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[NSW] LG 86UM7600PTA 86" Smart 4K UHD TV $2673 (Local Pickup Villawood) @ Appliance Central eBay


Alright.. I was looking for a good deal on an 80+ inch tv. Searched on eBay and found this LG UM76 86". Unfortunately delivery is $990 to SA but if you live near Sydney it says free local pickup available.
Using eBay code 'PREPARE' gives 10% off for a total price of $2673. If they honour it it's an amazing price IMO.

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    delivery to melbourne is $190 pretty decent

    i would of bought this if i didnt buy a tv recently


    Wow I paid $2435 for a sony 65 not long ago.

    Are we able to mount this on a gyprock wall? Or best left on top of tv units?

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    1 year warranty??????????????


      That's the amount of time where you should get little resistance from vendor and manufacturer. Aside from that Australian Consumer Law gives you more rights, e.g. that the product should survive a reasonable time - where "reasonable" is often defined by judges.


        Yeah I know consumer law applies, but when I'm spending $2673 on a TV I expect little resistance for 2-3 years absolutely minimum! Maybe resistance but still covered for up to 5 years.

        Only a year of hassle free / less hassle repairs is BS.


    I bought the QA75Q80RAWXXY Samsung 75 INCH Series 8 Q80R QLED 4K TV for $4,131.00 the other day from same eBay seller. Also saved $40 by picking up from their Villawood store. ……..I'm stoked!!!
    Checked the price today and is now $4,455.00 after code PREPARE is applied and delivery cost also excluded.

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    I looked at these but ended up purchasing Sony 85" X8500G. It was all round much better performer.
    LG is very much a bottom end (but large) panel, IPS, edge lit. Poor contrast ratio, Dolby Vision support, but with the poor contrast ratio I dont think it would look great at alk. Couldnt confirm if it was using the dodgy sub 4k RGBW arrangement, but picture never looked as good as the Sony, or Samsung I was comparing against.
    Hey its a very cheap big screen, so as long as you go in knowing its bottom end performance wise and that works for you then it could be a good option?


      how much did your sony cost?

      My cursory research tells me RGBW is on the LG 6000 series of TVs, but I don't know if it might also be on the 7000 series.


        I got my Sony on boxing day sale when they dropped to $3500. Seem to be semi permanent hovering in that space now, after a brief jump to $4500 ,mid Jan.
        For me that was a good deal as I think the specs are better for what I like to use it for. Keep in mind it is better than th rtings review suggests, as their main criticism was contrast but the 85 has VA panel, which boosts the contrast dramatcally, at tbe expensive of viewing angle. Also grts the back lighting over the smaller model edge lighting.


      LG 86UM7600PTA Specs on LG's website.

      Backlight Type: Direct

      ITS NOT EDGE LIT. WHY DO PEOPLE LIE?? or make stuff up all the time here. I've had to correct so many posts.


      The Samsung 82" is trash VA and its viewing angles are not as good if people were tossing up between this or the Samsung

      Sony has better picture QTY but its OS it 100% trash VS LG's with LG magic remote

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    I bought this TV for $3k and thought it was a bargain 5 months ago and we still love it! The sound is very good and loud on this TV so you won't need a sound bar so can save space. I'm still very happy with the purchase even tho it cost me 3k. Was a massive upgrade from my 4 yr old tv (not 4k) 55inch Hisense led tv.

    For the price I don't think you can go wrong really for such a big tv.

    Only problem some mite say is that it is not andriod software but I'm don't mind it because it is good and responsive in load times.

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    Literally just bought this Tv from jbhifi during boxing day sale. Amazing


    Does this tv have E-ARC with it's firmware updates?

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