OnePlus - Worth It?

Looking to upgrade my Pixel 2xl (from the JBHIFI deal roughly two years ago)

Have been doing a bit of research and keep coming across the OnePlus 7pro and the variant.
from all accounts it looks really good for the price -

I'm jut after some reviews and comments from Aussies that own one or had to get it fixed under warranty with a third party seller, To be honest - sounds like a pain in the arse. and interesting that they havn't sold here since the 5.

Is there anything equivalent that isn't a Samsung?


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    I've owned the:
    - One, still being used by my wife;
    - 3T, now being used by my daughter;
    - 7 Pro, my current phone.

    I'm fully expecting my next phone to be another OnePlus! I've never had to deal with repairs of any kind.

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    I've owned the One, three, five, six. Never had a problem with any of them. And I used to be a hardcore Samsung fan but ever since the One, I've never looked back. Easily the best phones I've ever had

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    Good phone at a good price.

    Whether getting things fixed under warranty is a concern will depend on how often you upgrade your phone and your risk profile. I upgrade my phone on the yearly release cycle, so I never get anything repaired under warranty. If it breaks, I'll cop it. I always buy gray imports and I've had one phone break. The savings completely outweigh the cost of that phone.

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    Those with a OnePlus 7, where did you buy? I've heard so many different things about the different sites.

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    I have a Oneplus 3T which bought 3 years ago for $600 and love it. I am now considering buying a 7T for about $700. Although I am also seriously looking at the Xiaomi 9T Pro which I can pick up for about $130 less.

    I tend to hold on to phones and had a HTC One M7 for 3.5 years before the OP3T and the HTC cost me $700 6.5 years ago. As I type this and think about it and the price I really should get the 7T (not the pro) - can anyone recommend a reputable seller, have been looking at Buy Buy Box which some recommend on Whirlpool.

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    Yep. I jumped on the OnePlus ship with the 5. Ended up giving that to the wife to replace her Motorola and got myself the OnePlus 6. Still getting regular updates and still runs smooth as silk. Unlike every other phone I have owned where I felt a need to replace it every 12 to 18 months, the OP6 I just can’t find a reason to need to replace it.

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    Where do you guys buy these phone?

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    I've had the One, 3T, 5T, 6T and 7T haha all have been great phones. Just don't expect warranty/support when purchasing any grey market phones

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    I love the full screen experience and the crazy smooth speed of the OnePlus 7 Pro. I'd find it hard to use anything else.


    You could look at the Pixel 3a

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    Yes it's worth it fastest phone I have ever used

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    Still on my 5T now - without a doubt the best phone I've ever owned. Previous phones were Samsung, Sony and HTC. I would recommend the OP over all of them.

    When it's time to upgrade I'll definitely get another.

    But right now, about 2 years old, and it's running like it's brand new still.