What Can Be Done Where Unable to Redeem Coles Glassware Promo

Currently Coles is running promo where you earn 1 glassware credit for every $20 spent. The minimum credit required are 25 so essentially you need to spend $500 to reach this status.

Both me and my partner have been doing Coles shopping instead of Woolies to utilise this promo. We reached 26 credits each on our cards but when we tried to redeem them, we were advised the glasses for these credits are sold out. The minimum credit required to redeem available stock is 35 credits. We tried couple of other stores and all had same situation. They refused to offer other glassware or even give 1 by combining our credits which totals to 52.

We are quite disappointing as we spent more than $1000 and can't even redeem the promo. Is there something we could do about this situation?

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    Sold out = sold out

    You snoozed, you losed

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    Bad mouth them on their Facebook page?



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      Why? It said limited time, stocks may not last…..

      GASP stocks didn't last.


        I notice on my last receipt I got 2 GW points, and only spent ~21$.

        Perhaps they have doubled the points earnings?

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          Last min rush to give people close to getting some glasses points? My coles said they only had about 5-8 sets left and if I wanted any to get them now as I had enough points. I'm like nah, got one set, cheap and nasty. Someone else can have them.

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    1) Try other stores till you find stock of the 25 credit ones
    2) Shop more as you would and get the 30 credit ones
    3) Go buy some from IKEA, they're really basic cheap glasses no matter how 'European' they dress them up
    4) Wait till promo ends and they slash the credit cost by 50% to get rid of remaining stock

    The T&Cs of the promotion clearly state 'while stocks last' so you have no direct recourse at all.

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      Thanks for the advice. I will just forget about it as no point pursuing it and wasting time when no close by store has a stock.


        There are special products which give you extra points. We bought some normal grocery + Coles branded Tandoori marinade ($1 or $2?) and spend only $20 in one session. That gave us 2 points for each shopping session. Got some champagne glasses in the end (I see no difference between them and 75 cent glasses I saw at K-mart last week, but I am no glass expert).

        Some useful information that almost no one cares about:

        Unfortunately these offers are designed in such a way that makes you spend a lot of money, and by the time you want to redeem them, they sell out.

        They use your flybuys (and woolies) data, linked to your demographics and sell that data as well.. i.e. what brands you buy, which age group is more likely to buy this product etc.

        Source: https://www.smh.com.au/national/coles-shares-personal-flybuy...

        So those points that you think you are getting for free, it's making them more money than the benefits you get from them.

        There's a reason Coles/Woolies can afford to sell lots of products at 50% off, while Aldi can not.

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    Listen to 16 tons, and lament the decision to ever trust in a company store.

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      Nothing to do with "trusting", the lower valued glasses would always be the first to go, so they sold out first.

      Can't pool points together for obvious reasons.

      It's all just a case of "oh no I missed out but I don't wanna miss out"

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        It was the same with the container promotion; the cheapest item being the vacuum pump sold out almost everywhere

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        Tell me this, oh enlightened one. If it's so logically predictable that this would happen.. why didn't the Coles team responsible order more of the lower valued glasses than the higher value ones? Are they incompetent? If its so blindingly obvious the above scenerio would happen, why didn't they foresee it?

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          To reduce the chances of being stuck with them after the promo?

          Makes more sense to run out, than to have too much.

          Well, at least that makes sense to me

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          They intentionally don't have enough stock of the cheaper ones to force people to earn more credits and get the more expensive ones.


          It’s a promotion. Not everyone is designed to get a freebie.


    Is there something we could do about this situation?

    Go back in time and read the terms and conditions of the promotion.

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      or future proof: Have one Flybuys account - for your partner and self - - pretty sure Flybuys allows multiple card holders on the one account

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    by combining our credits which totals to 52.

    First mistake, if you only focused on using one card, you would have been there ages ago.

    We reached 26 credits each on our cards but when we tried to redeem them, we were advised the glasses for these credits are sold out. The minimum credit required to redeem available stock is 35 credits

    Ok fair enough, once they are sold out they are sold out. Not much you can do. Wait for new stock, or ring around stores to see if they have any.

    We collected some glasses, and to be honest, you're not missing out on much. They are super thin, I don't expect them to last till Xmas in July party season ;)

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    In the grand scheme of things I don't think this is worth worrying about or spending any more of your precious time on. You have probably spent more on petrol going to other stores than the glasses are worth. Move on and remember it as a lesson not to change your shopping behaviours for promotions like this in the future.

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    I sell you two of them and two of the wine glasses for $50.

    Made in GERMANY.

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      Mine say "Designed in Germany" proudly on the side and "Made in Czech Republic" quietly on the bottom.


    I got 1x champagne (30 credits) + 2x Capri (35 credits) 100 credits total.
    I really wanted the tall tumblers but were all sold by NYE.

    So in theory I spent $2,000 - but I only spent $206 on that particular shop and was directed to the glasses to make my choice.
    They scanned my redemption docket etc so pretty sure they didn't make a mistake.
    And I can't see if they deducted my existing Flyby points in the Flybuys portal (let me know if it's viewable).

    In reality they are shoved in the cupboard and I only grabbed them because I could.
    One of the champagne flutes broke in the dishwasher first time round anyway and I wouldn't change my shopping pattern just for this promo.

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    Buy $180 stuff to reach 35 credits, redeem the glass and then refund?

    Pretty sure glass credits are immediately ready for use.

