concerned with the purifier, it’s usually just an additional pollen or hepa filter like these


          The filters are added in addition to the dust filter and marketed as purifier or enzyme cleaner etc. in the end it’s just a small filter that doesn’t really do much as it does not cover the entire surface area of the air intake.

        • you don't need air purifier in Australia. If you are in China then you need it.

          • +5

            @TigerWoops: I reckon a few NSW people might disagree with you about air quality here given the fires :)

    • congo I bought 2018 model Panasonic CS/CU-Z71TKR C7.1kW H8.0kW for $1348 on sale from Good Guys in Nov 2018.
      Highly recommended, its powerful yet can be very quiet in quiet mode.

      When it's 30deg+ I know I can rely on this aircon.

  • +10

    With something important like an aircon I stick to proven brands like Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Daikon etc. They have proven themselves over many years (in my houses and my friends) and most importantly they are quiet and reliable! Lately a number of Mitsubishi installed here and with friends (4 units) all going very well. A few years earlier two Mitsubishi were also great and quiet but not inverters. The new inverter types are much more efficient than some earlier models as well. I wonder why an aircon can be dropped $1000 in price if it is so good?

    • +2

      Hyundai are perhaps the most common aircons I see in Asia, and definitely in africa. Admittedly, lower cost centres. Not a proven brand here, but elsewhere for sure.

      • +2

        That’s exactly the point, Hyundai aircons are well renowned and very commonly used in other countries !
        I was confused by many when installing a Samsung ducted aircon in my newly built home back in 2013. Well, I just had a warranty repair done last week ‘Out of Warranty’ without any issues…
        Got knocked back at first but I asked politely for management approval for an out of warranty repair and they agreed !

      • I have 2 LG air cons and My friend has two LGs. Beautiful and no issue.

        • +7

          And that has what to do with Hyundai exactly?

          • @spackbace: Not quite sure. This brand is from Korea but not sure it is from same country maybe from China. I am stick with well known brand and this one….hmmmmm.

    • +10

      Don't confuse Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry.
      Two very different products.

      • -3

        Electric are also good, just heavy tend to be no frills and electric has frills

  • +1

    Any way to get this shipped to WA ?

  • +5

    Hyundai aircon brand sounds dodge to me (in terms of quality). Hyundai sold the electronic division to India (if my memory is correct) and even in Korea there’s no Hyundai Aircon in the market. I would avoid even though it’s bloody cheap.

    • +7

      Sure it's cheap but for not many more dollars you can a quality brand that is supported in Australia. Buying this is just tossing away your money when it fails. You might be ok and it lasts or you might luck out and it fails but why take the chance.

      • +1

        Because installation fees suck!!

        • @hyunjun24
          just wondering how much it cost to install the aircon?

    • -8

      How dare you ! Havent you heard of the brand "Hyundai" ?!? They are so large on an international scale so this must be a great product! Hyundai is a big brand so after sales service and support should be great! If they can't support we can just easily raise the issue with the ACCC and we will win against such a big company like Hyundai! Their cars have come good in the last 10 years so this is a great deal!

      • +7

        Calm down. Have a snickers.

        Don't be confused with the car brand that you can easily claim warranty on. Can you point me to where I can claim warranty on their aircon? Cos i can't find any info

  • +28

    The unit has only 1 year warranty which starts from the time it ships.

    No manufacturer support or parts out of warranty.

    Fake previous price.

    Dubious origin, the market it was intended for us unknown.

    Likely to end up in landfill.

    I believe that Hyundai AC systems were sold in Australia many years ago but they pulled out leaving no support for existing units.

    I'm negging the deal for all these reasons.

    • +2

      Yeah that is shit warranty. My Mitsubishi Heavy Industry has 5 years warranty If I recall correctly.

    • -3

      I love the fact you made so many assumptions.
      How do you know there are no parts ? Or manufacturer support ?
      What are the dubious origins ?
      What doesn’t end up in land fill ?
      What’s the fake previous price? Just because price hiPster says so?
      1 year warranty sure that sucks, I’m sure it would be covered by a statutory warranty if it fails.

      Hyundai is a much better brand than devanti, sterling, arlec, tomo and many other shitty brands sold in big box stores.

      • +1

        Ok point me to the local tech support if u have issues. Cos there is no way I'm gonna sit on the phone to try n diagnose issues with some call center guy that is reading from a script. I'd rather a local support tech come to my house to diagnose fix the issue

        • -1

          Lol, don’t buy it then… let others buy who can send an email to Kogan and get their aircon fixed which is when and if it breaks !

        • -1

          Try get tech support for any of the other brands I mentioned that sell for more $$.

          • +3

            @worker: I have with my Fujitsu and my parents Samsung aircons. They simply send out a local tech to my house to diagnose the issue, then he was back the next day with replacement parts.

            • @BlitzR: Probably what’s going to happen with this aircon too

              • +4

                @worker: "Probably" is the exact assumption. While this seems like a very cheap deal. I can't seem to find a single servicing company that services hyundai aircon. Unlike other products, aircon cost a min of $450 (most charge n average of $600) to install. So that does add up.

                • @BlitzR: Oh well I guess time will tell, I don’t mind paying $500-$1000 less on a product and take the punt, who knows maybe there will be nothing wrong with the aircon and it will just work and it may even cool my house.

                  • +2

                    @worker: Install is going to cost the same.
                    So your gamble.

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