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Sensodyne Repair and Protect (w/Novamin) 100g - $6.60 (Was $11.00) @ Woolworths


Still an expensive toothpaste but it is great if you have sensitive teeth. The novamin actually has some scientific evidence behind it unlike a lot of toothpaste ingredients. Good time to stock up as it only goes on sale every few months from my experience.

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  • Chemist Warehouse was still $10.49 yesterday so if still current, a price beat will be slightly cheaper than using 5% discounted wish gift cards

  • I've been waiting for this. Thanks for posting.

    • This is rarely a useful comment. You will just get asked “why didn’t you post it as a deal then?”

      In any case, I didn’t see it. It may have been a similar product but not the same.

  • I'm a sceptic after I splurged and got the "second generation" BioMin F.

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    Most studies I've seen show there's no statistically significant difference in hypersensitivity relief between NovaMin used in Sensodyne and Pro-Argin used in Colgate Pro Relief. Colgate Pro Relief is frequently on sale for under $5 and sometimes under $4.

    • Colgate Pro Relief works way better for me. I've tried both, Colgate made a massive difference to my sensitivity, Sensodyne made a small difference.

      My dentist said some people get better results with one active ingredient, others get better results with the other.

      I'd say try both and stick with whichever works best.

  • I used to always get mouth uclers until I started using this. Couldn't believe it, I hate how expensive it is but it's worth it for me.
    I'll be stocking up on this! Thanks OP!

  • actually has some scientific evidence

    Which may mean they founded research organisations to do "research", scientific journals to do the "peer reviewing" and networks of press outlets to make the amazing new research "popular".

    Could be legitimate too, I have no idea.

  • Watch out on the expiry date if you're stocking up.

  • They moved some of their manufacturing to Thailand and kept the price the same as when it was made in the UK. Then they put the Thailand made stuff on sale periodically. Bit of a scam if you ask me, as when it’s half price it’s probably closer to what the Thai stuff should always be sold at. Who’s paying $11 for Thai made toothpaste ? I only buy the made in UK stuff personally. I work in the industry, and because of what I know i try not to put stuff in my body that’s made in Thailand, China, India, Indonesia etc. I check the back of the packet every time there’s a good sale and so far it’s never been the made in UK. There will be those who chime in with ‘it’s all the same no matter where it’s made ‘ but no, no it’s not.

  • Thanks got 3 packs today. Chemist warehouse thought I was putting one over them with a fake add and rams Woolworths to find out.

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