Dell 24" FHD (1920 x 1080) 60 Hz Monitor P2419HC with USB-C $239 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Was just browsing the web looking for a decent USB-C monitor and this Dell monitor showed up. Looks like around $295 normally. $239 @ Kogan right now with an additional $20 off with the LUCKY voucher expiring at 11:59 PM 26/01/2020.

Although size and resolution are on the smaller side, my main usage would be connecting to a laptop/iPad Pro as a secondary monitor in my room. The USB-C would be useful to charge the device as it's connected.
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    First post BTW, not sure when this deal expires but the $20 off voucher expired at 11:59 PM 26/01/2020 so I just put that date. The deal for $239 looks to still be on, and also at Dick Smith:

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    For those interested. It has a VESA mount, and it’s 60hz

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    Thanks OP

    Can anybody recommend a smaller monitor (19-21in) that supports USB-C?

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    U2419HC (ultrasharp series with USB-C) was $249 as new from the Dell Outlet (subject to availability)

    I would argue Ultrasharp series is worth the $10 premium over P-series.

    Aside from that, you can use Kogan gift cards in this deal if you don't care about U-series vs P-series

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    For gamers:
    8ms response unless you put it into fast mode where you get 5ms.
    60Hz so if you must have more look elsewhere.
    No built-in speakers.

    For creatives:
    It doesn't do AdobeRGB and
    "the colors aren’t accurate enough for color-critical work. Calibration is required for the optimal image quality and the monitor covers only ~97% of the sRGB color space."
    And it needs calibration - not good out of the box.

    Regardless ergonomics are great which is a good way of saying the buttons aren't awkward and it can be adjusted in height and tilt and even put up vertically.

    I'd say it's solid at the $240 price point especially for those whose budget doesn't give them an option to go higher.

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    What's the advantage of having USB-C monitors vs HDMI?

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      Fair question. I’ve only used HDMI and DisplayPort previously, so this will be my first time with USB-C. Main advantage would be that this monitor can simultaneously charge my laptop/iPad while connected, allowing me to save more space for other activities/studying. Could also mean that I could leave my actual charger for the devices in a locker at uni in case I ever forget/need to bring more stuff to uni and my bag just can’t fit more.

      TBH probably don’t need it but I’m justifying the purchase on the convenience, space and time saved that will accumulate over the next 4 years of postgrad life and beyond. I also would like to physically cut usage on my main pc as it’s basically for gaming.

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      They charge the laptop, if compatible, while connected as a display. Also useful if the laptop/ desktop doesn't have HDMI


        Can it be powered through USB-C alone without its own power brick? I guess that would be more useful than charging the laptop, although doesn't look like it's possible since it requires 18W.

        Also, I'm not sure how it can charge the laptop? Let's say the laptop requires 45W power, it means the power brick must have at least 18W + 45W = 63W.

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