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    Shop at ALDI in future. You'll save a lot that on groceries so that you can spend it on crap from the middle section (like glasses).

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    We reached 26 credits each on our cards

    If you are not in a stage in your relationship where you have a joint flybuys card then I don't think you are ready to buy glasses together.

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      Probably a strategic move to get lower promo points values since it’s spread across two cards.

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    Like people have said they are cheaply made and break easily. If you did get them and they broke soon after you'd probably be even more frustrated. Think of it as a plus you didn't get them

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      Haven't broken mine yet, but they are definitely the most fragile wine glasses I've ever owned (including the many I've broken)

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    Share your account with your wife and only use one. You can get an extra card, or use Google pay and it to both your phones


      We earn heavy rate of flybuys points. If we use 1 account then we will be restricted to only 138k per year redemption.

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        Both me and my partner have been doing Coles shopping instead of Woolies to utilise this promo

        If you shop at Woolies as well prior to this promotion, unless you have a credit card that earns flybuys points, how do you earn a heavy rate of flybuys points?

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        If you're a heavy user how come you weren't able to accumulate the 25 glasses credits before the stock was gone. I'm nowhere near the138k limit and was able to get 4 pairs of the glasses. I didn't change my shopping habit to accumulate the glasses credits either.

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        So maybe just do all your Coles shopping on one card?


    The minimum credit required are 25 so essentially you need to spend $500 to reach this status

    Not necessarily. I got 9 free credits from the newspaper promotion where each NewsCorp paper was 3 credits, plus one credit from the Shake and Win game in the flybuys app. Got both the DOF and the tumbler sets that were 25 credits each.

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    All this for free low quality glasses!?!

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    Forget them, these are too thin and light and will probably break when you knock them together for a toast

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    The ALDI crystal wine glasses they sell periodically for about $10 / set of 6 are near impossible to break. They’re made in Germany and the glass is very fine. Nice to drink out of. Probably a better use of your $$ and effort.

    I didn’t understand this promo. I can’t stand having mismatched glassware for booze and I’d never have bought enough groceries to make up a whole set.


      Was just going to suggest the same

      Not to mention that if you'd did all your shopping at ALDI you would've saved hundreds of dollars by the time you earned enough points at coles for these flimsy wine glasses.


    Yeah I'm sad too. Finally got up to 25 credits but just before the end of the promotion so there's none left in the state.
    Happened to me also with the Tupperware, although that time I did redeem 2x the cheapest ones earlier and lost my points at the end when there were none left.


    Got mine yesterday - wine glasses at least appear to be still available in Sydney?



      The OP doesn't have enough credits for wine glasses and is complaining that there wasn't any stock of the 25 credit ones left for him and his partner to redeem.

      Edit: neg for telling the truth? Must be either the OP or my haters 🙃

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    I think you have learnt that it’s not worth spending $1000 at Coles to ‘maybe’ get a reward. Remember that a promotion is designed to make the promoting company money overall and bring in new business. If I was you I’d just go back to shopping at Woolworths and remember the lesson learnt. Again, as others have mentioned, promotions usually come with T+C’s that say that an offer available while stocks last. There’s a point where a promoter may run out of promotional items depending on how successful the promotion has been. Nothing is really free anyway, I’m sure Coles made more from you than the glasses would have cost them and succeeded to bringing you into the store when you usually shop elsewhere. The glasses which could probably be picked up for a few dollars wholesale. The cheap Aldi specials are designed to do the same. They know people will usually not just come in to buy the one item on special. Most of the time those specials are non essential items which means it’s discretionary spending.


    Firstly OP a bit silly splitting the credits across 2 cards
    That is your mistake so nobody else to blame.

    Secondly contact Coles Customer Service
    They usually try to sort things out for you.

    Much better than Woolworths Customer Service who are absolutely useless

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      Much better than Woolworths Customer Service who are absolutely useless

      Especially when the issue is a Coles promotion?


    I got a pair of the red wine glasses and they are ridiculously tall… I have to lay them on their side in my cupboard.


    I'd say move on and re-consider your priorities? Changing your patterns so significantly for some very free glasses is a waste of time and energy. Spending more time on this is an even bigger waste of energy.


    We are quite disappointing

    I know what you mean

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    just buy em off the secondary market and never ever give in to stupid marketing like this ever again. it's no different to little shop or miss shop or squiggees or whatever they were called…

    the secondary market on gumtree or facebook have them plenty without you forking out thousands…

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    If it's of any consolation the 'glassware' sucks. I think it's some plastic glass or acrylic, 1mm thin and when I was stirring my cocktail with a metal spoon a piece of it broke inside and my pina colada came slushing out the hole the broken piece came off.

    The second glass in the set has been in several dishwashing sittings now, some gunk on it is not coming off probably due to the strong cohesion of the gunk and the faux glassware. Everything else in my dishwasher comes out sparkling clean first wash.


      Depends who you're asking about quality. To the everyday user these are thin and low quality, to the wine snob who these are aimed at, they are considered high quality glasses. Something to do with a higher wine to glass ratio when having a sip, allows you to taste more wine than glass. Also the added difficulty of making a thin glass adds to the cost.


    Each credit is equivalent to $1. If you “purchased” one of the sets using your 25 credits would you get $25 off the set? I wondered this with the previous plastic container promo too.


    Go all "Hans Blix" style on them and write them a letter.

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