Gripwell Tape Measure with Auto Lock 8m X 25mm $4 @ Supercheap Auto


Love browsing clearance items on SCA. Occasionally will find some decent bargains. Just received an email for loyalty credit so snapped up a couple of these. 4 bucks for an 8 metre tape is a no brainer.

Wide 25mm Blade
Auto Lock
Durable Plastic Housing

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    Does the hook on the end grip well?

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    They've been at this clearance price for months and months now. Autolock is very convenient and so is the magnetised hook. One con is it's only in metric.

    These clearance SCA branded ones have metric as well as imperial but no autolock. It does have thumb and bottom temp locks though.

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      @CVonC "One con is it's only in metric". I find the dual imperial/metric tape measure really annoying. I never use imperial scale as it only hinders the process when taking measurements, particularly when it needs to be precise, such as to the mm and you've got imperial sitting on the side of the tape that you want to measure.

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        Yeah tbh I've found the dual metric more covenient when measuring.

        But I've got the grip well and the 2 sca ones anyway lol

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      Not having solely metric is a con.

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      I grew up in an imperial world but only buy 100% metric tape measures.

      Dual scale is just creating a greater chance of an error.

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      Officially, the imperial system is used in one country - Burma/Myanmar. The USA and Liberia use a closely-related system called “US Customary Units'. However, some units have a different value in the US Customary system from what they have in Imperial.

      hashtag_SupportTheOneTrueSystem hashtag_MetricToo

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    Ah found the reason the Royal house is collapsing! The metric virus has struck! Poor folks on the "old" island are suffering with having to pump fuel in metrics. Brexit will sure fix it!


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